GardenPorn ~ The Universe in a flower

I’ve been fascinated by the Macro and Micro for a while now, that is basically what I share here, perspective of the infinite and perspective of the intricate.. One aspect of the micro that fascinates me are flowers, particularly seen through the micro lens. Living flowers are geometric living Art forms, their unique, colorful and radiant with beautiful energies. Beaming out light codes and divine fragrances a world without flowers would be poor hovel.

GardenPorn ~ Gardening is a sexy affair

Garden Porn delights ~ Welcome to my world

Garden Porn or #Gardenporn or #Natureporn is what you make of it.. For me the fresh living nectar of a flower, blooming with all her scents and curves, shining with divine and colorful beauty, a Goddess so natural and pure, naked, dancing, free, she is attractive, alluring, delicate, powerful, she is GardenPorn. After all I am simply a voyeur..

So with this is mind I’m going to focus on ways I can prolong their glory and share this wonder of life that surrounds us a little more. Usually when we look closely in the garden or in nature we can see flowers, tiny flowers, miniature flowers. And don’t forget the mushroom which is the flower of the Fungi world, extra unique and magnificent. They come, and they go, they make love and they rest.. I’ll try to capture some of these moments for you, and please feel free to share.

It’s sexy to be surrounded by living flowers, they talk to you, they invigorate, inspire and uplift you. Here are some of the flowers around my home and garden. Full resolution images will be for sale in the store ASAP, all contributions go towards nature, garden and GardenPorn of course 😉 Cum voyeur with me, flowers and gardening is sexy business..

The Universe in a Flower

Sexy full of grace, power beautyNature is full of sexy suprisesDelicate, beautiful and sexyGalaxy of radiant sex bombsSilky soft pink lips, flilled with nectar, dripping with passionSacred Union of yellow loveLove is the Universal way!The Power and Grace protecting the innocent Paradise in a flower, sex in the garden




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