Vegan or Healthy Humane

Technically I’m not Vegan

I’m not Vegan! I have been, and I am mostly Vegan, but I’m not officially or technically Vegan. I’m pro Vegan, pro Go Vegan and know the benefits far surpass Vegetarian and totally obliterate diets feasting on murdered Animals and their parts.. So although I support and advocate Vegans and going Vegan, I’m not Vegan and here’s why..Go Vegan Go Plant Based Go Humane
I thought I’d write this post since it’s an issue for many of us. If we call ourselves Vegan we cannot sway here nor there off the Vegan Way, and if we do guilt can arise or peer pressure, or confusion from within and from friends and family. We may choose a mostly Vegan diet but we are not 100% Vegan and that’s fine, so what are we and how to avoid the confusion and guilt?

Healthy Humane – A Plant based Diet

For many of us even the word Vegan is unattractive, for me it’s the sound, it screechy and whiny almost. For others the mainstream media funded by the meat, dairy, egg industries has promoted Vegans and the Vegan diet as pathetic and inadequate. Many people don’t even know what a Vegan is or what Vegan’s eat, they think it’s more of a cult than a way of life and style.. Grow your Own make love daily with NatureSo I prefer using the word Plant based diet in most situations, it’s easier to convey the message and feeling behind my food choices and eliminates confusion. If I’m in town, on the rd etc I do choose a Vegan/Plant based diet, and only Organic and beyond if possible, that’s because I feel it’s the most healthy, environmentally friendly and the least cruel diet. So yes in these situations I’m Vegan, but I will tend to use the Plant based nutrition phrase more often..

I’m not Vegan ALL of the time when I’m on my Farm/Space of Love in the wilderness of Northern NSW. I occasionally eat my Chickens eggs! Yes you hardcore Vegans out there will say it’s a chickens period and it’s a life etc. However being remote, 2rs drive oneway from the nearest Organic shop I grow most of my own food, I only go to town once a fortnight and I eat mostly Bananas and salads from the garden. For 8 months I was raw Vegan 80/10/10, I only ate whole, fresh, organic, unpackaged foods, except dates that we bought in boxes imported from the US.. I was 100% Raw Vegan. Now here’s where it all changed.

I was importing dates from the US, Organic, but most probably radiated on the way over. They were expensive but they were important for my 80/10/10 diet. However I realised that I was not eating many things in my garden since I wasn’t cooking. I stopped eating pumpkin, potato, certain herbs and veggies and the chickens eggs. Yet I was importing food from across the other side of the planet! My ecological footprint felt BIG and selfish, so I decided to eat as much as I can from my garden rather than buying it, rather than contributing to the massive costs involved with transportation.

So I began cooking foods from my garden again while still living a mostly raw diet. Then I tried an Egg from my chickens and it felt good to my system. So occasionally I might have 2 eggs. And only the eggs from my Chickens. When I leave the property I don’t consume Eggs, or any other Animal products. My chickens are cared for in a Humane and healthy way, and they have a role and higher purpose in my system of Permaculture self sufficiency.Humane healthy chook compost

I have chickens for 2 reasons, they are my compost makers and they provide eggs for my Dogs. If I have enough eggs I don’t give the dogs any ‘meat’. So essentially the Dogs become Vegetarian. Dogs I feel are omnivores, they can and need to eat almost anything to survive at times, and to thrive it’s suggested Vegetarian diets are their ultimate diets. The chickens are happy, safe, loved, mostly free and have an abundance of food and a natural environment of abundance to scratch away at. They help break down garden and food scraps into usable compost very quickly, acting as my very own Compost team working from Sun-up to Sun-down. It’s a great synergy!

So for me in this situation I’m not technically Vegan. But I am ‘Healthy & Humane’, which is the premise of being Vegan anyway. My chooks are super happy, I don’t indulge in their eggs often, pretty much taking the eggs as medicine. My body feels better after eating them and there was no harm to the chicken so I have no moral or ethical issues with it. This is where I prefer to avoid Dogma and obedience to labels. Being Vegan is great, but at times it can be dogmatic as was the case with my previous 80/10/10 diet which literally cost the Earth.Make your own Biochar

Also there is the term and gardening method Veganic gardening, which again I feel has it’s merits, but for me it’s impractical. I have 7 horses, they mow the grass and weeds and make compost so I don’t have to use a petrol mower, so I use their manure to make compost. I also use the chicken manure at times in the garden and in composts. For me it works, it’s a whole enclosed system and it’s Humane.

If your moving towards a diet that causes the least amount of suffering choose a diet and lifestyle that is Humane, avoid the dogmas and names and choose to limit suffering and cruelty. If you are indeed Vegan great, if not then choose to be Humane, and no that does not mean eating ‘Humane Meat’, there is no such thing, it’s not healthy, it’s not ecological and it’s not Humane..Choose a diet that is cruelty free

I hope this post inspires you to liberate yourself from name tags and Dogmas and instead leads you towards indulging in a life that is beautiful, intelligent and compassionate.

Inlakesh, Noha & the Ark of Light

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