Does Consciousness Create reality?

I’m studying pain ATM and how to balance and alleviate pain via Kinesiology, so I thought I’d share my research and perspectives here, I hope you injoy and it’s thought provoking..

Pain and Karma

What became apparent when I started to look into pain was that it’s subjective/objective, Yin and Yang, it’s relative and specific yet it’s part of an integrative whole, it’s isolated and separated yet it’s pervasive and objective. So when we work with a client to help restore balance and wellbeing we need to be mindful of this complexity, the conundrums and the conflicts and we need to weave this Balance delicately yet profoundly.

It is becoming clear to me that pain is not only physical but also energetic, and as we are taught in Kinesiology it is usually associated with ‘over-energy’ in our meridians and organs. So we can help a person in pain by balancing the meridians, sedating over-energy, and releasing excess energy by tonifying and tapping certain meridian points to release excess energy. There are numerous ways we can alleviate pain via various techniques, however what we cannot do is act as Karmic gatekeepers to ward off past events that have been set in motion to create pain in the now moment. We can help break the Karmic cycle however by looking into the priority emotions and issues around a certain goal. Obviously we don’t just fall over for no reason, we don’t just wake up one day with Cancer, or a toxic liver, we usually co-create what happens in our lives and pain is one of those things. We learn through pain, and once we have learnt the lesson we move on painfree and healthy.Does consciousness create reality

So what I’m getting at here is the energy of pain, the energetics of what caused the pain to manifest. We cannot cause harm to others and expect no repercussions, we cannot steal, rape and pillage without subjecting ourselves to karmic implications. So why do so many people neglect the reality of pain and suffering caused to an Animal that they eat? Does this not effect them indirectly and directly later on? How does the act of killing to eat effect our energy fields, let alone eating mass farmed GMO Animal packaged conveniently in plastic. How does inner conflict and hypocrisy effect our health, for example many say they love animals, but they eat them, even saying they “love” eating them. Animals are not the beasts here, we are, and we need to real-eyes that and take appropriate action.

The Modern Cannibal

Why do walking graveyards (AKA ‘meat-eaters’) who in essence are full of screaming enslaved and murdered animals think they are mightier than the Karmic rule of ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’ ? Animals or ‘meat’ owned and treated as commodity and profit energetically falls into the category of causing pain and harm to innocent beings, and does not at all constitute a healthy way of life let alone a healthy way to eat. It’s all about Energy here, sure there are people and cultures who atm live in areas that provide little access to fresh fruits and vegetables, but we do have technology to grow Banana’s in Alaska, so we can change this, and many would say we will have to.

If you think enslaving, killing and eating Dogs and Cats, Whales and Dolphins, Giraffes and Panda bears to be morally and ethically wrong, then why eat Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Lambs, Deers or any other living sentient being? Social conditioning and cultural brainwashing is the answer.. It’s not healthy to eat certain Animals, it’s just acceptable to eat certain Animals in certain places, and not in others.. If you were to visit a home in New York where a group of fanatical Vampire wannabe’s lived and were toasting and drinking the blood of a homeless man, while cooking up his body parts to eat for dinner, would you feel comfortable? Would you sit contently thinking “Each to their Own”, or would you be a little horrified and possibly call the police? Would you possibly choose to eat cow instead with them and feel morally/ethically correct, or would you question the whole scenario and use your logical, empathic brain and heart to real-eyes there is a better way to dine and nourish yourself and eachother?

Obviously there are many possible scenarios to entertain, and what I’m suggesting here is that we have options and choices that are less harmful than others, and thus carry less Karmic baggage. If you are on the merry-go-round of eating Animals then why not get off for a little bit to see the implications, to reveal the absurdity of mass programming and why you beLIEve killing and eating dead beings is healthy. Sure there are many unhealthy Vegans, Vegetarians and Fruitarians out there, but Karmically and energetically they do have less pain and suffering in their bodies and aura’s. It’s common knowledge now that most ‘meat’ is adrenalized, the animal was not only traumatized at and towards it’s death, it was usually farmed and separated from natural family habitats and ways of being. So in-essence those who eat these Animals injest this energy, the suffering and trauma is now yours, yet most wander why they suffer pain and disease, they call for help, get a healing, pop a pill and carry on until the inevitable brick wall of truth hits with serious dis-ease and a death that is now considered ‘Normal’.

Why is it ‘Normal’ to die like this? Why is it normal to perpetuate myths that clearly defy natural laws? Why do most people live lives of quiet desperation, seeking fulfillment from entertainment, taste and pleasure, while there is suffering all around and inside them? Because most live within a bubble of cognitive dissonance, an ingested separation from truth, harmony, and care called a Program. Ye all life is an ingredient connected to a whole and vibrant living geometric form, the more harmonic we are with this essence the longer we live and the less pain we feel. It’s time to wake-up, there is info everywhere pointing us towards a better way, and if we atleast walk that way we know we are going in the right direction.

Sunrise Breatharian

As a Kinesiologist I can only offer certain things to help you feel whole and balanced. I cannot change your past, I cannot change your diet, but I can offer my suggestions so you can empower yourself. There are many healthy Vegans who have been Vegan for centuries, this diet known by many cultures by many names is basically a Do no Harm diet, living mostly off fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, natural superfoods and substances, sunlight and love. Of course there are various rules and pathways to achieve a healthy and balanced diet that does not include dead Animals or Humans for that matter, but for most it cannot happen over-night. We need to adjust our inner and out worlds, we need to realign our thoughts and energetic frequency with higher geometric codes, we need to turn off the BS, the low vibe from loved ones, mainstream media, lamestream deaducation, the pharmacutical/medical fields, corporate slim balls and psychopathic/parasitic beings, and anything else that empowers and condones slavery, murder and CONsumption of living beings, Human or Animal.

Cannibalism which is still to this day ritually (daily for some) practiced with many people (and you may be surprised who they are) drinking Human blood and eat Human Beings, just like any other meal. “You get more of a thrill out of the blood if there is adrenalin in it, it gives it a certain bouquet if there is fear in it.” Bill Schnoebelen. They eat meat, just like most people do. If you think eating meat is just about Chicken and Pork, think again. Eating meat is about eating the body parts or murdered beings, disguising the parts with attractive dressings and suggestive titles like, ‘Marinated Sirloin‘, ‘Chicken Breasts Pierre‘, ‘Meatloaf Muffins with Barbecue Sauce‘, ‘Pulled Pork Sandwiches‘, ‘Rotisserie Leg of Lamb with Potatoes, Fennel, and Olives‘, ‘Grilled Steak Fajitas‘. This carries on and into backyard BBQ’s with sausages, steaks, snags, breasts, fillets, sides, drumsticks, chops and hotdogs, meatballs, shoulders, limbs and legs, organs and features, grilled, spit roasted, boiled, charred, rare, medium, well done, whatever you like it’s your freedom of choice.

Light-in-formation ~ From Carbon to Crystalline Humanes

Breatharians and the ‘normal’ Humans, they are not freaks of nature or fictitious, they simply take light-in-formation, direct Chi, direct nourishment and live in vibrant health and vitality. Breatharians have adjusted their diets and digestive systems through purification and meditation, sungazing and real-eyesation that we are indeed much more that CONsumers, we are much more than meat and potatoes. If people can live off light, then we can live off Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds.. And we can co-contribute to an Ethical and Moral Humaneity, a world where Animal diversity and sovereignty is equal with the sovereignty of Ecology and Consciousness. We have the choice right now to adopt ways that contribute to life and love, freedom and abundance for all beings on Gaia/Earth.

So getting back to the original message and question, does Consciousness Create Reality? What do you feel and think?

Sirisu Wellbeing

To reduce pain relinquish thoughts, emotions, foods & drinks etc which do not nourish your energetic being and those around you.. When we nourish our energetic being our physical being responds like we have a full-time membership to all the best health retreats and guru’s in the world past, present and in the future. We are beings of frequency, the lighter and more conscious our diet and lifestyle the more resonate we are with radiant health, vitality and freedom. The better our Health the closer we walk towards global health, vitality and liberation. All nations and all beings are unique, yet we are all similar, we are all part of the whole, the Ying and the Yang embodied, one sphere, a flower of life, a cosmic code of divine geometry, shape and form, invisible & infinite, beyond anything we can imagine/comprehend right now.. So get busy using your imagination, feel into the Stars, sleep under them, swim in the clear mountain streams naked, dive down deep with Orcas and Whites, immerse yourself into the mystery of Life Co-Cr8ive, a Humane world that really is Kind, because we are indeed Kind Humanes moving from Carbon Beings to Crystalline Beings..

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