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All we need is Love

It’s been a long time magical creatures, hopefully this little update will keep you amused..

If you’ve been following the blog, you may be wandering where the heck is he, why no new posts or videos?.. Besides the tech difficulties, it’s been a deep time of transformation and love within and out..

I’ve been contemplating my next phase, my next passion, an alchemical synergy with what was, is and will be.. What is my highest purpose and path, what is my most precious gift to share with the world, who I am, how do the planets above effect the growth of plants in the garden let alone love, why does astrology make so much sense? All these things and more have been circulating through my brain, call it a midlife crisis, evolution or life, but I’m determined to remain calm, deep, within and whole until I know what’s next ..Sweet beach Love

So in hindsight this time/space has been a healing, cleansing, purging, magical, deep, traumatic, difficult, sad, liberating, confronting, majestic dance of days of nights.. I’ve not been online much, I’ve not been gardening much, although I am reading more and I’m studying Astrology when I can.

I’m going within to find what lies there, to seek deep union and love from within, to seek true health and freedom from within rather than without. I’m learning to embrace my selflove over my need for external love, raising my vibration and when I come from this space I radiate and give, I share the vibration of love effortlessly without need for return.

I’m realizing through this passage how valuable love is, especially with an intimate and deep lover, and even more especially with a lover from the Stars who has embodied here on Earth that is your match, your other half.. That energy can birth in the light that is so needed in the world, and it’s so important that lovers always come back to love, to re-ignite that powerful, protective, nurturing bubble of love, to never give up on love and eachother..

The Alchemy

Wholly TrinityNow if your still here, the twist to all this incorporates my MIA online and MIA in garden.. I’ve been looking for that next great thing, that next beautiful phase.. I’ve done Black Gold and I’m ready for the next project, but I’ve been unsure of the most potent expression that form will take.. I do intend making a few video’s soon about the BioChar process to help all those get a good visual of how I make Biochar and grow my nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. But I’m realizing now after deep contemplation that I need to understand Astrology much better, how the Stars and planets above marry with the roots and worms below.. This is about embodying our StarBeing and GardenBeing essence, it’s about integrating our higher self with our lower self, understanding how plants grow, people communicate, why events happen, what may happen, and general vibes and frequencies associated with the cosmos and the Earth and how that relates to being humane..

It all comes back to love and compassion, to being kind over right, to loving what is and protecting the sacred.. It’s about protecting the divine and the natural, nourishing our local ecology and living in co-creative communities that support and embrace love, health, freedom and unity.

If your semi confused where all this is going so I am. I’m expressing and downloading as I type, it’s a healing process for me, and rather than write in a diary I’m sharing with the world.. I realise that because I don’t have WIFI radiation, not even cell phone reception, mostly great wilderness air, nutrient dense food and living water, that I have the opportunity to observe the outside world, to share message from the beyond.. When we are in nature without all the distractions of radiated modern life we find deep peace and tranquility, and from there we find our health and brilliance. It is from this space I hope to soon bring to the table something more articulate and beneficial to you and the world, so stay tuned beautiful ones 🙂

Alas here are some current Astrology information/reports to kick things along, to inspire you as we progress towards the Full Moon, to remember where we have come from and to realise and manifest where we are going…. You may see why Astrology for me is so intriguing atm.

Preparing for the Full Moon in Virgo, Feb 22 2016

Time to connect with our higher purpose that serves us and the highest good of all…”Deep, Creative, Open and Intense”… This is such a beautiful time to go within, to connect with your deep inner core to realise your inner and outer love, your safety, your truth and passion..


Opening up to heart, compassion, there is something bigger than me, greater, something beyond that is deep and infinite. Stepping outside of comforts, to that deeper, greater purpose of why I am here.. It’s a time to expand, share gifts, love, heal, shine and move beyond our cubicles and habits, beyond the blinkers and blinders.. Follow your intuition via your heart, it’s really important right now..

Breaking free from the past, creative thinking, dreaming, journaling… Follow your bliss, connect with out higher selves, go within and be..

Remember what we have been through, what we are still processing.. Check-out Mystic Mammas Astro view of the times we are facing and ask how does that integrate with my whole, my gifts, my love and magic.. How does love look within me?

“Sometimes Life will take away,
What I hold so dear.
It’s humbling and scary,
But can be necessary,
In order for me to hear.”



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