Activated & Whole ~ The Intelligent Humane

There’s a burning vision in my brain ~ an Activated Garden, and this vision obviously encompasses an Activated and Whole Humane Being collective as well.. It goes a little something like this… Animals are not food, just as Humans are not food either

The Garden is Galactic

A long long time ago in a land right here, there was a Garden of Eden where once lived a brilliant civilization, a thriving sanctuary of diverse life, in harmony with eachother, non greater, non lesser, all part of a whole, a Collective Intelligence in synergy with the Stars and other Galactic and InterGalactic beings and civilizations.. We are not alone in the Universe, it's time we remember who we are, and who our Galactic neighbours are

We would wake-up with the twilight birds singing sweet tunes, relishing the glow of a fresh new day, a new moment, a blank canvas to start again and to continue our Path, Purpose and Passion. We’re exited to greet the new day, the anticipation activates us to rise and begin the adventure.. There are as many paths for the day as there are Humanes with Purpose and Passion, the binding energy however is we are Activated and Whole.. Give and care is a Humane and much needed Human quality we all need to embody

Activated and Whole

By this I mean we are healthy, free, sovereign, intuitive, present, balanced, relaxed and brimming with lifeforce and appreciation, we innerstand the lifecycle of our own unique Biome and the Biome around us. The Whole refers not only to the Wisdom and Experience of Seed to Seed, Birth to Death, Sun to Star, but also to the way we live our daily moments, our zero point present time/space frequency, vibration and energy.

This way of life is in total contrast to the ‘normal socially well adjusted‘ modern man/woman who sells their time/space for $, to do what they want without regard/care for the whole. We have been brainwashed to beLIEve we need a job, when in actuality we need our eachother and our Path, Purpose and Passion that’s Activated and Whole. This way of BEing has empathy and intelligence for all beings around us, and this energy has the power to co-create a beautiful and abundant life and Planet. This is what we need more of in the world, and less participants in the system and lifestyle that is parasitic and psychopathic. We have the power to heal the planet, to overgrow the outmoded, to compost the sickness and filth, the lies and greed, the suffering and pain.

And that power is in our hearts, hands, actions, passions, purpose and our daily path!

Practice daily the Art of Humane Gifting.. Give to others around you daily, nurture the plants around you, care for the landscape and ecology like you would care for a lost child. This way of life and being is in direct alignment with our natural essence and original DNA imprint. It’s normal for us to give, nurture, share, create, inspire, protect and love, we all need and yearn for this way of life, so let’s walk that way now and everyday and see where it takes us..

Namaste and Inlakesh

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