Connected to Cosmos ~ The Art and Way of living offline

The Art & Way of living offline in a world gone online is getting increasingly difficult, and less attractive to most. For me however I grew up without the internet, it wasn’t invented, the only people using computers at the time were pale, skinny freaks who lived in caves punching code and getting high on digital BS. Computers in my teenage years let alone mobile phones were non-existent, we found joy in the outdoors, making things, sharing stories, playing with animals, moving, running, swimming, climbing, falling and getting injured. We pushed ourselves to make-up our entertainment and fun, we were physically and mentally tough, the wilds of nature and being present with friends was normal and enjoyable, and we never had to worry about losing our friends when our phones died. If we needed to contact someone we would at an appropriate time by visiting them or via the home phone or mail, otherwise we bumped into them during the serendipity of living, giving and sharing. It was truly a wonderful time…..

Re-connect to life, nature, spirit

So I feel I’m well familiar with what it means to live offline, just as I am with living online, I’ve experienced both and I would love to share my perspective with you. Rather than allowing the mainstream to dictate our reliance upon technology, I’m offering an alternative, an Art & Way towards living offline that is much more profound, healthy, and beautiful than living online can ever be. I’m not suggesting the internet and tech is evil and we should never use it, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this. But after giving up social media in favor of social living, sharing my moments and thoughts with those directly around me for the last couple months, being totally present with the now moment has helped me realise something key, and I feel it’s important to share.

The Art & Way of Living offline

The matrix is man-made, time/space as we know it for most societies is a construct, distant from the true nature of cosmic influences it stifles our creativity, freedom, intuition, joy, health, wisdom and divinity. Cosmic time/space is that space we enter when we are deeply relaxed, when we feel pure bliss, unadulterated, unpasteurized, it’s pure divine grace and flow with all that is, the cycles and processions of infinity that spiral into the zero point of being here now. We are so so much more than we have been taught and although there are now multitudes of ways to re-connect, the most efficient way is within, offline, awake and aware of what’s around us. It’s time for some Digital Hygiene lovers of health and better ways to live and give…

Service to Others OVER Service to Self



Being present with all that is around us, having gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, and humility cultivates our natural divine humane blueprint and essence. It’s an Art indeed and one we need to cultivate because being online for most is far to easy, and far too attractive, and thus we loose our natural skills and abilities to function in a healthy way. It’s difficult for most of us now to really see and feel what is happening around us, to send out our frequencies that are harmonic and divine, to help those around us in need, to ask those near us if they would like a helping hand, an ear, a hug, a heart.

Connect to Crystals before wifi

7 simple ways to reconnect within, to disconnect from illusion, feel whole and healthy, loved and loving, to feel Human ~ The Art and Way of living offline

  • Nature and Cosmos ~ Spend time in nature where there is no wifi, be there, live there, experience the natural world and breath it in. Re-connect to the natural radiance of cosmic time/space, that gentle now moment that nourishes our spirits and our 3D physical cellves. Connect to crystals before you connect to the WWW.

  • Create Art ~ Write, doodle, draw, create, express what you feel excites you, invigorates you. Get your paints and coloured pencils out, create something, hang it on the wall, give it to someone, stimulate that right side of your brain/body, you will be amazed what’s lying dormant there.

  • Grow your own ~ If there is one thing that re-connects us to our innate divine essence with ridiculous precision it is gardening. Planting and saving seeds, nurturing the little ones, creating habitat, harvesting food and eating it is the most radical act of living offline you can do, and the most powerful, so go Vegan and omit cruelty and death from your life. Compound that energy by sharing your gifts with those who need and appreciate.

  • Just Be ~ Observe and immerse yourself in the now moment, feel your body, emotions and energy, breathe. Just observe what is around you without judgement, don’t try to change it or complain, just see what is there as if you were not there, as if you left the Earth, allow it all to just be as it is without your input, relax and let-grow.

  • Meditate ~ Take up and commit to a spiritual practice, move your body and mind into higher octaves of presence and gratitude, feel the love you have within and let it shine through your eyes and heart, give your radiance and presence to those around you without expectation, demand or want. Feel into your emotions, get intouch with yourself, what are you feeling, love, peace, joy, bliss, abundance?

  • Service to Others ~ This is where our excess power and light goes, ask your neighbours or friends if they need a hand, ear or heart. Observe and give careful attention to those around you during the day, including the Animals and insects, flowers and worms and feel into their moment, do they need help, a smile, a gift a bed or home.

  • Vision ~ Contemplate your Path, Purpose and Passion, set your goals, initiate, take action, commit, focus, manifest and co-create more beautiful and be the change you want to see and feel in the world.

Why it’s important to disconnect

reconnect to nature and divine

Being connected to Cosmos V being connected to the Matrix to expand consciousness and wellbeing is the key. For whatever reason I’ve been offline for the majority of the past couple months, I pretty much stopped using social media, I stopped blogging, building and maintaining sites, researching online etc… Instead I’ve been immersing myself in the now living moment, connecting with those around me, devoting my attention and focus on life, cosmos and being. I was feeling the online matrix to be superficial and disconnected, and although the world is moving ever more towards cybog tech, I feel there is still a place and dire need to re-connect to cosmos and disconnect from artificial man-made tech. Beyond the safety and health concerns of wifi/radiation, each and every moment we are online, we are offline from cosmos, we are disconnected from nature, our loved ones, those who need us. We lose our connection to our Humanity, our breath, our essence that derives sustenance from sunlight, fresh air, movement, play that’s entwined with stardust, cosmic forces and being Human.

So rather than feeling like an ape, totally out of touch with modern mans thirst for connectivity via tech, and rather than internalizing this process I thought I should express it, share it and to use the internet as a tool to further expand on my thoughts and experiences over the last couple months. Sure the internet and wifi connectivity has it’s merits, however so does cosmos and natural consciousness, and this is what we are collectively abandoning when we embrace a predominately online life and persona, rather than using life online as a tool or process to benefit our natural/cosmic divine and beautiful lives. Internet Addiction is a real thing and it’s manifesting into a global sickness and collective psychosis, it’s entwined with abandoning nature and destroying our own Mother, severing our connection to Ancestors and our children to come.

When we are online most of the time we neglect our health, our innate essence that is Human and Humane, our DNA that depends on natural forces and laws. Unfortunately when we are immersed in the fog of wifi we forget who we really are and what’s really important to us and those around us, we sell our natural freedoms, health and divine Human needs for something that is artificial. With this way of life comes sickness, illusion, dependence, confusion, we post and read FB threads instead of talking to the person near us, we falsely assume we have loads of friends, we are well connected, we know what everyone’s doing and visa-versa, however it’s all BS. The glory of FB and social media omits our failures and loneliness, our compulsion to share our thoughts and daily moments with strangers, giving our precious insights, delights and images to corporations and parasites, false idols and pretend friends is a SCAM!

Get offline before it consumes your health and sanity

For an experiment STOP using your favorite social media outlets and see how many of your so called friends ask where you are and how you are. You will be surprised, the vast majority won’t bat an eye lid or give a fuck, yet you might be in serious trouble needing help, but they have no real connection, no real empathy, no real care. You simply slip off into the wilderness and your so called “friends” are no-where to be seen or heard of. It’s an artificial reality, a false and misleading life and this is the issue, it’s fantasy, fiction, a program to harness your energy and neglect nature and the extinction crisis we currently face collectively as a species gone way off track. Why do we find a need to share our daily moments with the internet world, are we self-absorbed, selfie addicted, insecure, bored, lonely, sad, insecure or are we really happy and have too much not to share? What drives us to neglect those around us, to abandon nature, our gardens, neighbors, family and friends and instead choose a fictional reality? Is it sickness/psychosis, a collective amnesia that prevents us from accessing all those key ingredients that makes us Human, that sustains our health and longevity?

The Way out is Within NOT Google or Facebook


If you need a space to get offline, to re-connect to nature and yourself in a comfortable truly beautiful space and time then get in-touch. We have a number of options we are working on to allow those in need to come heal, rest and rejuvenate in our wilderness sanctuary Onesong, west of Byron Bay. We are offgrid, connected to the Sun, no Wifi, no mobile reception, and loads of high quality natural cruelty free foods.

Escape wifi, experience nature, health and cosmos offline


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