Meat the future ~ It’s beyond Organic Plant based wholefood

Health comes from a diet that's Kind and Intelligent

You might have seen the recent outrage when the public realized tourists visiting Bali, Indonesia are eating Dog meat, when they think they are eating Chicken meat.

What’s the difference? Just ask the tourists, meat’s meat baby, most would not even know the difference, devouring delicious satay Dog daily, plus it’s Dog cheap! Puns aside, it’s an interesting story and one that hopefully moves discussion towards the direction of why people eat some and not others. Eventually that conversation moves towards the realization that most people are hypocrites, they love some and murder others, they are infact cruel and barbaric.. Ding ding ding, perfect, we see our shadow and cognitive dissonance so we apply the solution, Kindness, Compassion, Intelligence and adopt a diet that’s based on beyond Organic plant based wholefoods grown with love.

Kind, Compassionate and Loving, it's the way forward

Eating Dog

Not only is eating Dog disgusting for most, in Bali they often violently murder the Dog because it apparently makes the meat taste better. They could be right because it would seem most tourists never knew the difference between the meat they usually consume and the dog meat they ate. So why the dramatic outcry? It tastes good, it’s cheap, the Dogs probably need to be killed because there are too many of them and most importantly the Dogs in Bali are there for Humans to eat.

Meat is Murder change your diet change your life

Each year 70,000 dogs are brutally killed in Bali, Indonesia, according to an investigation spearheaded by Animals Australia (AA). The animals are strangled, bludgeoned, or poisoned and then fed to tourists who think they’re eating chicken meat. AA estimates seven times more dogs are killed in Bali yearly than in the Yulin Dog-Eating Festival in China.

It’s pretty simple to see we are moving towards the realization that most people are Speciest, they love some Animals and murder and eat others, just like Sexism and Racism, it’s an underlying sickness where our brains don’t function properly, we discriminate based on ridiculous cultural norms and others suffer. There is no greater social movement on the Planet than the movement to end cruelty, sickness and ecological extinction via the Vegan movement. It’s not a choice anymore, it’s not your freedom to kill and eat some anymore, we have entered a time/space that’s calling for massive action to remedy ecological and planetary destruction.

 That remedy is a diet and lifestyle that’s loving, kind, intelligent and holistic, call it Vegan or Veganism, or just call it Healthy.

Your emotions are key to choosing a diet and lifestyle that healthy and happy

Meat the Future!

Coming to Planet Earth anytime yesterday ~ Eating, enslaving, murdering and using innocent sentient beings as resources will soon be seen as a thing of the past, a barbaric, sick and horrific passage of Human evolution. Intelligence & Compassion is the new resource and food.

The time is neigh and possibly it’s aligned with the incoming light energies with the Solstice, the photon belt’s cosmic energies, the age of Aquarius, and all the prophecies, that we have indeed entered a new time/space, the collapse of the outmoded, the evolution of Humanity, the birth of Kind and Intelligent Humanes.

I found the passage below from Matt Stellino interesting and hopefully it provides further discussion and activity towards adopting a diet that’s cruelty free, healthy and ecological.

“Attn everybody losing their mind at Bali’s Dog Meat trade!!

What you all need to recognise is:

– It’s a personal choice to eat dogs.
– These dogs were bred to be eaten, that is their purpose.
– If it wasn’t for the dog meat industry they wouldn’t have gotten to live at all.
– If God didn’t want us to eat dogs, he wouldn’t have made them out of Meat.
– Before you tell the people of Bali not to eat dogs you better go to Africa & tell a lion not to eat a dog.
– The people of Bali were just looking for a convenient source of complete protein.
– We’ve eaten dogs since we were cavemen, in fact that is why we have evolved with canines.
– Eating dogs is all part of the circle of life & the food chain.
– Not everybody likes vegetables.
– The dogs were already dead, the people eating them are in no way responsible for the deaths.

Other points to consider:

* It’s likely the nutritional advice on how good dogs are to eat is based on the say so of a celebrity chef.
* If people didn’t eat dogs they would become overpopulated and take over the world.
* The people involved probably don’t eat much dog meat, or are trying to cut down on it & wish you would acknowledge how good their baby steps are.
* They were at a dinner party & dog was being served. They didn’t want to be an inconvenience or seem anti-social.
* They tried to stop eating dogs once but got anemic & their doctor (who has little to no nutritional training) told them they need to eat dogs to get iron. Rather than consulting a free online resource which indexes all of human knowledge on where to find iron without eating dogs, they just went back to eating dogs. Sighting the main reason to be that they are busy & just don’t get enough time in the day.
* Dogs taste good & you need to stop forcing your opinions of morality onto other people.
* You’re wasting your time since you are never going to stop the whole world from eating dogs.
* People don’t want to log into social media and be sad by your posts so they are likely going to unfriend you.
* How do you know someone doesn’t eat dogs? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.

Final points of consideration:

** There is ZERO difference between a dog & a Sheep/Pig/Cow/Chicken/Fish in their ability to suffer or feel pain.
** If you are opposed to eating dogs but not other animals then you are a Grade A fucking hypocrite.”

Pig or Dog, both sentient, intelligent, loving, and cute, they are not food

“Take the case, as it stands, between the Philosopher and the Pig. Is it not adding insult to injury that this much-massacred animal should not only be eaten by the Philosopher, but should also be made the subject of a far from disinterested beatification—”Blessed is the Pig, for the Philosopher is fond of bacon.” We can imagine how the Philosopher, when he passes a butcher’s shop, which, according to his showing, is a very shrine and centre of humaneness, since without it there “would be no pigs at all,” must pause in serene self-satisfaction to felicitate the pallid carcase laid out there, with the mockery of an ornamental orange in its mouth. “I have been a benefactor to this Pig,” he must say, “inasmuch as I ate a portion of his predecessor; and now I will be a benefactor to some yet unborn pig, by eating a portion of this one.” Logic of the Larder ~ HENRY S. SALT

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