Longevity & Happiness ~ The 5 laws

For the last few weeks I’ve been on a PodcastAthon. I’ve been alone in the garden, working long hours, I don’t have the time to read, watch films or socialize so I’ve been downloading podcasts and listening to them while I’ve been working. Obviously I’ve not had the option to write notes about the podcasts, the info and the amazing people and their stories, so instead I’ve been trying to distill them internally allowing them to soak in and synthesize. And for me the synthesis involves Activation and Manifestation.

Live, love and give!

Activation and Manifestation

Most if not all podcasts I’ve listened to involve highly successful entrepreneurs, genius minds, Vegan’s, athletes, MD’s, creatives and movers and shakers who have come from rock bottom to Activate and Manifest their visions. There is no magic golden shiny solution to life’s mysteries and problems, there is no one path, there is no one book or one person who can give you the keys towards living a whole and successful life. But when combined into an alchemical fusion to suit our individual quest for purpose and meaning we can gain a clearer perspective as to what living a whole and successful life means to us and the greater world around us.

The overall theme I feel that encapsulates everything I’ve been listening to is Longevity & Happiness. Whether it’s a business, vision, project, relationship or our health it’s our capacity to thrive long term that matters.

This includes our home planet, our interconnection with nature and cosmos grants us life, it’s our foundation for living, so it’s only wise to consider the Planet and all other living beings as sacred and deserving of fundamental rights and a healthy life. Our longevity is inextricably entwined with the longevity of the planet, and what we have manifested unfortunately over the last 200 years is a massive increase in disease, disconnection and disharmony, leading to a Planetary catastrophe that is an Extinction Event.

Collectively we have been mislead as to what constitutes Health, Happiness and Longevity so it’s essential we adopt, activate and manifest lifestyles that are congruent with Planetary and Cosmic laws

Longevity & Happiness ~ The 5 Laws


Healthy & Humane

Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotion

Strength, Fitness & Flexibility

Community & Tribe

Life Path, Purpose and Passion


The 5 Laws are obviously entwined and essentially are 1 Law, the Law of One. However being a Human we need a little bit more info to Innerstand, Activate and Manifest our hearts desires for long term thrive-all.. I’ve done the best to keep it succinct, please injoy 😉

1. Healthy & Humane

We cannot truly be healthy if we are not truly humane, and we cannot truly be humane if we are not truly healthy, both dance hand in hand

This means adopting a diet and lifestyle that is Vegan and taking it a step further. Veganisim is one of the most compassionate and humane ways to live, however many Vegans do not incorporate lifestyle and food choices that are whole and healthy. You can be a junk food Vegan, you can be a really sick, unfit, skinny vegan, so it’s important for us to integrate the benefits and ways of being Vegan and Humane that are also healthy. This means we focus on eating foods that are Organic and beyond, not just for our own selfish needs, but also for the environment, so if possible always choose Biodynamic foods since Biodynamics is more integrated with ecological restoration. Choose to eat and drink produce that has no labels, is not packaged and is in it’s whole and natural fresh form as possible. Limit products that require long distance transportation, try to shop locally from farmer markets, or better yet grow your own as much as possible.

My health is equally important to the health of the planet, when we feel empathy and compassion for all sentient beings we know in our hearts and minds we are on path.

Combine our compassion with our health and we have a mix that is powerful and dynamic, avoiding hypocrisy, confusion and denial that is deeply ingrained into society at large, often referred to as cognitive dissonance. We don’t need to be a nutritionist, scientist or a doctor to understand natural plant chemicals and their processes, or anatomy and physiology, after listening to some of the brightest minds on the subject it’s clear that even they don’t fully understand what’s going on, but they do understand what works, and what works is a diet that is Plant based Whole Foods.

100% Plantbased wholefoods are the optimum food for Human, this cannot be debated now since the information and experiences coming out will soon surpass the outdated propaganda and disinformation that was funded by groups who profit from sickness and disease. Our bodies innate wisdom knows what whole plant foods contain, it’s built to digest and synthesize plant chemicals and to know what they all mean. Although we are built to eat and drink just about anything, we are not built to thrive on just about anything, we are not built for longevity, health and happiness if we eat and drink foods that are processed and packaged, or Animal products it’s that simple. The blue zones clearly show this connection along with many of the other key ingredients towards health and longevity.Blue Zone health and longevity

2.  Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotion

We can no longer separate the mind, body, spirit and our emotions, they are entwined, one effects the other. It’s important that we unite them, nourish them and stay committed to our dreams and path. This is the place we forgive, appreciate, focus and feel gratitude and humility for being alive. We then bring this energy into our daily lives, cultivating and sharpening the tools we found when we were quiet, manifesting our hearts dream into daily life in-service.

Without a doubt meditation and Yoga are acknowledged as the most fundamental ingredients in success and longevity. Daily commitments are integral and once they become part of your life you will never look back. Both unite breath and being, they stimulate our consciousness and body to operate efficiently and naturally, allowing us to function as wholly as possible. Honouring the sacred within helps us honour the sacred around us, and to be at peace amidst the chaos.

Emotions are often neglected from this equations, however they are key! While studying for my Dip in Kinesiology I learn’t how powerful emotions are, how they are connected with disease, suffering, organs, energy, brain function, our very operating system. The emotional level one needs to operate from to reach their potentials are very high, that’s why most if not all of the most successful people on the planet push themselves through situations and experiences that are extreme. They learn to harness their Energy in Motion and use it for good, liberating their minds, bodies and spirits from disease, chaos, separation, confusion and suffering. Many of these people pursue great feats of Strength and Endurance through profound hardships to master their breath, monkey mind and to expand their consciousness to be the best they can possibly be, to be the best they can possibly be for others.

3. Strength, Fitness & Flexibility

To move is meant, and as a 3rd dimensional being we have bodies that require movement, fitness and strength, that’s why it’s the capstone of the Blue Zone pyramid. Movement works in so many ways to promote health and longevity it’s a subject of it’s own. Listening to the phenomenal accomplishments of some of the worlds greatest athletes, it’s beyond most peoples comprehension how they accomplish their feats.

The simple ingredient they all have in common is Path, Purpose and Passion, not genius, genetic quirk or luck, it’s pure persistence, focus and dedication to live their dreams and make the world a better place.

The benefits individually is usually Health, not necessarily longevity or happiness, but done in the right way it indeed does contribute to longevity and happiness. It’s important for us all to develop our strength and fitness to levels that define our muscles and our breath and to continue this throughout our lives. Strength, fitness and flexibility trigger our immune resistance, flush our body, mind, spirit and emotions of waste, help us cultivate internal processes that stimulate vitality and health and we don’t even need a text book to know why, it just happens, this is what we are built and designed for! No Doctors, professionals or Gurus required….

If you are worried strength, fitness & flexibility depend upon Animal products, your dead wrong. The worlds strongest man is Vegan and some of the most tenacious and successful ultra endurance athletes are now turning to a plant based diet, even fruitarian. These people are wayshowers, they have adapted their diets and lifestyles to increase strength and endurance, reduce recovery time, increase happiness and show the world we can love Animals and not eat them. They are proving without a doubt that true health is long lasting, and true health comes from a diet with no to limited Animal products. The longevity and health of most professional athletes who eat a standard diet of Animal products is clear evidence that these diets do not work, since most die very young, or suffer ill health very young. Some of these inspiring souls only eat once a day, they realise life/prana/chi powers the Human spirit and cultivates a body/mind energy in emotion which far surpasses the regular 3 meals a day.

Find what works for you and commit to it, push yourself for a month or so and they re-access, if it’s working, tweak and progress. If not find another Art or Mode that builds your Strength, Fitness and Flexibility.

4. Community & Tribe

This is the place we call home, our friends, family and culture, a place where we learn about life, love, protection and union. Research has now proved those who have strong ties to community live longer and are much happier. This is the place we Garden and nurture our health, where we connect and feel loved and worthy. In the age of the Internet we have inadvertently disconnected ourselves from building these relationships in the flesh and it’s costing our health and sanity. Mental illness is strongly correlated to this disconnection, yet when we bond, unite and thrive in healthy lifestyles with other like minds we find solutions for this, including addiction. Addiction is closely associated with feelings of loneliness and suffering, yet when people live entwined with nature and culture addiction is simply resolved.

Growing your own food, especially with others, either as a tribe, village, family or with friends is one of the most essential ingredients of life. It’s integral for us to connect with nature, with our food, to nurture nature and feel the cosmos within the plants around us, and eating. The happiest and the most longed lived people on the Planet are not modern, they are ancient, natural, wise, connected with the local ecology and serving cosmic consciousness, beings in harmony with the Universe.Go beyond Vegan Go Healthy Humane

Gardening helps us re-balance our energies, it helps us reconnect and ground into who we really are and what’s really important. Gardening breeds appreciation and gratitude and it helps foster and build intestinal fortitude, authenticity and humility.


Communities that live entwined with nature bring us back to the simplicity of abundance and appreciation, removing lack and fear from our lives, removing the dependence on corporations to feed and nourish us. All of the current cultures that have the most centurions live entwined with nature, none are modern, none depend on industrial technology, none depend on the internet, corporations or governments. Find your Tribe and live there, share your gifts, be happy and live long 🙂

5. Life Path, Purpose and Passion

Yes once again we learn from some of the greatest that we all have a Path, Purpose and Passion and most often we manifest this over a long period of time. Many of the most successful people on the Planet endured hardships, addiction, suffering, loss and deep deep pain as they were growing up.

Many began with nothing, but what made them different from the vast chasm of meritocracy, sickness and death in the end was their determination to be healthy, loved and in-service. These people used creativity and imagination to connect with those who were greater than themselves, to ask for help and to commit to constant and never ending improvement.

Many of these great men and women also transitioned their diets and lifestyles as a result, eating more plants, less Animal products and many totally Vegan and plant based wholefoods. There seems to be an ever increasing number of successful people moving towards a diet that is Vegan, whole food plant based. They are seeing the results in others and as they transition they see the results in themselves. This is groundbreaking stuff, we have for too long be fed dogma that we need to eat Animal products to thrive, yet this is a fallacy like most other things we have been taught, essentially to keep us sick and numbed down.

There is not reason we cannot all live beyond 100 years of age and manifest our Path, Purpose & Passions! As we progress with our dreams and we manifest them we naturally want to live long healthy lives, and we can! It’s not just about diet, it’s about the whole the ingredients that make us Human and Humane, and that’s why I’ve entwined them all into 5 categories. None are whole without the other, so choose today to begin the journey, to begin entwining all these ingredient into your Path, Purpose & Passion.

The Podcast list

Below are the Podcasts I’ve listened to over the last few weeks, most come from Rich Roll who interviews these amazing souls. Rich is another example himself, he turned his life around from being an alcoholic, drug addict, overweight lawyer to an inspirational sober ultra endurance athlete living a Plant based diet with his wife and family. There are no more excuses, you can either get busy living and supporting life, or…..

I’ve linked all the podcasts to make it easier to choose ones of interest, or you can follow my trail and listen to one after the other, from the bottom up 😉 Please Injoy 🙂

Dr Neal Barnard – The Cheese Trap

PYP 198 ~ Ed and Amanda Smith on Leadership, Community, and Health

How To Be A Little Bit Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today — Sydney Q&A

RRP 205 • Best Of 2015, Part II

RRP 204 • The Best Of 2015, Part 1

Fraser Bayley – From Butcher to Vegan Body Builder – Anna Chisholm.mp3

PYP 197 ~ Scott Carney on Extreme Cold and Facing the World as It Is – Plant Yourself.mp3

Understanding Nutritarian Eating w Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Becoming SuperHuman.mp3

RRP 209 • Rhonda Patrick ~ Longevity, Epigenetics, Microbiome Health & The Difference Between Eating for Long-Term Wellness Versus Performance

RRP 265 • Best of 2016 – Part II

RRP 264 • The Best Of 2016, Part 1

RRP 43 • Charlie Knoles ~ Mastering The Mind With The Master of Meditation

RRP 206 • Khalil Rafati ~ I Forgot To Die: Khalil Rafati’s Journey From Homeless Junkie To Wellness Entrepreneur

RRP 70 • Ninja Warrior Travis Brewer ~ On the Spirituality of Peak Athletic & Life Performance

RRP 73 • Casey Neistat ~ Making It Count and How To Do More

RRP 86 • Freerunning World Champion Timothy Shieff ~Eat Concrete, Not Meat

RRP 107 • Tim Van Orden ~ Tim Van Orden Runs Beyond The Kale — Why Personal Growth Begins With Self-Acceptance

RRP 144 • Casey Neistat ~ Casey Neistat’s Absolute Disregard For Failure — And the Imperative to Define Your Own Path

RRP 145 • Timothy Shieff ~ The Spirit of Timothy Shieff — Freerunning, The Practice of Being & Living Transparently

RRP 154 • Tucker Max ~ Tucker Max Grows Up: How To Own Your Emotional Truth, Redefine Your Story & Find Happiness

RRP 233 • Stephen & David Flynn ~ Stephen & David Flynn Are The Happy Pear: Creating a Mainstream Movement to Inspire Healthy Living

RRP 223 • John Joseph ~ John Joseph Wants You To Wake The F*ck Up

Fraser Bayley – From Butcher to Vegan Body Builder – Anna Chisholm.mp3

RRP 139 • Dan Buettner ~ How To Live To Be 100+ (And Why You Should Invest in Adventure)

RRP 211 • Russell Simmons ~ Russell Simmons: The Yogi Path From Hip Hop Mogul To Happy Vegan

RRP 212 • Ray Cronise ~ Our Broken Plate: Disrupting Nutritional Science, Intermittent Fasting & How He Helped Penn Jillette Lose Over 100 Pounds

RRP 265 • Best of 2016 – Part II

RRP 264 • The Best Of 2016, Part 1

RRP 259 • Dean Karnazes ~ Dean Karnazes On The Road To Sparta: Channeling Pheidippides, Out of Body Experiences & Why Inspiration Is A Two Way Street

RRP 26 • Ultra-Runner Michael Arnstein ~ How A Fruitarian Diet Turned One Man Into Superman

RRP 49 • Australian National Champion Freediver Tanc Sade ~ Holding Your Breath for 7 Minutes & Swimming 218 Meters Without Coming Up for Air

RRP 70 • Ninja Warrior Travis Brewer ~ On the Spirituality of Peak Athletic & Life Performance

RRP 231 • Wim Hof ~ “The Iceman” Wim Hof On Why Breath is Life, Cold is God & Feeling is Understanding

RRP 244 • Micah Risk & Alexis Fox ~ Alexis Fox & Micah Risk Are Igniting A Social Movement To Help The World Eat Better

RRP 160 • David Carter ~ The NFL’s David Carter On How A Plant-Based Diet Made Him A Better Player & A Better Human

RRP 188 • Gabor Maté ~ Addiction Is Not A Choice: Dr. Gabor Maté’s Call for A Compassionate & Holistic Approach To Healing

RRP 210 • Hunter McIntyre ~ Elite Spartan Athlete Hunter McIntyre On How Obstacle Course Racing Saved His Life

RRP 268 • Darin Olien ~ Darin Olien: A Superfood Hunter On Peak Nutrition & Next Level Hydration

RRP 266 • David Goggins ~ Navy SEAL David Goggins Is The Toughest Athlete On Earth — Thoughts On Mindset, The 40% Rule & Why Purpose Always Trumps Motivation

RRP 252 • Dr. Michael Gervais ~ Dr. Michael Gervais On Elite Performance & The Psychology of Self-Mastery

RRP 234 • Up Your Game

RRP 242 • Neal Barnard, M.D. ~ Neal Barnard, M.D. On The Power of Nutrition To Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease, Diabetes & Alzheimer’s

RRP 166 • James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence ~ The Iron Cowboy Did It! How James Lawrence Completed 50 Ironmans In 50 States In 50 Days

RRP 248 • Charlie Engle ~ From Crack Addict To Running The Sahara To Prison Hero — Charlie Engle’s Third Act

RRP 168 • Ryan Holiday ~ Turning Adversity To Advantage: Ryan Holiday on Why The Obstacle Is The Way

RRP 250 • Jonathan Fields ~ Jonathan Fields’ Buckets For Living A Good Life

RRP 240 • Dr. Melanie Joy ~ Dr. Melanie Joy on Going Beyond Carnism: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows

RRP 247 • Chris Guillebeau ~ The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris Guillebeau on Living An Unconventional Life & The Power of Divine Moments

RRP 254 • Julie Piatt ~ How To Build An Authentic Brand

The Tim Ferriss Show ~ Soman Chainani — The School for Good and Evil

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