Visuals of the divine ~ Up close and personal with natures delights

Great change is upon us ~

~ Great change will Unite us


Considering we are all being bombarded with images and feelings that are not of the divine, that are not sacred or whole, I thought I’d share some beauty and positive vibes from my garden/food forest and the natural bush around me. The images below are very detailed so please take your time to look deep within and feel them, to hear their messages.

Let your sense of self go, loose yourself for a time/space, allow your heart to expand, feel the unity and connection we share with all living beings, all life in-motion for the highest good of all, including our precious Mother Earth..

let nature show you the way

Most of us know we are facing unprecedented change, can you even keep up with the latest scandal, atrocity, revolt, revolution, war, arrest or new tyrannical law and/or injustice? I can’t it makes my head spin and my heart shrink, and distracts me from what I’d like to accomplish in grounded Earthy reality.. However it’s good to have a heads up… So what I do is set aside a block of time to look into events, to listen to people with their fingers on the pulse and authenticity in their hearts and allow the possibilities to Percolate.

Some of the common themes I’m hearing lately in March 2017 are:


The cabal are being taken down very quickly by White hats in the Military and the light force cosmic alliance.


Antarctica is being excavated as an ancient civilization, with advanced tech is buried under ice. Military groups are vying for control. Inner Earth beings are coming out to unite with positive forces as well.


Trump is part of the Alliance to help destroy the cabal and their satanic, slavery, abduction, pedophile networks and governments world-wide


The Vegan and Plant Based whole foods movement is gaining momentum


Our health and wellbeing is directly entwined with positive activated aligned manifestation superpowers and the co-creation of Cosmic Bliss


Our health and wellbeing come from nature, cosmos, deep within our breath… Not A screen..


Inspired by nature

Below are some of the delights around my home and gardens ATM. Nature allows me to ground, listen and to feel emotions of simplicity, health, wellbeing, synergy, union, wonder, bliss, co-creation, peace & love..


These images are glimpses of moments, forms in-motion on a journey through the cycle of co-creation and expression, of magnificence and shared joy! I hope you injoy and they uplift you towards positive flow and shiny health 😉

Grow your own!

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