BioHumane ~ Ethical, Moral, Alkaline, Crystalline

Ok let’s distill the last 2 weeks… It’s been massive!! Have you seen the Astro? Anyway I have some good news for those interested in vegan gardening, ethical gardening, biodynamic gardening, organic gardening, eco gardening etc.. Have you thought about Humane Gardening? This feels the most beautiful path between the worlds of Gardening, and possibly the most abundant, simple and natural path of Being. So let’s bring in the term BioHumane to encompass not just Gardening, but also life and living with ethics, morals, radiant health and care for all sentient beings.Biohumane Intelligent and Empathic living

The unfortunate truth…

I’ve been researching health and wellbeing while detoxing, and once again it all comes back to the Garden. The Humane Gardening idea came to me while I was thinking about the topic of Vegan Gardening, growing and eating Alkaline/Electrical non-hybrid, heirloom seed and food. Why? Well quite simply I care about nature and I care about wellbeing, and it makes no sense to care for either or since we are dependent upon Mother nature. If we partake in destructive activities and lifestyles to feed, water, house, entertain and clothe ourselves, then we are essentially part of a sickness loop. No other creature destroys it’s habitat, kills for control or global dominion, has little to no empathy for the entirety of life, or has such a stark and unsettling dis-connection from nature or cosmos.

Most humans care for their loved ones, yet they eat the loved ones of others, they contribute to Genocide and Ecocide through their jobs, expenses, cravings, habits and societal norms. Subject to what the Corporation dictates and provides, modern man is deeply detached from being BioHumane, yet we all yearn for it, we all innately love to give, protect, nurture, make love and sow seeds… Collectively we are confused, we have lost our wisdom, health and sanity, we are upside down and back to front, we vote for psychopaths instead of composting them, we wipe our asses with rainforest remnants and we devour and store murdered body parts of Animals that were enslaved, tortured, butchered, marinated, packaged and labelled with a spell, and call it “Society/Culture”…

The message here is to be aware of our connection to the whole, our synergistic interconnection with all life. Embrace all living beings and inturn they will embrace us, and visa versa. All life is sacred, that is why I’ve included the word Bio, so when we go about our day let’s consider our BioHumane footprint. It’s easy to make better decisions when we look into products, services, retail outlets, entertainment options, devices, tools, travel etc when we know they contribute to a better world. It’s about choosing an Acidic/Sick life and lifestyle, or choosing an Alkaline/Healthy life and lifestyle.. The unfortunate truth you can see in the chart below is that most people habitually choose the SAD dietary sick/acid diet, and obviously their lifestyle will correspond accordingly. It’s easy to raise our vibrations by eating organic/biodynamic alkaline foods and waters and inturn co-create lifestyles that are Humane, intelligent, empathic and crystalline..Alkalize and be healthy

According to Dr Sebi, Mucus is the number one cause of all disease “Our research reveals that all manifestation of disease finds it genesis when and where the mucous membrane has been compromised.” Dr Sebi shows that most people eat a dead acidic diet which is not natural and leads to all manner of diseases. In contrast a diet that is electric, organic and alkaline we find no disease can exist. This all leads back to the Garden and Spaces of Love, divine & sovereign families, homes and gardens that are ethical, moral, humane, natural, peaceful, creative, diverse and loving.. Our whole world needs to become a certified ‘Space of Love’, a crystalline space of love with and out.

BioHumane ~ A way forward

My gardening practices are not simply Organic, nor are they Biodynamic or vegan. Nor are they toxic, acidic, greedy, brutal or selfish.. So what do I practice? BioHumane gardening I guess.. I use the manure from my horses who keep the grass down around the house, I use worm castings, effective micro-organisms, liquid composts and hot composts, biochar, heirloom seeds, river water, ormus, swales, permaculture, chook manure from my happy chooks, and god only knows what else. I chop weeds and overgrowing foliage to make composts and to feed the chooks, growing green manures, sowing and saving seed diversity, it’s all about the whole, and creating the web of life around us that is healthy, vibrant, enchanting, intelligent, psychic and divine.

Like Biodynamic Gardening which values the importance of building healthy soil ecology via physical/cosmic and metaphysical forces and applications, Biohumane Gardening deeply values these also. You don’t need to be an Astrologer to practice either, but it helps! The main difference between Biohumane and Biodynamic is the energy of Compassionate Lifeforce. Chi energy that is in harmony with the 5 elements is natural, balanced, whole, and vibrant. So too is the energy of Biohumane, a way of life and living that is radically healthy, simple, natural, whole, free of disease, stress, suffering, torture, slavery, butchery and gluttony. Unfortunately for some, Biodynamics uses Animal parts for many of it’s preparations, so for a Vegan or Humane Being with a sensitive stomach Biodynamic preparations do involve Animal body parts just so you know, whether you purchase the goods in a packet, or you do the bloody work yourself.

So although Biodynamics works wonderfully, and so do some Organic practices, they do not adhere to ethics and morals that are Biohumane. And rather than steering towards Vegan gardening and agriculture which I think is a oxymoron since all organic gardening and agriculture that involves dirt, sunshine and rain cannot be Vegan, but towards approaches and practices that are Humane.. This keeps it simple, this way we can use manure from animals and birds that are healthy, free and part of the Ecology to help build healthy soils. We can source and use products that are Humane, ethical and intelligent, instead of using what works and what’s the industry standard, and we can align our practices with high vibrations and frequencies that are Humane, just as we are Humane ourselves.

Look a little bit deeper into the ingredients of the products you buy and use, is your ‘Rock Dust’ sourced in a Biohumane way, does your pest killer harm soil microbes and was in made in a chemical lab, are your seeds heirloom or hybrid, is your soil, compost or mulch made in a Biohumane way? And then think about all the other products and services around us, our habits and possessions, are they Biohumane, or are they part of the Genocide/Ecocide timeline.. This process is about waking up into true and sovereign health and vitality, being responsible, putting our actions and attention towards what we want, not what we don’t want.Eat only alkaline organic or biodynamic heirloom fruits vegetables seeds and nuts

It’s time we take Animals and acidity off the menu and replace them with whole foods that are ethical, electric, alkaline, nutrient dense and mineral rich. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds that are bursting with life-force are essential towards building and maintaining communities and ecologies that are resilient and healthy.



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