OneSong Gardens ~ Winter 2016 ~ The Ark of Life

Permaculture Ecological gardening

It’s been a while since I made a garden video, but finally we are back on track.. I made a little video update of the Garden in Winter and I’ve finally got around to uploading it. It will give you some idea of what a semi “neglected” permaculture garden left to fallow for 6 months to a year looks like. Most of what you see in the video is self sown, regenerating itself, which is a really beautiful thing to witness.

Some key points RE Permaculture & Ecological Gardening

  • Sanctuary in Garden ~ When we have an abundant and diverse garden we feel safe, whole, protected and part of the cosmos. This keeps us tuned to the frequencies and vibrations that are pure, natural and aligned with our inherent energetic being. This is what we call a Space of Love..
  • Wild foods ~ When we allow nature to self seed and grow without man’s interferance we can often find food that is wild and vital, growing in conditions we would never plant a seed, let alone see a thriving plant. These plants are the ones you want to eat, they are naturally endowed with life-force, electrical alkalinity. These electrical/alkaline plants are key to providing our bodies and spirits with the minerals, nutrients and chi energy we need to maintain optimal health and vitality.
  • Ecology Co-Creation ~ The opposite of monoculture farming is Ecological Gardening, working as one with nature, sharing the load, sharing the abundance, each part benefiting the whole. This is a much more efficient and potent way to garden, it’s enjoyable and very productive when we work in unison with nature, the birds and the bees.

I’ve got a bunch of new Garden videos to come for Spring 2016 which include, Biochar, flood irrigation, life in bloom, and growing your own Superfoods and Alkaline/Electrical foods. So stay tuned and join the movement towards co-creating a beautiful world!

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