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Below is a message I was just forwarded, and I feel I need to forward it on also.

It’s another powerful reminder that we have reached the 12th hr, it’s time to head back to the Garden, grow our own, protect nature and co-create abundant healthy, conscious, compassionate community.. The elders and wise ones are leading the way here by detoxing, fasting, and going within this September Equinox 2016, and we are encouraged to do the same…Vegan, garden, love, peace, message, organic, nature, freedom,

The Message


A Time of Collaboration for Healing All of Nature

Upon receiving the emphatic, re-iterative request from the Elders to help convey a message “the Mother” is giving them when consulting Her for a path that humanity can follow to overcome the many challenges we are individually and collectively faced with, we decided to transcribe dialogues about their consultations to share with you. Once again, these consultations take us back to a message that stresses the importance of the partnership/relationship – or lack of – humanity has with the Earth.

Consultations 2016 – From the Heart of the World

In their own words:

The Earth is not just the responsibility of one specific group, or for that matter of only the four peoples of La Sierra – it is the responsibility of the entire world.

To us (Four Peoples of the Earth) any peace process begins spiritually; it is there where we have to begin so it can be manifested materially. All consultations are showing the same – peace begins with Nature.

All the harm we are bringing each other as human beings is because of all the harm we are bringing to Nature. Not until we acknowledge and become aware that we do not own Nature, and that we are simply a part of Nature, will anything change. If we continue on the path we are on, which is bringing violence and harm to Nature, there will be no peace. Peace begins between the children of the human family and the Mother Earth.

Humans are warring so much with Nature and affecting all of life through unaware actions that the Mother no longer even sees us as Her children. Right now, humanity is being seen as Her enemy. The rest of Her children (all other forms of life), even the ants are living according to the original instructions given at the very origins of their creations and fulfilling their sacred responsibilities to uphold life here on Earth. Humans are the only ones who are in disconnect with these instructions and therefore, with the Earth. The path that lies ahead is the work the Mother is requesting from us, as a collective, so that we are once again acknowledged as peoples (children of the Earth).

The consultations show that right now there is an unbalanced relationship between the Mother and the children of the human family. The violence the children are bringing to each other is a reflection of the violence they are bringing to Nature. This is at the root of the conflict we are experiencing, whether it is in Colombia, the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world. This is extended to war between brothers and brothers, sisters and sisters, nations and nations. There will never be peace – even if disarmament occurs – until we become truly conscious of these things.

“Peace” is everything that surrounds us in Nature; it is nothing else. If no pain is felt when we cut down forests (or a tree), when we pollute the oceans (contaminate the water), the air, the earth; if these actions do not affect us – when we cause pain to Nature – then of course we will easily hurt another human being, or other forms of life, because we feel no pain. The loss of partnership and disconnect with Nature is the root cause of numbed (no pain), unaware actions. Harmony (peace) is restored when we/humanity (children of the Earth) re-establish(es) a relationship with the Mother (Earth).

In this regard, we are all reminded that through our interconnectedness, all of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions, also directly affect Nature; whether positive or negative.

To this end, as The Mother Earth Restoration Trust makes this communication, we (Four Peoples of the Earth), are defining the spiritual work and orientation guided by the Mother, for healing all of Nature from our own negative words, thoughts, emotions and actions.

The Four Peoples of the Earth are in preparation to make a very serious and profound commitment to the Mother Earth Herself, to heal all of Nature.

Beginning on the Equinox of September 22, the Elders and the communities deep in the Heart of the World (La Sierra) begin this specific spiritual work that calls for several days of complete fasting (no food, water, or sexual relations). The Elders (spiritual leaders) will fast for 7 days and the communities at large, 4 days. When the sun rises on the first day, they will begin the fasting to accompany the spiritual work. They will do this once a month, all the way through to the Solstice in December.

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust will accompany the Four Peoples in this work. We invite each and every one of you from our global community to participate in ways that are comfortable for you and in alignment with your lifestyle(s) and/or spiritual practice(s). There are many ways to fast, for example; no meat, abstaining from sexuality, no water, remaining in a state of prayer, etc…. There are many variations and different levels of fasting that can unify our hearts. All those who wish to join us in a global healing to restore our relationship to Nature are invited and welcome. Please share this information with as many people as you feel called.

We leave you now with much to ponder and we pray that “the Mother” receives the sincerity of our unified hearts in oneness to begin a healing for all of Nature, where She embraces our efforts to reestablish our relationship with Her once again.

Look for our next, short communication on the Equinox, September 22. Then, from this point on, it is our intent to begin sending monthly communications out to all of you.

With commitment to “the Mother” to heal all of Nature…”

The Mother Earth Restoration Trust

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