Health and Vitality ~ Return to the Humane Garden

Our Divine Right and Need to Garden and Ecology

Having a Garden, AKA a Space of Love, is a Human need, not a want, desire or fling, it’s a NEED, one buried deep in our DNA, in the Ark of life, our Ancestors our families to come. It ties in directly with being Healthy and Humane, a state of Being and Living that is one with Cosmos, Earth and our own Human realm. Gardening and Gardens provide a healthy habitat for the Human soul, here we thrive, our vitality and immune system expands and we feel happy, joyful and content.Nature and Garden give us health and freedom

A Humane Garden is a refuge for all life, a beautiful healthy, healing and peaceful home for the diversity of all sentient beings great and small – A Space of Love..

I’ll let the video below do the talking, it’s about my return to the Garden after more than 6 months away, no work had been put into the garden, yet she was shining bright with healthy delights, loads of life, and loads of love.. I hope it inspires you to Real-Eyes the dire NEED and importance of not just gardens and gardening, but Ecology, Activism and Consciousness.

May the Magic of natures bliss and beauty Nourish and Protect you

The cloudbuster in the the video is used to help generate more Orgon energy, basically more Chi/Prana/Mana/Lifeforce. They also combat the Chemtrails and Geoengineering that is rampant atm over the entire continent of Australia, New Zealand and much of the world. Nevertheless we can combat any negative influence when we return to the garden, our Health improves, clarity, consciousness and we activate our Path and Purpose.

When we fill our bodies with Vegan plant based activated beyond Organic foods we shine like the Sun, experience a wonderful connection with all life and our minds are clean and guilt free. There really is no need anymore for most people on our precious Earth to eat Animals anymore, was there ever? We have alternative’s, karma free healthy humane alternatives, so I encourage you to Grow your Own, heal ecosystems, use Permaculture practices and Humane/Vegan gardening activities to co-create paradise on Earth.

Aloha and Inlakesh brothers and sisters

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