I’d rather Garden and Make love

It’s so amazing how much Humanity is progressing on the one hand, and how far Humanity is digressing on the other… Many are waking up to the plethora of alternatives, ideas, pathways that are Healthy, Intelligent, Compassionate and Beautiful. While many others are sinking with the new info, the changes, the Awakening, they are stuck in the old outmoded, following what was blindly dysfunctionally taught to them, unable to sythenzise the new updated version of Being a Healthy Humane Human.Be cute and Garden, make love not war

The Temple within creates the Temple out there, the living breathing Church, we can only co-create a beautiful world when we embody that beautiful world within.

In this beautiful world we are not walking grave yards full to the brim with tortured, enslaved, murdered beings, Animals are not our food, they are our friends of diversity and companionshipwe are light beings, loaded with high vibrations and frequencies from fresh living Beyond Organic Mineral and Nutrient dense Fruits and Vegetable’s, Herbs, Nuts, Seeds and Alchemical supercharged delights. I’d rather garden and make love, than murder and war!

The myth that we need to eat Animals for health and longevity has imploded, it’s FALSE, BS indoctination. However the propaganda/programming has been seen, tested and lived, Animals are not our food source, they are our friends, our companions of diversity and destiny on our Mother Earth, spiraling home with us, reminding us to love, unite, care. Animals do not wish to be farmed, killed and eaten, just like we don’t. So how can any health come from this satanic practice? How can we ourselves not want war, not want to be slaves tortured, butchered and eaten yet most do it to others? That’s insanity, a mental illness…

So it’s with great delight that I share with you a wonderful interview from Don Tolman, a man who has distilled the deathly outmoded into a New Paradigm of Living and Being Healthy. We do not need to be sick any longer, nor do our minds, nor does our consciousness. We do not need to burden ourselves with immoral and unethical acts and omissions to justify it for our health. We do not need to continually numb our minds, spirits and bodies with death, we can heal our Empathy, we can ignite our Intelligence, Unite our Hearts and we can help those around us, instead of causing them harm and eating them..

With Love and Magic from the Ark ~ Shine on Beautiful Ones..

If you have changed your diet to a plant based diet or Vegan diet and lifestyle, or your Healthy Humane after being here, then please get intouch I would love to hear from you.. 😉

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