Vegan Inspired 2017 and Beyond ~ 10 reasons to go Plant based

2017 ~ Happy New Year beautiful ones!

Cruelty Free living is just research

Have you heard about #Veganuary ? How about #GoVegan2017 ? Why not give it a go? Have a look into it, does your heart sing when you think about living a happy, healthy, beautiful life that is cruelty free?Go Vegan Do the right thing

No longer do we need to think of a Vegan or Plant based Healthy Humane diet as being a fad, or inadequate, the info, experience, research and data is in. The Vegan diet is by far the most beneficial diet and lifestyle one can adopt, so if you haven’t now’s the time! Take a look at the current research and facts into the Nutrition side alone when on a Plant Based diet, and learn How not to Die.

10 reasons to choose a plant based/Vegan diet this 2017

1. Let’s not be Hypocrites ~ If you love them, don’t eat themWhen we love Animals we don't eat them

2. All Life is sacred ~ Compassion is in fashionlove life, give, share, nurture

3. Health ~ Mineral rich, Nutrient dense and tastes amazing! Nutrient dense mineral rich tastes amazing

4. The BIG picture ~ A Plant based diet saves the PlanetPlant based diet saves Planet

5. Energy ~ Cosmic/Chi/Prana lifeforceLove is a Vegan energy

6. Free support ~ Loads of LoveVegan 2017 the wayy forward

7. Increased Sex drive ~ Plant based Passion rocks!Vegans have better sex

8. Growing your Own is a beautiful thing ~ Give, share, healGrow your Own make love daily with Nature

9. One with Nature ~ Our happiness is interconnected with theirsLive in Harmony with nature

10. The way forward ~ Freedom for all is the LawMove forwards with love, it is the law now



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