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If you have not read the blog post Beyond Biodynamic written just over 2 years ago in 2014, then please have a read as it covers some pretty key points.. Here’s some of the post..Vegan, Vegan Biodynamics, gardening, natural, organic

The Evolution of the Outmoded

“At a recent course we attended in Northern Tasmania at with Ute, we brought up the messy, uneasy queezy feeling we had about some of the Preps and Ute suggested we investigate alternatives.. “Hardcore Steiner Adherents” would not question alternatives, but like any dogma and boundary that does not resonate it’s time to adjust/tweak… Steiner lived at a time where cow horns were easy to come by, murdered animals were commonly considered food, fur coats and hats attractive elegant attire.. Today I prefer my Animal friends alive and if they depart this world and leave their physical bodies the last thing I’m going to do is hack them up, steal their organs, get covered in blood like a crazed parasite and stuff my hands down their entrails… No I will dig a hole, cover them with one of my shirts, put herbs and flowers on them, some crystals, then Earth and a Tree… So the ethical/moral issue here is not simply historical, it’s cosmic. Where did Steiner get his information and why is there now Certification required for something that originally came from the head of a man… Steiner was not certified, he dialed into cosmic consciousness and shared his heart/spirit, his intuition and intelligence.. Obviously Steiner was not Vegan otherwise his downloads/teachings would have incorporated this essence.. Possibly it was uncommon during the early 1900’s in Germany to be Vegan, but today being Vegan = Conscious Co-Creation… Being compassionate is important to me and many other ethical/moral/health cosncious Vegans/Vegetarians, so it only seems natural and evolutionary that BD ascends and transcends teachings that are nearly 100 years old… What can we keep, what can we adapt, morph, eliminate, expand upon, how can we make BD Vegan/Vego?

Firstly BD preps can be made using alternatives to the mutilated body parts of animals. What are these alternatives, I’m not sure yet? Tune~in, what do you see and feel to be an alternative, an alternative that is more harmonic and gives better results? We are going to need to experiment with this, test and research what works, so if your interested in doing this then please get in touch, the more bright minds gathered the better..

If we can transform the strange, kooky and gruesome elements of BD into alternatives that work equally well, BD will expand much quicker than it currently is.. Sadly BD is lacking momentum, most people do not really understand what it is… Yet Permaculture is taking off, why is this? I have a feeling that Permaculture resonates with mainstream consciousness, it harps on about the catch phrase “Sustainability” which attracts mass followers and subsides.. Sustainability of a declining degrading system, an Extinction Crisis? Sustainability is simply a New World Order Depopulation meme, an Agenda 21 plan to eradicate and control Humanity and Planet.. Yet Biodynamics is Regenerative, BD is Cosmic, and when ones tunes into the Cosmic musings of Steiner and the like, when one tunes into their own Cosmic Consciousness we experience enlightenment, fulfillment, abundance, freedom, joy, co-creation, family, harmony, yes all the beautiful things of life….

Biodynamics definitely has many answers towards healing our Mother Earth.. Organic monocultures do not, sustainability does not, and permaculture has some.. We need to go beyond permanent culture, sustainable agriculture, we need to leap into Cosmic Culture, Cosmic Gardening and GardenBEing, Harmonic Earth Healing and living lives of Regeneration & Restoration… When we regain our Galactic Citizenship, our StarBEing, when we once again use only Free Conscious Cosmic Energy,  and our Mother Earth “Galaxy Heritage Listed”, then will we see the fruits of Biodynamics, the Vortex and Spiral, the infinity within the macrocosm, the multidimensionality of the cosmos above and below, within and out…”

Revisiting an Ancient Art and Science

When we discuss Biodynamics we cannot leave out Astrology, it’s the most natural calendar we have, the most potent and most dynamic model out there for understanding who we are and where we are going, let alone innerstanding cosmic energy within and out.

Why are there no Government approved Astrology courses in Australia? Yet Astrology is one of the oldest and most appreciated Arts and Sciences known to mankind.. In The Secret Doctrine, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky emphasizes astrology’s ancient origins: Whether the origin of the zodiac is Aryan or Egyptian, it is still of immense antiquity. Simplicius (sixth century AD) writes that he had always heard that the Egyptians had kept astronomical observations and records for at least 630,000 years…Diogenes Laertius carried back the astronomical calculations of the Egyptians to 48,863 years before Alexander the Great. Maritanus Capella corroborates the same by telling posterity that the Egyptians had secretly studied astronomy for over 40,000 years before they imparted their knowledge to the world.

It’s a strange feeling to have a deep deep love of the Earth, to garden, grow food, nurture nature and ecology, then to feel lost and dispirited. What’s missing I wander, why I am here, what is the purpose of all this, what is the next step, the next evolution, where am I most needed, what is my highest calling, what is my service and gift to Humanity, Culture, Ecology? Many of us may have passing thoughts and feelings like this, but most often we are bombarded with modern lifestyles that demand our attention and dedication, we have no time to contemplate for moments let alone weeks.vegan gardening, vegan, vegan biodynamics, consciousness, purpose, natural gardening

However I am fortunate enough to find that time/space where there is peace and harmony in my surroundings to contemplate, to be held within natures embrace while I process the feelings I feel. The modern man in me says onwards and upwards, work from sun-up to sun-down, get the place Organic or Biodynamic certified, grow heaps of food and head off to the weekly Organic markets.. The other part of me says go within, there is a better way, there is a more expansive path that can only be realised with deep inquiry..

This is what I’ve realised so far…

We all need the Earth weather we realise it or not, we need fresh Organic nutrient dense food, we need natural ecosystems, wild and free animal habitats, fresh air, living water, love, peaceful and safe homes, vibrant and giving communities, care and respect.. Yet how many of us have these simple things?

We also need the Stars weather we realise it or not, we need Starlight energy to hit our Earth, our Gardens and our souls, we need the Stars and the planets above and around us to majestically spiral around in it’s rhythmic dance without failure or pause. We are Stardust ourselves as they say, yet how many of us realise our connection to the Stars?

So where are most people then if they have little to no connection with the Stars and the Earth? In the Matrix? Not of Earth and not of Star, so are Human Beings turning into a race of detached zombies, operating via technology and artificial time/space rules and regulations? Until recently most people did still have a real and primal connection to seeds and plants, they were handed down through generations, cultivated over thousands of years to develop strains and breeds that are tasty, abundant, medicinal, magical, beautiful. We grew food not only as a necessity but also as a connection to our Mother Earth and Culture. Most cultures also had a deep and ancient connection with the Stars and Planets, and this is where things get really interesting for me..

How can integrate living in harmony and balance with the Earth, Stars and eachother? How can we do that without harm, without using the body parts of dead animals when we incorporate Biodynamic practices? There is a way and there is a calling and need, that’s what I’m researching right now and will share soon in an upcoming book. It’s time to reinvent the outmoded, to usher in a new dawn for Humanity, to live right and whole, to set free the captives within and out, it’s liberation time/space now!

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