Healthy Humane ~ Activism 10x

Aloha there lovers of Humanity, Animals, Planet and Cosmos… It’s time for an Update & an Activate!Life is much more fun and beautiful when we love Animals instead of eating them

Offline to Online ~ Activism embodied 10x

If you did not read the recent post Connected to Cosmos ~ The Art and Way of living offline, then please do, it’s the momentum and fuel to manifest this post. From the last post came a number of things, the main one being the site being taken down as bills were unpaid. I lost interest in most things internet, especially social media and blogging, I experienced the other side of life, being offline most of the time, socializing with people directly, live, up close and personal. I gave money and gifts to homeless people, new and valuable friends, played music with buskers, helped out at the Nimbin Mardigrass as a volunteer, started surfing and skating again. I needed to find my flow again, my rhythm, to re-connect with like-minds and hearts, to re-member I’m a valuable, free and beautiful being. Too often we try to boost our confidence, joy and connection online only to fall flat on our faces to realise it was all an illusion. Not knowing where this would take me I rode the wave anyway, and I’ve finally returned to the shore.

Being back on land/online was an inspired decision based on being Healthy and Humane, and wishing others would follow too. There are only so many people I can talk to, only so many people willing to listen, to open up and realise much of life as we know it is upside down and back to front. We live in a hypocritical construct that deems some life famous and sacred, other lives useless and food. We adore actors and celebrities, those we call the Stars, we bow down to royalty, religion, military, government, corporations, those with big homes and fancy cars, yet our fragile ecology, indigenous cultures, and sacred way of life, love and being is being plundered and forgotten. Eat an Apple not a DogAs another “apparent” terrorist bombing goes off in London let alone other bombings in countries the lamestream media fails to report on, we feel the sadness and injustice of these events, we make huge attempts to find the perpetrators, to bring peace back to a violent irrational act that took lives. Yet this happens every single day in most homes and most restaurants and cafe’s, murder is perfectly acceptable in certain situations, but not in others. WTF, so unless your into conforming to societies hypocritical systems, your a terrorist when you kill certain beings and not others. When you do conform your legally and socially permitted to kill any number of beings, be it a Bee, Fish, Cow, Pig, Goat or even Human. Insanity is a choice, violence is a choice.

Planet Love ~ We eat some Animals and cuddle others

The dilemma is simply solved, don’t be a hypocrite. If you love Animals, don’t eat them! Even if for some reason you don’t love Animals, but you yourself don’t want to be imprisoned, enslaved, tortured, murdered and eaten then you cannot possibly expect the same in return, so don’t eat them. You can choose to eat plants, fruits, nuts etc instead of Animals, so why not, it’s that simple. Animals, like Humans are sentient, they feel pain, joy, wonder and freedom just like us, they suffer when they don’t have healthy habitats, families or friends and like us none of them want to be murdered and eaten, nobody agrees to be farmed, enslaved and killed.

Why do so many people do it then? There is a choice that does the least harm, it's Vegan

This is a topic I’m going to explore more in-depth on the site Simply embodying this feeling without expressing it is limiting, the audience who needs to hear about Kindness and Health, Longevity and Unity are global and we need more people expressing the honest truth, and pathways to evolve beyond violence and suffering. So with the voices of the Animals urging me on as I hear their whispers, feel their truth, pain and love, I feel it’s the least I can do, to express for them what so many cannot hear, feel or practice. The whole world needs more love, peace, justice and health, not just the Human realm, but all living beings, we all deserve a beautiful world, a planet of love, ruled and governed by love… It’s time we end all wars, all suffering, and all injustice, to evolve beyond the Barbaric enslaved and enslaving race of Humans to become Humane, to be HumanKind.

With the permission of the Animal/Nature kingdom I’m coming back online as much as humanely possible to share my messages.

I feel coming back online will 10x my dreams and visions for a more healthy and humane world, a planet of love and it will keep me aligned, empowered, driven, focused and creative.

And I hope you feel more inspired also, to realise good things are happening because we have the choice to make good things happen no matter what surrounds us, no matter what’s normal or accepted. The Aquarian Age is asking us to transcend the outmoded, to embrace a total new way and realm of Living and Being, to finally become trusted Galactic citizens, leaving behind our barbaric ways in all their forms once and for-all.

May all Beings live with love, family and joy




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