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Ahoy there Lad’s and Lassies, Gentlewomen and Gentlemen, it’s been a while.. The reason, Biochar! 🙂 Of course not only Biochar, but the whole that surrounds that magical ingredient in garden and life… I’m back in the Garden, the Ark of of Light, OneSong Gardens..Rainbows, rain, biochar, organic, nutrient dense food, food forest, permaculture, garden, grow your own, naked in the gardenIt’s been over 6 months since I was here, I’ve had 2 friends looking after the place while I was away and things are looking great. The weather is amazing, it’s the growing season and I’m mad at it, preparing beds, planting seed, nurturing food and ecology, making Biochar, Effective Micro-Organisms, Ormus, Liquid Compost tea aaaaand Water Keifer. So it’s game on, flat out trying to get that Summer stuff up and running and since I’ve only been back a month I’mFree Ebook Black Gold, healing ourselves and the ecology doing pretty good I think..

I’ll have some fresh video footage coming out soon, it’s been building.. I will also show as much of the Black Gold process as possible through video and imagery to help those interested in seeing the process visually. If you have not seen the book it’s on Amazon for just a few $, all proceeds from sales goes towards supporting the Ecology and Projects happening here at OneSong Gardens.

I’m excited to say that I can now look at beds I left over 6 months ago and see what the Biochar has done, and the results are really good! I feel the Biochar is also helping clean up any toxins coming from the sky, ie geoengineering projects dumping lines of chemicals, heavy metals and who know’s what else.. farmacy, vaccinate, garden, health, freedom, It’s quite impressive what lengths the so called Government of Australia has resorted to lately by attempting to force and bribe families to vaccinate their children.. If you believe your health and immune system come perfectly dosed in a syringe of unknown contaminants, and the Government and Medical cartels are your guardian angels then get the jab! And don’t even research why your potentially causing great harm and risk to yourself and loved ones, just keep voting and nodding your head..

The site below has a plethora of information and links for the Awake and Aware to investigate why Vaccinating yourself or loved ones comes at a great and dear price you really cannot afford to risk..

“We have an absurdly overblown fear of disease, we believe the lie that vaccine damage is extremely rare, and we stifle any mainstream discussion of both the efficiency of the well-maintained, unvaccinated immune system and the necessity of natural exposure to disease as a vector in the healthy development and maturation of that system.”

Biochar, make your own, Black Gold, how to make, compost, soil, garden, ormus, EM, Organic,Growing your Own is the answer! The government may give you less money, or no money if you don’t vaccinate, so the perfect solution is to grow your own! Grow a Farmacy, a whole food fresh Organic/BioDynamic supermarket, heal the ecology around you, share with your neighbors, get offline and smile, life is beautiful when your not participating in Ecocide or Genocide..

With Love and service to the highest good of all, Noha

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