Intelligent and Spiritual BUT you participate in Ecocide and Genocide?


Authenticity and Intelligence

How often are we presented with information and insights that are enlightening and amazing since the age of the Internet and the “Google” monster? New tech, new designs, opportunities, inventions, ideas etc seem to flood us. We are now gifted with so many clear cut options towards living a more beautiful, healthy, intelligent life and co-creating that with others around us. What a wonderful diverse and amazing time/space we are living within!Do no harm, go plant based, regain your intelligence and spiritualityYet when presented with the clear, honest, un-cut truth about eating Animals most people turn away and fail to even ponder let alone research the topic. Taste is a powerful addiction, but reality soon snuffs that sense out, we are far more than beings of taste and smell.

We are also and mostly beings of frequency and feeling, we naturally embody empathy, care, compassion, we yearn for love and health, family and unity, yet most of us don’t give what we so dearly want and need.

When we adopt a Plant based Humane diet we encourage the liberation of not only Animals in captivity, but the Animal within. Our spiritual essence is unity consciousness, the light that shines from within and out, the light we consume when we eat living high vibration vegan plant based foods.

Would you want to live in a prison your whole life, suffering daily until your captors eventually torture, kill and eat you? Then don’t condemn other innocent beings who deserve and dream the same as you do.

Humane and IntelligentA wonderful and dear friend of mine just posted the message below and I felt I have to share to a greater audience.. She’s very peaceful, healthy, activated and conscious and has a very BIG open loving heart and soul, so her message is for everyone.. Have a ponder yourself how powerful the belief is that it’s OK to eat Animals that were harmed, enslaved and killed. Is it OK for your friends and family to eat Animals be merry and carry on like it’s their freewill and choice to do so? Or are we living within a matrix of created sickness, suffering and weakness where we have been lied to and our innate power and authenticity, intelligence and empathy has been siphoned and sold off, and most probably eaten by some other being higher in the food chain.

I do understand indeed that everyone has different perspectives. And I am not questioning the right to have beliefs. I am questioning the right to harm, based on those beliefs.

I have worked in a prison with men who believed it is ok to harm children. I have worked with men who believed it was ok to harm their partner. There are people in the world who believe it is ok to bomb people of a different religion. There are people in the world who believe slavery is ok. We are likely never going to change the beliefs of these people. But we can stand up and say it is not ok to harm, based on beliefs.

Through eating meat, the harm is not just being done to non-consenting animals, the harm is being done to our beloved Gaia. At the rate oceans are being decimated by over-fishing, they will be dead within 20 years. How long do we think Gaia can survive when her blood is toxic? At the rate land is being deforested for animal agriculture, the Amazon will also be dead in 20 years. how long do we think Gaia can survive without her lungs? At the rate we are filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, to which animal agriculture contributes 51%, more than any other source of emissions put together, we will be choking on toxins within 20 years. How can Gaia survive without her breath of life?

So that is why I am standing up now. It is for the animals, it is for Gaia, but it is also for humanity! I have stood back for a long time not really saying much and waiting for people to awaken, but time is running out. It is time to speak up! And it is certainly not about judgement, because people’s actions do not diminish my love for them. It is about education. It is about offering a perspective people may not be aware of.

If your Intelligent and Spiritual you don't harm, kill or eat innocent AnimalsAnd I must admit, it is the actions of some of my spiritual friends which baffle me the most. Because I know how kind and compassionate they are in every other way. I know how much they love and adore Gaia. And yet there is a blind spot…the social conditioning has kept them blinded to what is actually happening to our Earth.

I hear some say that if they bless and thank the animal, then it is ok, because that is what the American Indians did. But those were different times. Those people lived in harmony with the earth and the animals…they communicated with them, and in truth consumed far less animal product than is commonly assumed. Some studies say as much as 99% of their diet was plant based.

Again, we live now in different times, animals are suffering a holocaust due to our blind spot, Gaia is on the brink of destruction, and humanity with her…it is time to open our eyes and stop letting social/cultural indoctrination be our guide. We need to look deeply into our hearts and see the truth there. What do we really and truly feel in the knowing of the suffering of animals and our planet?

Many great thinkers and philosphers through the ages have identified that it is the eating of animals which will lead to humanity’s downfall. For example, Leo Tolstoy, who said “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields”.

So yes, please hold whatever belief you would wish to in relation to all manner of things. Do so, where no being is harmed. But where intense suffering is caused due to our actions, we must ask ourselves…do we have the right to harm, based on our beliefs? Ishara Love

Cognitive Dissonance ~ I love dogs and I Iove steak too

The cognitive dissonance towards loving Animals and eating murdered Beings/Animals/Humans and calling them “Meat” is rampant, most people would openly and honestly say they abhor Human and Animal cruelty, yet they participate in Animal cruelty daily. We are one Family, best not to eat our brothers and sisters, children and parents

“Activists in the animal-rights movement frequently discuss cognitive dissonance, musing about people who insist they love animals yet eat pigs, cows, chickens, fish, turkeys and sheep as if these beings somehow don’t qualify as animals. We even wonder what could be going on with animal shelters and humane societies that offer meat at fundraisers. They serve hot dogs at dog walks (cute, huh?), sausage at their pancake breakfasts and corpses of all kinds at their annual dinners (well, perhaps no dogs or cats are on the menu). If these “animal advocates” cannot make the connection — if they can’t see they are supporting the very abuse they claim to be fighting — what hope is there for the rest of the world?”

If your still with me and you still eat Animals please watch the presentation below by Melanie Joy. If you already have the intelligence, spirituality and empathy to eat a plant based Vegan/Humane diet, then please share with others who are still evolving. It’s not OK anymore to simply be silent while those around us eat Animals that were murdered, tortured, enslaved.

Animals do not need to be our food, they are instead our friends and family, and we have the right and need to express this to others not yet Awake and Aware.

“Carnism is the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals. Carnism is essentially the opposite of veganism, as “carn” means “flesh” or “of the flesh” and “ism” refers to a belief system.

Because carnism is invisible, people rarely realize that eating animals is a choice, rather than a given. In meat-eating cultures around the world, people typically don’t think about why they eat certain animals but not others, or why they eat any animals at all. But when eating animals is not a necessity, which is the case for many people in the world today, then it is a choice – and choices always stem from beliefs.

As long as we remain unaware of how carnism impacts us, we will be unable to make our food choices freely – because without awareness, there is no free choice.”

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