Perspective and Extinction ~ Wanted Dead or Alive, it’s our choice

Unplug from the Matrix

If you live in the cities and suburbs of the Western world, chances are your surrounded by unnatural and possibly toxic substances, lifestyles, thoughts and habits. Not long ago we only had simple radio and TV signals, food came from the Garden, water fresh from the natural clouds and weather systems around us, we walked or rode bikes to contribute towards our community and neighbours, our habitats were refreshing, naturally entwined with nature, her beauty and bounty. Not only aesthetically pleasing, artistic in design, inclusive and diverse, healthy living systems are regenerative, they cause no harm. When Greed arrived all that changed….mining is raping the earth, it needs to endIf our path and way was correct we would be living in a totally beautiful world, a co-creation of cosmic proportions, eachday an awakening to a higher realization and appreciation. Another beautiful and radiant magical day. There’s a saying ~

If everyone did it, would the world be a better place?

Contemplate that with your own lifestyle, feel into your very own ecological footprint, what is your ultimate Path and Purpose aligned with the Highest Good for All? If everyone spent time in nature, caring for nature, planting gardens, saving seeds, regenerating forests, caring for Animals, waterways, oceans and seashores, surely the world would be a better place. The enjoyment and appreciation part is important, but we have reached that time/space where we need to give, heal, nourish and nurture more than we have ever had to in our past.

When ecology was intact we didn’t need to regenerate on the scale we need to today. We had more time to rest, play, learn, share, create. Instead we are facing the END of clean fresh water, natural nutrient and mineral dense food, the biosphere is collapsing, the ecosystem and ecology we once knew is dying at a rapid rate. Extinction is not only increasing, it’s turning into an avalanche..Extinction in progress, this is not a drill, failure to act will cause ExtinctionAs Humans we are designed to live in synergy with our Earth, the creatures great and small, but it seems more and more people are moving further and further from this way of life, by force or choice. The disconnection from reality/nature is now so perverse most people do not realise how much they are plugged in and dependent on the matrix or man-made world of hyper reality.. As we plow deeper and faster into yet another Mass Extinction, most are oblivious, hurtling through space/time and a destiny unknown just so long as they have their Iphones and social media accounts. I choose to Disconnect ~ I do NOT accept the terms and conditions ~ I DO NOT CONSENT to the sale, rape, plunder and destruction of Ecology, Humanity or Species, and nor should you πŸ™‚

Perspective ~ We are the Cosmos

END all seperationUnfortunately for those wired in and connected to the Matrix, where food and water is packaged, corporations/governments/militaries/religions dominate the bandwith of life with toxic and chaotic frequencies and vibrations, yet being oblivious and burying the head in the sand is a fast track towards sickness of self and planet.. It’s the path the Egyptians were talking about and the Hopi and pretty much all intelligent compassionate cultures and beings connected to the cosmos were talking about.. The material 3D path of rings and things, jobs and CONsumption, greed and mindless obedience to an authority that is Parasitic and Psychopathic. The path of separation..

The other perspective is we are whole, united as one, we share love, care, compassion and intelligence, we are healthy and we are Humane. We don’t kill and murder, enslave and rape for money, food, or belief, instead we nurture, nourish, care, create, grow, give, and humbly share thanks and appreciation to the great OneSong, the Universe of infinity that surrounds us, that is us..

Again it’s a choice, but for not much longer, choose life, or choose death, it’s that simple. Both paths will soon manifest their aim, they will hit their target, both are time/space portals… And both are Very Real <3

We are Star dust we come from the Stars, we are the Stars

The beautiful message below is what inspired me to write this post πŸ™‚

There was a time when the world was a song and the song was exciting.

Earth song has been replaced by the noise of traffic,
and daily life feels more like a race than a dance.
The enchantment of knowing the world as a song is a treasured memory – a memory that still adds joy to our lives…

The colors of nature include lush green trees, golden stars shining like a diamonds in the sky, the bluish green oceans, indigo sky, silvery fountains, rushing, gushing and foaming streams, the multicolored rainbow, the infinite color combinations of birds, insects and fish & the turtles lying underneath the oceans, dazzling bright sunlight and cool silvery moonlight, slanting in the still cool water at night just showing an image of moon bathing in the pool. Golden ponds, green fields, beautiful meadows and lovable pastures make us feel for a while that we are in some sort of dreamland like the one in fairy tales.

Nature has such amazing beauty and I hope that people realize how incredible the natural world really is, and that the environment can serve as a way for people to feel connected to Mother Earth.. Respect is Due


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