Juicing the wild ones ~ Return to Health and Vitality

It’s been a while since I had a juicer that’s efficient, powerful, easy to use and integrates magnetic and bio-ceramic technology. I’ve been using a hand operated stainless steel single cork screw juicer. It works, but it’s none of the above. So I’ve not been juicing too much at all.Juicing for health and consciousness

Instead I’ve been buying superfood powders, potions and delights that I feel supplement my diet with nutrients, minerals & energy. Although these products work to varying degree’s their usually expensive and most often not fresh or beaming with lifeforce/chi energy. So I decided it was time to buy a decent juicer again and start juicing daily once again, to replace meals with fresh juiced garden fruits, vegetables and herbs.. I especially love juicing the wild ones, the herbs and veggies I would not normally eat raw, especially in doses that contain large amounts of nutrients and minerals, which is one of the wonders of juicing. For the most part you cannot buy what I’m juicing anywhere, and this is where the synergy of a good juicer and a great garden come in!

Juicing the Wild ones

Thinking back to Dr Sabi and his mucus-less diet based on Alkaline/Electrical foods I realise how hard it is for most people to eat and drink a diet that is Alkaline/Electrical, Organic, Biodynamic, fresh, raw, diverse, heirloom, nutrient & mineral dense. If we cannot access food and liquid that is high vibration daily, then of course our health will suffer, our sanity will erode, our passion and consciousness will be suppressed.  Sadly this seems to be the case for most western people our priorities are elsewhere, entertainment, jobs, relationships, socializing consume us, and subsequently we allow our health and consciousness to stagnate if not deteriorate. Dis-ease is more common than health, dis-ease being the end result of lifestyles that are toxic, separated from nature, natural lives and lifestyles.Gardening equals health and vitality

Don’t confuse juicing store bought monocultured foods with juicing foods from a rich and diverse garden sanctuary or space of love. There is no comparison! I highly suggest anyone interested in health and vitality to make gardening their No. 1 priority! Yes that’s right growing our own food forests, rebuilding and regenerating the local ecology is where we need to prioritize our time and space. And from this time/space we co-create habitat that’s harmonic for the Humane Being, and thus we find true health, happiness, freedom, purpose and passion.

Juicing the wild ones is about accessing minerals, nutrients and Chi that we all need but can never buy. Juice of this standard is not sold in shops, you have to grow it, or have activated friends who do. As I said above I’ve been attempting to buy my health, but TBH for many months I’ve been feeling undernourished, unsatisfied and even anxious as to how I will use and conserve my energy, I’ve felt lack and fear I’m perpetually needing something to sustain me. This has unsettled me and despite spending $ on superfoods etc I’ve not been feeling as radiant and vital as I would like to. Until today!Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ~ Grow your own

The Medicine Garden is the Food garden

I came home with my juicer and collected a basket of goodies from the garden and immediately juiced them. I used store bought organic carrots and half a beetroot, and from the garden I added comfry, dandelion, red clover flowers, alfalfa flowers, fennel (whole), yarrow & fruity sage.. Oh WoW!! my world changed immediately!! I finally felt nourished, relaxed, whole and satisfied. It was really amazing and revealing, nothing in the last 6 months or so has given me what that juice gave me.

The old saying from Hippocrates funnily enough is — ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.‘ There are so many amazing plants out there that can provide all the nourishment, health & vitality we Humans need. We don’t need to murder and CONsume Animals unless in certain situations certain people may need to in order to survive, but for the rest of us, there is no need, nor is it healthy. We humans are naturally fruigivores and herbivores, our teeth, anatomy and physiology and basically our consciousness are all pointing towards a natural predominately raw living plant based diet. And so is our health, yet the modern diet is not healthy, it’s dis-ease ridden, usually heavy/dense in Karmic baggage and is contributing to the extinction of our species.

So the way forward once again is via the Garden, a medicine garden, a sacred space of love garden. Here we heal our Mother Earth Gaia, we contribute to a better world a new paradigm, a new time/space line and linage that is whole, balanced, blessed, blissed, regenerative, super Healthy, super Humane and super Conscious.

From my Garden and Space of Love to yours! Namaste and Inlakesh


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