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I posted the message below in a Vegan group n FB

Plant based Organic and Beyond Vs Veganecocide-or-synergy

I’m just wandering where peeps are at with this?

Plant Based Organic and Beyond means to me that a person eats mostly fresh garden produce, limited to no packaging and grown via Organic, Biodynamic and beyond methods… Basically a Vegan diet that avoids junk, chemicals, processing and is grown in synergy with nature…Choose Beyond Organic Vegan

If we consume a diet that is non-organic we are essentially supporting monocultures and corporations that are profit driven and built on toxic derivatives and natural resource extraction. Not very Vegan at all..

I grow most of my own food, I regenerate the soil and have spent many years doing that simply because it’s healthier, therapeutic, cheaper and it’s the best way I have found to give back to our Mother Earth. So I wander why the Vegan movement has not embraced this concept more? Monocultures kill entire ecosystems but many Vegans buy the toxic “food” that was grown there after it’s processed and packaged, maybe they don’t real eyes?

If you can’t grow your own and your Vegan my suggestion is supporting the local Organic, Biodynamic and beyond growers. Go to farmer markets, visit them, ask them if they can make up a box of in season produce… 🙂

Aligning Values ~ Vegan Organic

Go Vegan Organic and Beyond

If we really do want to be congruent with what we feel and intend then most of us would say being cruel and controlling others are negative traits, and environmental destruction for profit and gain insanity. So eating chemical concoctions that resemble food, termed Vegan is actually full of harm and full of sickness, and is not really Vegan afterall. We might feel good because the label says it’s Vegan, but that might simply be a marketing ploy, so do your research.

Most Vegans I know of choose to be Vegan for the animal cruelty issues and concerns, along with health and environmental reasons. Yet how many Vegans eat food that is laden with chemicals and grown in monocultures that raped and pillaged the land, waterways and air? Surely this is not a healthy diet and lifestyle to encourage, so I prefer to encourage all those who are Vegan and have not gone Vegan Organic and Beyond to do so. Essentially you are not even Vegan if you eat Chemical laden monocultured food so contemplate that..

I hear the justification that Organic is expensive, well you know what, it’s much more expensive to build another Planet Earth. Vegans who suggest finances are the issue best get growing their food, helping others who are, join a community garden. It’s selfish to contribute to Ecocide and Genocide because it’s cheaper and easier, and it’s deadly hypocritical to call yourself a Vegan who cares about Animals yet consume mass produced, processed, packaged, chemically laden foods and ‘Not Animal” meals. It’s a myth it’s not more expensive after-all, yes some Organic produce is more expensive than conventional, but it’s usually full of life-force, minerals and nutrients and you don’t need to eat as much.. Again do your research, experience the difference, shop Organically and resonate with those who do also, you will see more health and joy in these people and in yourself than you will in an entire commercial supermarket..

The real issue here is uneducated Vegans, the Vegan movement as a whole has not embraced the whole plant food beyond organic ethos as an integral part of what being Vegan means. If Vegans looked beyond the fluffy pictures of the Animals they saved by not eating them, and look at where their food was grown, how it was grown, harvested, transported, processed, stored etc, they might ponder their Vegan status.. If you eat conventional monocultured food you cannot call yourself Vegan, just because you didn’t see the farmer poison the air, water and soil and kill every life form in sight that might compete with their profit plants. Beyond Vegan

For more info about Beyond Organic take a look at the post Beyond Permaculture

Just as most people who eat Animals don’t see, feel and hear the pain of Animals suffering and being murdered, Vegans can be oblivious to seeing, feeling and hearing the environmental degradation and Animal suffering that’s in their food. Consider the implications when buying Vegan/cruelty free food if you are serious about limiting your contribution to harm, cruelty, ecocide and genocide, buy and grow Organic and Beyond..

So to sum up, yes some Vegans are probably the most Earth friendly human beings on the planet, others are not so. Technically speaking most people who say they are Vegan are not when they look behind the scenes. Instead they are mostly Vegan. I guess it’s just bringing greater awareness and authenticity into what being A Vegan is and standing true to the values. Just as many people who claim to be of certain Religions do the complete opposite at times to what their God or Religion promotes, so too do Vegans. It’s simple really, thou shalt not kill, be cruel, barbaric or cause suffering, most of us can access food and lifestyles that are congruent with this, and hopefully soon it will be the default. Beyond Vegan we have Humane, an evolved state of being Human that is by it’s very nature Vegan, involving care, compassion and love for all sentient beings.

I’ll update this post if anything interesting comes from the message I posted on FB

Shine on! 🙂 Deep appreciation for sharing the journey


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