Crystal Mineral rich Soil, Food & Body = Humaneity

Aloha lovers of inquiry and delight, those living beyond the confines and veils of speed-reading Facebook, the snapchat insta poko app crap, welcome to the Ark of Life! This message comes inspired from the Dolphins and Whales, the Cetaceans who gift our dear oceans and Gaia with Galactic sound frequencies and crystal codes.Crystal Humane the conscious co-creative vegan

I hope life is sweet like blossom nectar and bright with delight for you right now! 😉

I went surfing the otherday, the conditions were beautifully perfect, as soon as I paddled out the back a small pod of Dolphins came towards me. As they approached I got off my board and swam down to them, there was a mumma and baby dolphin amongst them, they were talking and sharing light and sound codes, the feeling was crystalline freedom. As I came up for a breath they did to, we breathed as one. It was pure bliss and they gave me a message to share with you. Dolphins teach us about love, light, freedom, joy, family and our galactic heritageA few years ago I made the image above. It’s time to activate this vision and share it.. I felt inspired to research the topic of ‘Minerals’ when I came across the quote below, and real-eyed it’s all about crystal energy and light consciousness…

You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

– Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

This intrigued me since I have spent quite a bit of time researching mineral depletion in soils when I wrote the book Black Gold: Grow your own Nutrient dense food while regenerating Soil and Ecology (Dirty love stories for naked gardeners Book 1). However the obvious part missing in the title of the book is the word “MINERAL”. The theme behind the book was essentially nutrients, community/tribe, health and vitality in the soil = health and vitality in Humans and Ecology.

Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

One of the topics covered in Black Gold was Ormus, or ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements).. I won’t go into Free Ebook Black Gold, healing ourselves and the ecologythis Mineral rich substance right now, but I’m sure Mineral depletion in our bodies is linked to lack of Ormes, or vital life force, along with many other things in the soil and plants. I did mention in the book “when I started using Micro-organisms throughout my garden, I experienced radical results. This is why I think the whole process was so transformational: the microbes had a conduit, a collective of monatomic elements that were conducive and ultimately conductive magnetically and electrically to the microbes. This allowed the microbes to use these non-physical gaseous elements in Ormus, possibly as their food to transform these elements into ‘hard objects’ ie, sugars and minerals to produce super vibrant plants, fruits and vegetables.

Ormus elements and energies are not only missing in our gardens and soils and foods, their are missing in our bodies, and brains. The link here is not only ingesting Ormus minerals, but to put them back into the soils and on the pants, for food and ecological restoration. Increasing the Ormus content in soils, food and in our bodies will naturally increase vital and natural lifeforce energies. Ormus seems to be another one of the key ingredients taken away from us and from local Ecology to numb us down, to keep us carbon based, simple and controlled, so it’s only inevitable and responsible that we put it back.

The topic here I’m exploring is the interconnection between high vibration life and living, the movement from carbon based human to crystalline human and why certain minerals are so important. Of course there are many ingredients in the process towards crystal consciousness both on Gaia and within, so I will explore this topic further in my new book as it’s far too complex to put into a simple blog post. In the meantime I will begin making Ormus and a couple other high vibe products that I have found to be the ultimate in health and consciousness and have them available to buy via the Ark’s shop ASAP.Crystal codes and healing

The Crystal HumanE ~ The Evolved Human

“The lack of minerals is the root of all disease.

– Dr. Gary Price Todd

“To put it plainly, in a world with no minerals, nothing works. Enzymes and amino acids won’t work, therefore nutrients and vitamins can’t be broken down and absorbed. The world population would have major deficiencies in both minerals and vitamins. The final result would be a disease-stricken world full of poor health, where nothing biologically really works as it should… a world we are quickly making a reality.”

The alarming fact is that fruits, vegetables and grain now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us-no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn’t big enough to hold them.” – Senate Document 264 regarding mineral deficiencies affecting U.S. farmland, (issued in 1936)

The connection between WellBeing and vitality rests in our wholeness, our connection and interconnection with the co-creative essence of life on Earth and far beyond the Stars above. We are essentially energetic beings from the Stars mixed with the energies and compounds of the Earth, we have a Galactic culture and heritage, and we are an ingredient in the Law of One. This is what certain entities have been suppressing, the connection to our sacred divinity, our infinite essence, our true crystal consciousness. Keeping us captive as carbon based beings has been their goal, they knew Gaia and conscious Humans at this time/space will rise in frequency and vibration, and return to our crystal essence and essential freedom and truth if they allowed the process to unfold naturally. However the process is indeed unfolding for those aware and ready, we have the tools, consciousness, ingredients and most importantly we have eachother. And this is the key, when we align with the vital and powerful life force energies we return to our native sovereignty and galactic heritage, and we can do this via conscious co-creative community living, building free energy devices, growing nutrient and mineral dense foods, gardens, ecologies and lifestyles that sustain and regenerate a thriving Humane culture that is based on the Law of One, care for all.Cosmic Divine Humane being Humane is key towards crystal consciousnessThe evolution from Carbon to Crystal is entwined with being Humane. You don’t need to meditate like a monk for the rest of your life and abstain from life and joy, that’s the past. The present is our power point, our zero point, our energetic signature which is being Siriusly Humane, where we care for all life with deep empathy, humility, compassion, strength and commitment to helping life thrive and shine as sacred and beautiful. Our divine DNA light code blueprint is coming online, most if not all cultures have know this will come, we have entered a new cycle many of us call the Age of Aquarius, the passing through the photon belt of light-inform-ation. Help has arrived, it’s in the light, the energy, in me and in you, we are StarSeeds sprouting the new paradigm using love, intelligent compassion and cosmic consciousness.

This is why it’s so key to enrich our diets with Humane foods and waters, to care for Animals and not eat them, to surrender the outmoded program and miasm that we need to spill blood, enslave, murder and eat innocent beings to survive. When we STOP eating animals and partaking in these activities we activate our innate crystal essence, we allow our bodies to feed off crystal energy coming from the Sun, minerals and nutrient dense plant based foods. We eat less and our footprints become lighter, we give more than we take, and we re-stabilize and re-activate the Earths crystal grids in the process. This process is unique to the Law of One, when we give care, compassion, protection and love we get it back, and we become one with Gaia’s crystal awakening and removal of ALL parasitic and psychopathic beings.Vegan food PyramidThe word and energy behind this movement is once again Vegan. There are many versions of being Vegan, so let’s go beyond the ‘normal’ terms. Let’s entwine this with the term “Crystal Vegan”, those who are not eating Animals and Animal products beyond health reasons, but rather for divine cosmic reasons. You can be Vegan and be unhealthy, that is a fact and there are many reasons why, but you can be a super potent lifeforce vessel that is super healthy and Vegan when you entwine crystal consciousness into your plant based diet and lifestyle. Sure it’s difficult to find foods and waters that hold this vibration and frequency, but that’s not stopping you from taking supplements while you grow your own and share with other lightbeings. We have always been connected to the Earth, our Sun and Stars, we have always had an synergistic relationship with the process of gardening, nurturing ecology, and it’s time to re-connect, to plug back in, to get back online with crystal consciousness.The gates of Heaven are guarded by Animals

ATM I’m experimenting with a plethora of ingredients and experiences that I will share soon to help you shine ever brighter. I prefer to express and share from direct experience and entwine that with others who resonate with similar frequencies and vibrations. For now this message is my gift to you, I hope it awakens something beautiful inside you.

If you interested in Kinesiology and balancing your health and consciousness please visit Sirius WellBeing. This is another gift I’m offering and one of the most transnational ways to integrate Spirit with Physical, Mental, Nutritional & Emotional vitality. I help clients focus on and embody Path, Purpose and Passion, helping them to raise their frequency and vibration by clearing blocks.Kinesiology by Noha

Inlakesh dear ones, and thanks for reading, if you like this post please share 🙂



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