Permaculture ~ The great sustainability lie

Would you consider someone who wanted the simple essentials of life, fresh air, water, food and shelter a radical? What about someone who tries to defend theses things, someone like yourself who stands tall and say’s NO, NO your not permitted to pollute the river, to mine the Earth, to spray chemicals over the fields, to chop the trees and eradicate entire populations of endemic sentient beings, families who live here! NO just because you work for a company that pays you to be a tyrant, a thug, a participant in Ecocide, Biocide or Genocide does not give you the right.

Is that radical? Noahs ark and the collapse of ecology. Ecocide in progress, it's time to activate

Between 18 and 101 species have gone extinct since midnight.


NO it’s not good enough to sit this one out, to meditate and hope, to simply plant your garden while others are starving, because the great lie is there is no Permaculture, there is no permanent culture if we continue staying silent to the atrocities around the world, just because we are happy and our patch of Earth is an oasis. This is a modern myth, a sustainability lie we have been taught to believe, until of course the ship of industrial civilization pushes you off your land, until the chemtrails poison your soil and destroy your health. It’s happened to me and it’s happened to others who have lived with me who are now suffering from Morgellons. And it’s happening the world over to innocent humans and sentient beings, we are being bulldozed by political/economic agendas that believe nature and ecology are secondary to industrial civilization.

The great lie is we believe protesting will save us, sustainability and recycling with save us, it won’t! What will is direct action, direct resistance and response to bring down the tyrants perpetuating crimes against humanity and ecology, crimes against those without voices, crimes against the generations to come who will want to know what we did today to stop the devastation.

~ Forget Sustainable Be Regenerative ~

The planet has already lost 80% of its forest cover to deforestation

More than 72 acres of rainforest are destroyed every minute

Every hour, more than 500 acres of land become desert.

The current extinction event is due to human activity, paving the planet, creating pollution, many of the things that we are doing today. The Earth might well lose half of its species in our lifetime.

Stats taken from

Chemtrails and Geoengineering. Act now Deep green resistance Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet” Terence McKenna

We cannot imagine living without Wifi, but we can imagine living without honey bee’s. We have lost our connection to what really matters, to what gives us life, and instead have been tricked into believing technology is in charge, technology gives us life and freedom. You don’t have to be a genius to realise we are dead and buried before Wifi replaces Bee’s, colony collapse disorder is simply the canary in the industrial civilization footprint.Colony Collapse Disorder. Act now to prevent ecocide effecting your children and therest of planet Earth

We are up against the reality that life as we know it is not only under threat, but we are being culled, controlled, medicated and anesthetized in the process to accept and conform this very fact. Yet we are in an extinction crisis and we are headed for our last breath, our last river, our last meal as many have philosophized. But what can we do?

What do you love? Defend it like it’s under attack and there you begin the process of realizing we are under attack, and no amount of burying our heads in the eroded topsoil will help us. Sure we are not all built to defend and resist, we can plant our gardens and heal ecosystems, but we need more people defending those outside our fences, we need more direct action to confront unlawful crimes against ecology and humanity, and we need more radical defenders of the Ark!

At the ‘Earth at Risk’ conference, 2011, Derrick Jensen asks Lierre Keith “What is the problem with civilization.” “In very brute terms you take a piece of land, you clear every living thing off it and I mean down to the bacteria, and then you plant it to human use. So it’s biotic cleansing. Two problems, the first one right away, it let’s the human population grow to some really big numbers because instead of sharing that land with millions of other creatures, your only growing humans on it. And the second problem is that it destroys the soil, and soil is the basis of life. Well land life anyway, we owe our entire existence to 6 inches of soil and the fact that it rains.” Lierre Keith

Watch the video below to appreciate the situation we are in, and remember this was 2011. Watch the video to realise the great Permaculture sustainability lie and realise we need to activate above and beyond what Permaculture, and permanent agriculture is and it’s consequences. Permaculture is not inherently flawed, we just need to revamp it, ignite it to another level, many of us Permmies understand the current dilemma, but no amount of hiding in our recluse bastions of freedom will adequately contribute to alleviating the culture of industrial civilization and destruction…

“Humans are not killing the planet, industrial humans are” Derrick Jensen

Join The Deep Green Resistance movement, grab the book and study up… Many of you reading this are Permaculturalists, we have the skills to help and heal, we have the knowledge that industrial (so called) civil-isation is not healthy, it’s crumbling apart, but we need to act before we don’t have anything left to heal and save.Deep Green resistance Permaculture activists unite

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