Juicing Cosmic ~ Ormus, Shilajit, Qi and wild greens

I recently bought a secondhand Hippocrates Kempo juicer, this was the test drive! It’s got magnetic tech to help stabilize the juice for days, twin gears producing a cold pressed juice that floods my blood/brain with cosmic lifeforce in moments.. So I thought I’d share the experience.

Re~visiting Juicing for superior health

I have juiced on and off for about 20 years with pretty much 100% Organic and beyond produce. I’ve had all types of juicers, the last was a cold pressed stainless beast that did a fair job, but was a slow process and a workout with limited returns. So recently I was concerned about my health, not feeling nourished and energized,Juicing for superior health so I jumped at the chance to buy a second hand Hippocrates juicer. That decision was on the best I’ve made in a long time, so I thought I’d share.

Often we forget activities and experiences that nourish us, feed our souls, minds and hearts, we forget we once had tools, choices, options and opportunities that strengthen our health & wellbeing, joy and freedom.


For me it was juicing, I forgot how important daily juicing was to my overall wellbeing. My teeth are not the best so for me to chew food into a consistency that is suitable for the gut and cells is a long process. So with juicing I’m able to extract the vital ingredients in a form that my body can digest and make the most use of. When I began juicing again I remembered that feeling of health, clear breathing, clear thoughts, energy that’s light and strong. So if this post is your reminder to revisit juicing I trust you will know what I’m talking about, the benefits of juicing are numerous, possibly infinite….

Wild Organic cold pressed Plant juice and the supplements I add

Eating food is best done with mindfulness. Does this food nourish me, does it feed my cells, will it have positive effects to my gut health, my energy levels? In the video below I talk a little about what I do occasionally to supplement my Vegan Healthy Humane diet.

I mention in the video that we need to pay close attention to eating foods that are Organic, beyond organic, cosmic, superfoods that are alkalizing in nature. Our bodies need Alkaline foods to remain healthy and vital, to slow aging and prevent disease, and juicing is one of the best ways we can incorporate Alkaline foods in a raw form. Often we won’t sit down to a salad of wild herbs, raw vegetables and fruits, but when juiced in the right combination we can, and the results can be profound.

Living entwined with nature in an healthy and humane way we naturally garden, it’s in our DNA to be in nature, to nurture and shape our natural surroundings. The food we grow in theses gardens is grown with love, not for profit, it’s high vibration/frequency cosmic energy and information, it’s medicine, nourishment, food for the soul and most obviously our natural food. We cannot buy food like this is most supermarkets, so either find a trusted Organic shop, get to know their produce delivery days and get there as soon as the produce arrives. Or better yet go to farmers markets that sell Organic or beyond Organic produce, keep your eye out for roadside stalls that sell fresh produce or find a food Co-Op in your local area.

The best and most sane option is to grow your own and share with your friends and neighbours. Turn those lawns and concrete areas into productive gardens that provide atleast 3 benefits. These could include a tree that provides shade, fruit and beauty. Underneath the tree you might plant white clover which nourishes and protects the soil and tree, soft and comfortable to walk on, bee forage and attractive flowers. And on and on you go from there, planting and nurturing our local ecology just as we are doing the same to our internal terrain via healthy and humane food and lifestyle choices.

cocreating community and shared health

That’s the key step, realizing our health and wellbeing is directly entwined with a lifestyle that is ecological, intelligent and compassionate. Juicing and eating great food is just the fuel to get us busy working, moving, nurturing ecology, protecting the innocent and sharing our precious Planet and her gifts in conscious co-creation, co-connection, co-communication and joy.

Coming back to living foods while nourishing the environment, community and gardening is the proactive remedy towards true health, biosphere bliss, sovereignty and longevity.

The Cosmic juice recipe

Healthy raw plant based energy transfusion

On the video I made a plant juice, mostly from the garden with many ingredients being wild, plants that had reseeded and grown themselves, these are to be sought after to be sure. The juice ingredients were ALL ORGANIC and BEYOND:

The Plant BASE

1 Large chunk of Ginger
1 Fennel bulb, stalk and leaves
Handful Kale
Handful dandelion greens
Handful red clover flowers
Handful Comfrey leaves
Handful Yarrow
2 celery stalks
½ Beetroot
3 carrots

JUICE IT! On Ice~!


Now add:
15 drops Ormus sea minerals
Half teaspoon Shilajit
Half teaspoon Qi – Reishi, Cordyceps, Vit C
Half teaspoon Iodine
1 cap probiotic and prebiotic soil microbes. 29 strands
Half teaspoon b12 sublingual

Serve on Ice… Go slow, tiss a powerful brew 🙂

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