Cannabis – From Bust to Boom, to medicine and fuel

Money Does grow on Trees!

The days of being “Busted” are soon to become memories from an outmoded industrial civilization based on control, lies and greed. As many countries and communities are realizing, it’s Cannabis that will free us of the sickening dependence on fossil fuels, chemical companies, plastics, pharmaceuticals, toxic building materials and logging old growth Rain forests for toilet paper. The world is waking up finally thanks to the dedication and work of so many people in all parts of the Planet to uphold a basic Human Right to health, spirituality, happiness and freedom from harm. Modern medicine causes more harm than good, most sickness can be healed naturally. Medicinal Cannabis grow your own freedomYes it seems the prohibition of Cannabis, Hemp or marijuana to be finally crumbling under the weight of justice, common sense and freedom, not to mention the billion dollar industry it has already become in the US. Australia is jumping in, tentatively I might add, with “Draft amendments to the Narcotics Drugs Act are being finalized to allow for the controlled cultivation of marijuana, giving patients access to “a safe, legal and sustainable supply of locally produced products for the first time,”

The US Cannabis economy is nearing the 3 Billion dollar mark, and estimates for future profits are into the 20 Billion dollar mark and far beyond. How this effects the mainstream medical industry will be interesting to say the least, the truth will eventually surface that Chemotherapy does not work, and Cannabis oil does.

Free the herb cannabis saves livesGovernments have known for a long time that Cannabis is of deep medicinal value, especially in it’s oil/tincture form, just as we find with many other essential plant oils like Lavender, Clove, Ylang ylang etc.

Yet the value of Hemp/Cannabis has been squashed and demonized, entire cultures brainwashed with propaganda about it’s negative effects. As we face a global meltdown in economic/political structures that serve only those vested corporate interests that rape the Earths oil, mineral, plant and animal kingdom supplies, humanity is returning to the age old solution, Cannabis. We find governments have been out right lying to the people they apparently represent, and millions have been needlessly in pain and dying because they were not legally permitted to obtain and use Cannabis oils. This is a genocidal act, preventing the sick from finding health, let alone incarcerating innocent people for possessing a herb.

Now here’s the BIG new’s Canada may be set to “Legalize” Cannabis!

The times are changing fast indeed, cannabis is set to become the worlds most in demand product once again. At least “Medical Cannabis” that is! In recent news Justin Trudeau is now Canada’s PM, and Cannabis is set to free itself from the prohibition shackles of bondage to propaganda and political/economic suppression. “Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has vowed to legalize marijuana for regular use “right away” if elected”

Yes the Canadian populace is soon going to realise the value of Cannabis, and they will finally help bury the old myth “Money doesn’t grow on tree’s” meme that supports Industrial Ag and Economy over Nature.. As we all know it’s Nature that needs to rule over economy, we need fresh air, clean rivers and oceans as the primary objectives. Soon enough everyone will realise the masquerades of the mainstream media mafia, the mainstream pharmaceutical money making machine and the rest of the lemmings behind them will fall very quickly.. ……… .. IF!

IF we the people of the Earth regain and maintain our right and control of this Herb, not the Governments. This is the critical part, it’s not just about the legalization of a plant, it’s the unraveling of hundreds if not thousands of years of Oppression via religious, education, society, culture, economy, greed, dark magic, trickery etc.

“While U.S. states led the way by becoming the first places in the world to legalize and regulate marijuana in 2012, it looks like Canada could soon leapfrog ahead of us and become the first country in North America to legalize cannabis nationwide,” Angell stated. Canadians would then “be able to purchase marijuana from legal and regulated storefronts instead of being treated like criminals”

Cannabis Bee EntrepreneurThe great thing in Canada is that they are not decriminalizing Cannabis, they are legalizing it! “Legalization of weed would be similar to the legalization of alcohol after prohibition, while decriminalization would mean weed smokers could still be fined for possession over a certain amount, but would not go to prison or have a criminal record for it.”

It’s interesting to remember that Cannabis is a plant of extreme medical importance and has been so as far as the history of Humanity cares to go back. Modern healers who sell and treat patients are in big demand “I had been studying the issue extensively, going so far as to name my dispensary the Stressed And Depressed Association because those are universally experienced conditions – both the sick and the healthy, the young and the old, the rich and the poor all suffer from some times (or all the time – especially if they don’t have regular access to reasonably priced, high quality cannabis).“If it’s true that cannabis is the safest, cheapest and most effective preventive medicine for things like stress and depression, doesn’t that mean that every user is a legitimate medical user and you don’t have any legitimate targets anymore?”

Where will this burgeoning Cannabis economy take Australia is the question, is Australia too CONtrolled to ever let Cannabis and the truth out of the bag? Yes and No, fortunately in this situation at-least, Australia is ruled by $ (not common sense), so when the figures are released soon detailing how much the Australian economy and “Government” is missing out, I’m sure before too long we will see the liberation of the weed. And remember that liberation is not for the Government, it’s for the Hemp Plant and Humanity to once again co-exist.

If your interested in this topic, if you are wandering how you can get in on the Cannabis economy now while there’s big money to be made, then stay tuned. Subscribe or connect and I’ll put you on my list to get my next book about this very topic free. I’ll simplify the situation, the Cannabis boom, and help you positively capitalize on the new Cannabis economy, no matter where you live. The idea being here is the more empowered we are, the more might we have to topple any political/economic injustice, we have the power to arrest those contributing to war, genocide and ecocide, and we have the power to free and liberate those innocent souls smoking one of the worlds most valuable plants.




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