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Being ignorant is easy, we are taught to be, it’s our education to not know the truth, to be lied to, to participate in one of the most oppressive barbaric behaviors known ~ The slavery, murder and consumption of innocent beings. If your part of Humankind, then be Kind or be honest with yourself and those around you call yourself Humanasbarbaricas or HumanCruel. Meat is Murder Enslaved Animal Torture

If you have had your head in the sand and the brainwashing from society, corporations, culture has oppressed your inner Empathic kind side to the extent that you participate in cruelty and dining on the body parts of murdered beings, then read on! Just because cruelty, torture and suffering is deemed legal for certain acts and omissions does not make those acts and omissions lawful, let alone healthy or justified. If you don’t want your children murdered, assaulted, stolen, raped, molestered, if you love your pets and you yourself crave and deem it your right to have freedom and love, then it’s only common sense to extend that to all Beings with a heart beat, eyes, and family.

To defend and protect the defenseless, the innocent, is a natural Human trait, yet we have been collectively ritualized into societies and cultures to turn a blind eye to some, and be appalled and horrified when it happens to another. This is hypocrisy, a conflict of consciousness, a sickness and we can see the manifestation of this all around us. We are killing our Planet, we have become no more than Parasites, devouring senselessly with greed and insanity our very own mechanisms for survival within and without. Our air is severely polluted along with our waters and food, the biosphere is collapsing, extinction the fastest destination we are headed for. What is the main cause of this and how can we attempt to stabilize and realign our species?

Ending Speciesism ~ Begins at the dinner table

We cannot evolve let alone survive as a species unless we stop murdering others, profiteering from the innocent, raping and pillaging the Environment, polluting our bodies, minds and spirits. Some direct and indirect quotes from Gary Yourofsky that exemplify what Speciesism is and how barbaric and hypocritical most Humans are..

Most people are not evil, but their daily choices support evil.

The most profitable business on this planet since the beginning of time ~ Animal slavery.

If you saw what was going on in a slaughter house no logical person would choose to eat Animal flesh.

Roughly 30 million Animals are murdered everyday in the US alone.

In one year alone on this planet 60 Billion land Animals and 90 Billion marine Animals are tortured, tormented and killed in the worlds most massive Holocaust.

We have treated our cousins, in fur and feathers so horribly that beyond a doubt, if they ever formed an organised Religion the devil would be depicted in Human form.

It took 4 hundred years to convince White Americans not to own black people.

If you took Humans of this planet, the extinction of Humans would benefit everything that exists, the Animals, the forests, the air, the water, mountains. If Bee’s disappear everything falls apart.

By eradicating Speciesism we can bring peace back to this Planet.

Cow flesh is not “My steak”, bacon is Pig flesh, leather is skin.

75% of all Animals on the Planet are Herbivores.

You can’t throw this word Humane out there when we’re talking about rape, torture and murder.

Religious people love to worship things we created in Gods name, the Bible, the Koran, Stars of David, the Cross, but nobody worships anything that God created, the waters polluted, the airs polluted, the forests cut down, everything God made we destroy, everything made in Gods name we worship.

I’ll show you hospitals full of people with heart disease, cancers, diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney problems etc All stemming from Animal protein the main cause of every major disease on this planet.

The worst form of Environmental destruction is Animal agriculture.

Without a clear conscience, without mental health, we cannot have physical health.

When you put violence in, you put violence out, you consume discrimination and death your going to exude the same horrible things.

We find peace on this planet by eradicating speciesism.

Peace begins at the dinner table.

We claim to be moral beings, we claim to know right from wrong, we claim to be compassionate. The path to peace is through Veganism. Choose compassion over murder

The Awakened HumanE

“Gary is what I consider the most important revolutionary from the 21st Century. A lot of modern philosophers and spiritually influential people are saying the same things that have been said for millennia, though it is reworded for a modern age and still very important for us to hear (none do this better then Russell Brand IMO). Gary however is spreading a similar but different message that is more controversial and takes bravery and courage to speak so openly about. He speaks against Speciesism. He is someone who inspired me in the first place and his blunt honesty is what I needed to see the cruelty I was supporting towards animals I claimed to care about.

This compilation mostly comprises from a series of interviews he took part in in Israel and at the end of the interviews to my surprise he got massive applause from the audience who seem to also understand his logic, reason and rational thinking.

If you care about animals please consider evolving towards a Vegan lifestyle.
Love life so don’t take life.

If you connected with this video please help spread awareness and share/repost/translate.”

If your reading this far possibly your already Vegan or close or even beyond ~ Yay! If so please share with those around you are not. For me the atrocities of the world, the pain and suffering, injustices, wars and control over humanities freedom and health all stem from the root cause of killing and eating the killed. If the whole planet does not stop enslaving, torturing and murdering animals while I’m here on Earth I will continue with this message and path.. I hope however one-day soon we can all love and be love and begin the re-evolution back towards Intergalatic union and wisdom, care and compassion for all sentient beings..

To Bee continued…

With Love and Truth I hope this post lights your path and brings you hope. The Awakening we all seek is entwined with the Freedom and care we give others who have eyes, hearts and feelings, it’s time to END slavery, murder and death as food and business, and it begins with you and I.

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