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Unplug and live life

I recently had an internet service upgrade, it took a couple months of limited service to remove the outdated 10 year old satellite dish and install the new high speed service I now have. During the 2 months transition I had limited net access, at times no internet access at all.. I’m living offgrid, remote, surrounded by mountains, Flora and Fauna, a river and stary nights as deep and as vast as the mind can contemplate. My closest neighbour is over a KM away, I’m alone in one way, but in another way I’m entwined and as one with all the living life around me..Creativity is Freedom expressed

One of my aims for the year was to write more, share more videos, connect, network, and build another website dedicated to being Healthy and Humane. However my internet capabilities were limited and the whole process came to a screaming halt…… Until now 🙂 YES!

I was forced to unplug from the net, to read, garden, rest, ponder and study. I was forced to give up the modern worlds drug of choice, the Internet.


Social media has catapulted the internet into our daily lives, we Insta, FB, Tweet, Snap and comment, we have lists of friends we have never met, followers who voyeur our posts, communities we share with yet never touch or make eye contact with. Being isolated in the wilderness may be an excuse for me to use it more often, however what I realised in the end was that the hours I spent online were the hours I’m not spending offline actually living life, actually creating the life I imagine.

A few years ago I was studying a Degree in Internet Communications, we delved very deep into the realm of the net and it was indeed a vast and limitless cavern. Most of us use the Internet however like a baby would use a Ferrari, and most of us don’t realise the vast implications to our mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing. So it’s no surprise for me to see the close correlation between Internet addiction and illness or SickBeing. The internet for many of us is no longer a tool we use occasionally, it’s a vice, it’s an essential and without it many people cannot function. Just as an Alcoholic suffers when we refuse them one last drink, so too does the Internet Addict suffer when we say “No Wifi”…Frangipanni the tropical flower of Paradise

Are we really living when we are online? If we need a Hammer to nail something and we love it so much and get so much out of it that we keep hammering, we keep finding nails to hammer and we neglect the rest of our life and tools then we have an unhealthy addiction or relationship to the hammer.

If that addiction causes us to sit for extended periods indoors, to communicate with beings we cannot touch or feel, to neglect our responsibilities, our chores, the sunrises & sunsets, fresh air, exercise, massage and connection with Animals, our loved ones and Cosmos then we have a problem.


Chop Wood ~ Carry Water

I’m back online now, tentatively for the time being, I’m aware of the trap the Internet is, and I’m aware how much life, health and joy it sucks from my life. So I’m trying to use it like a tool, I bang away here and there, then I go back to nature, back to living, back to health and joy, goals, loves, friends & family, responsibilities. I essentially go back to chop wood and carry water, literally. And it’s in this space I’m able to look back at the Internet world, the Planet at large, the Cosmos and infinity and question my existence, my Path, Purpose & Passion.. Who am I? What am I supposed to do?

It takes a village as they say, and the more I traverse the meaning of life, the big questions, the veils and shadows, the lies and the outcast, the more I question modern society, it’s virtues, it’s meaning, consciousness, vibration/frequency. I question the morals and ethics of cultures and societies who are on the brink of extinction and ask why, what can I do, what can we do? So I garden more, growing Heirloom fruits and vegetables and eating mostly raw Vegan fresh from the Garden, and I ponder. I ponder what the essentials are and I keep coming back to the Garden and Tribe.Heirloom Melon superfood for health and vitlaity

So to gain greater clarity about this I went down a rabbit hole and began downloading loads of Podcasts and listening to them while I was working in the Garden and around the Ark. I will distill the nuggets of Gold that really stood out for me in another blog post, nuggets that answered my Questions and Inspired my Aspirations. For now however I’m distilling the info into this blog post.

It’s time to rise up


The biggest themes coming up are life and living offline with like minds and hearts, thriving, being super healthy, zen, yogic, psychic, empathic, humble, compassionate, motivated, authentic, united. These themes are what weave and bind the stories and experiences of the greatest athletes we know of and the most successful people in the World.


This speaks mountains and really inspires me because we can now see a changing of the guard, a change in the Operating system and the very fabric of our global and connected societies. The powerful are now the authentic, the healthy, the imaginative, creative, eclectic, compassionate. And that’s a Path, Purpose and Passion that inspires me!

The industrial hierarchical, Patriarchal, dominating, occulting, violent and greedy system that has infected our world for what seems millennia, seems to be crumbling apart. It’s now an economy of transparency, we know what companies are doing behind our backs, what’s in our food, water, vaccines, medicines. We know children are starving and suffering and we know who’s responsible. We know we have been lied to, manipulated and enslaved, and we know the tyrants who are doing it. Be Healthy and Humane plant more gardens

The way out is within, to rise up into our own unique Path, Purpose and Passion that is for the highest good of all, to give our energy to projects and collectives that are whole, healthy and humane. We need to unite again as a global village that cares for life over profits, life over taste, ecology over economy, creativity over conformity, love over fear.


For me this personally means a number of challenges I need to meet head on, to rise above them and usher in the greater vision I feel and know. This means being more healthy, fit, strong, connected and activated, pushing myself to be more, share more, give more. And it also means to give less time to propaganda, meaningless entertainment, packaged foods, norms and ways that are outmoded and dysfunctional. It also means chasing my dreams, those things that fire me up, those activities that inspire me to be magnificent and whole.

I hope this post inspires and fires you up to live more healthy, humane and whole, to manifest your dreams…. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings, inspirations and aspirations, goals and visions, let’s connect, drop me a line 🙂






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