The Walking Dead & The Go Vegan

As we collectively move closer and closer to Human extinction, let’s ponder for a second the current extinction rates and what Animals or Beings we have already lost.. I’ve heard a few researchers suggest from 100 – 200 Species are becoming extinct daily! DAILY! Wholly ShitBangs!

“Extinction has got to be the second saddest word – right behind genocide. It is an ugly word, an enormous word – the end of an entire world. But it is also a personal word. It is the tragic death of individuals, the end of so many stories.
World Clock endangered species stats come from the World Wildlife Fund (and other sources) which has tackled the challenging task of counting endangered species. It is a difficult and time consuming job since most creatures do not fill out census forms.
Extinctions are very roughly estimated because nobody knows exactly how many species exist on earth. And, of course, nobody knows how many of the unknown species are disappearing each year. Scientists guess that extinctions are between a few hundred and a few hundred thousand. We chose a conservative figure of 10,000 extinctions per year.”


Is this not an EMERGENCY? How can we honestly walk around as per usual, continue shopping, doing jobs that contribute to ecology destruction and generally living a successful modern western life? Sure it’s a BIG issue, but the solution is very small, and very simple. Go Vegan….

The Walking Dead & Animal Cruelty

“Every day 20,000 pets will enter a selter in the US. A quarter of them will never come out. Each year 10,000 dogs will die in dog fighting, and 15 million animals will be used in research. The heart of a society is seen in it’s treatment of it’s most helpless, and it’s pets. You can quote me on that. Travel the world and you will see clearly; the cultures that allow animal fighting, the places where dogs roam the streets half starved, the countries that don’t protect their animals from cruelty are all places you wouldn’t want to live.”

This Christmas and New Year if your not already going Cruelty free / Vegan, then why not? If you are and your friends or family are not then put the pressure on. Keep it simple and keep it honest. Eating Animals is the leading cause of Environmental destruction, suffering and disease, there is no moral, ethical, intelligent or healthy reason not to abandon ‘meat’ AKA murdered Animal this festive season..

Raise your vibration/frequency and realise we are the ones we have been waiting for, we are the ones with freedom to choose a beautiful planet and home, and it all begins with a diet and lifestyle that is compassionate and intelligent. When we love Animals we don’t eat them, it’s that simple, yet most people are obliviously hypocritical… This is clear evidence how unconscious people become when they eat Animals, and once again why those who don’t eat Animals have higher more healthier vibrations and frequencies.

There are rights and wrongs, there are good and bad acts, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical.. Overnight we would have a radically different world if we all chose to be Moral & Ethical. It’s that simple, all war, suffering, pain, disease, problem is the result of immoral/unethical acts and omissions… It’s time to END the Slavery, Slaughter & CONsumption of innocent Animals and restore our Planets diversity and abundance..

As they say!

GO VEGAN & Save the World!



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