Ecological Humane – 5 reasons why Gardens and Gardening are key towards living a Healthy & Wealthy lifestyle

It’s amazing how distant we can become from Earth, from nature and cosmos when we live in suburbia..

For me I recently returned back to my Garden Space of Love Sanctuary after living in the suburbs of Byron Bay for 6 months while studying Kinesiology. Although I spent hours on the beach daily and in the ocean, I spent very little time in the garden and grew no food. I felt poor TBH when I had to buy fruit and veg from the local Organic suppliers, I knew the energy of the food was depleted after transport and storage, and even the growing for profit process erks me, especially if it’s monocultured food..Regenerate Ecology, Diversity, Freedom, Love

Anyway what this journey taught me among other things is how distant I became in a very short span of time from the Garden and all that the Garden offers. When we are not swimming in that realm we can only guess as to what others find so deeply compelling and fullfilling to Garden and connect with Earth, Sun and Stars. So it was not until I arrived back into the garden that I realised what I was missing.

Below is a short video I made of my arrival back into the garden and the bounty of food and essential beauty and connection the garden provides. Seeing the habitat grow with a diversity of birds, insects and flora flourishing as one synergistic co-creative organism make my heart sing and reminds me why we are here on Earth. Injoy 🙂

For those who have not Gardened fulltime or had such a kindred connection to growing food and nurturing ecology I’ll explain and hopefully get you excited enough to get out there today. It’s about being a living artist, a co-creative soul painting a natural living dynamic canvas.

5 reasons why Gardens and Gardening are key towards living a Healthy & Wealthy lifestyle.

Health and Vitality ~ Not only do we eat high vibe foods from our luscious gardens, but the process of working in the garden, nurturing, harvesting, storing, sowing and saving seed etc generates vibrant Health and Vitality. Gardening is very healthy when done the right way, and that way is Beyond Organic and Beyond Sustainable. Gardens that produce the most abundant and diverse foods entwine the local ecology along with the seasonal and cosmic climate, and those of us who participate in this process reap the rewards of superior health and vitality. Being in the Sunshine, breathing in fresh scented aromas, feet naked and one with the Earth, hands soiled with effective microorganisms, mind calm, eyes bright with anticipation, heart filled with love we radiate and invigorate. You cannot buy the feeling of vibrant health and vitality connected to all that is in a packet, pill or potion, you have to get out there into the wild and co-create more beautiful, and the best place to do that is in the Garden.

It’s in our DNA ~ For millena we Humans have been growing gardens and working together with nature and cosmos. We have all-ways been entwined with both. Only recently has much of Humanity moved towards buying food in packets from shops and corporations. This new way of life has seen a rise in disconnection from reality, consciousness and health, totally reliant upon a corporate system that is built on profit, sickness and control. Dis-ease has followed this modern life with the vigor of the grim reaper, severed from the truth that our DNA and spirit NEEDS a Garden, family/community, nature, fresh air, living water and nutrient/mineral rich food. One of the keys to restoring our “Junk DNA”, ie reactivating our 12 strand DNA and beyond, is to eat high vibration Alkaline Electrical fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sungaze and be naked in the Garden..

Builds and sustains family and community ~ There is no other way to build and foster community than growing our own food and regenerating ecology. This process breeds connection and authenticity towards being Humane, being custodians of our Earth reminds us that we are interdependent upon not just eachother, but nature and living in synergy with nature. When families and communities come together we build sovereignty, security, health, wealth and peace. This process re-installs yet another ancient fundamental and neglected need ~ Autonomy. The diversity of life on Earth is what makes our bubble so attractive and magnificent, each culture and all sentient beings contribute to one BIG eclectic family of living light, we are all unique yet we are all united. Our gifts are many and varied, so when we live in community as family we share our gifts and essence and as a natural consequence we are all wealthy and healthy, wise and Humane.Regenerate Humaneity

Planetary responsibility ~ As we endure what many are referring to as an Extinction crisis via Ecocide and Genocide, profit over sanity, stupidity over intelligence, selfishness over compassion, those of us still holding honour and authenticity demand radical and everlasting change. We are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the ones accountable for our actions and we need to take responsibility for the situation we all face. We have reached the 12th hour, we are effectively in the birthing canal of a new paradigm, the outmoded systems and beings that have dominated, manipulated and CONtroled our planet for so long are on the way out. Yet in the process the ruling DELETE along with those who participate via their jobs and lifestyles will attempt to perpetuate and resuscitate a dying way of life. So it’s up to us, those who participate in daily moments and activities focused towards Path, Purpose and Passion aligned with the highest good of all.

Bliss Bubbles ~ Growing our own food forest space of love sanctuary while healing Ecology and Re-Activating our HumaEity is filled with bubbles of bliss. Care and Compassion for all sentient beings breeds Sovereignty & Freedom. We cannot love one while killing another, we cannot love dogs and cats AND kill/store/eat other innocent animals and sentient beings without suffering Karmic debt ~ Dis-Ease ~ Sick-ness ~ pain, suffering, death. Instead when we Garden and Co-Create with nature and cosmos we build our Karmic investment portfolio, we reap beautiful energies and moments, we invest in technology and intelligence that is unlimited, universal and full of bliss. This is otherwise known as Timeline Love, or the Organic Timeline that you may have heard some speak about.

Injoy radiant souls ~ More video’s, stories, seeds and delights to come. Spring has sprung and so has the intensity 😉

Inlakesh, Aloha and Namaste


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