Gathering at OneSong ~ Co-Custodian Vegan Village

Aloha there magical souls…

The time has come to gather and unite.. A dear friend has initiated a plan to gather in March to share high vibes, rest, relax, heal and imagine a beautiful world. We are calling those interested in sharing Vegan vibes, Horse highs and Community in Co-Creation. If you are feeling the itch to spend some time in nature with like minds and hearts, you want to get off the WiFi and be surrounded by nature, river, animals, cosmos, beautiful souls and bliss then get intouch ASAP!

If your not Vegan but your interested in doing less harm to yourself, Animals and our ailing Environment then your welcome to come along also!Paradise in garden and natural living entwined with cosmos

The Purpose of the Gathering

The main aim of the gathering is to share and activate a vision.

The vision is the Co-Creation of a Space of Love Community, a living breathing community that is Vegan and dedicated to living life and love within a sanctuary of peace and magic.

Situated on the banks of one Australia’s last clean rivers, 2.5hrs west of Byron Bay we hold a space that is safe and dedicated to the wellbeing of Animal, Plant and Human. If we are to rise out of the mess that is modern civilization we need to unite, co-create more beautiful and take action.

If your looking to join a tribe, a sanctuary and small community that is healthy, active and creative, dedicated to healing our Mother Earth and each-other then you may have found what you are looking for! Let’s create a Vegan Village!

There are roughly 5 home sites on the property, the intention is to use the main home and infrastructure for everyone’s use and build our own homes and gardens on suitable parts of the property. We vision the Co-Creation of ideas and Humanes dedicated to manifest a beautiful world, a living example of how we can coexist with eachother and all life in beneficial ways ~ A Space of Love manifest~Living as one with nature


The vision via the Horse tribe’s message is to run retreats at certain times of the year based around Horse connection, Health & Wellbeing, Gardening & Seedsaving. Bring your vision along too and let’s see what resonates and sings!

The options to join our Space of Love village ~OneSong~ are not set in cement, possibly there can be a couple financial custodians if that’s feasible, or we can share 1/5th of the co-custodianship financially. This is why we need to gather, meet live, unite and co-create a sanctuary that we can call home. United we can lift off and generate real abundance while ensuring we build a safe and sovereign space that provides the essentials of life – Mineral & Nutrient dense food, radiant living water, healthy air, comfortable homes and union with all life as sacred and entwined for 13 generations and beyond.. Vegans unite

The finer details for the gathering will be sent to those 100% coming. We are looking at March 2017, possibly later in the month.

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Vegan tribe in sanctuary with nature and eachotherWith love and inspiration, blessings and blissings, we hope to see you soon!

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