StarSeed to StarBloom ~ Nourishing our StarBeing nature

Let’s get Galactic!

Re-connect to our divine cosmic starbeing essence and love

The June Solstice alignment with the Galactic center reminded me of our collective connection to our StarBeing essence and our infinity beyond the matrix we call modern life. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day momentum of life and society, but that’s such a microcosm of who we are what our options are, so let’s explore and break the boundaries of what it means to be alive in the modern world.

I’ve been cleansing, and lots of things have come up, the shadows have been seen, some solved, not all, but atleast I have an idea of what’s lurking behind my subconscious programming and who I really am beyond food and the normal realms of this 3D material world. One of the biggest things I’ve realised is my connection to the infinite, because when we detox and fast for extended periods of time we come face to face with our mortality and what makes us tick, we question who we are, what our purpose is and why there is so much suffering and torment. What is the point I’ve been asking, how can I be truly happy, healthy and wealthy in a world that seems to be in utter chaos?

Taking a step back assessing the situation and looking through and beyond the veils I’m reminded we are indeed cosmic citizens, and the cosmic influences both seen and unseen seem to be on the increase. More information is coming out, more documentaries, more conferences, eye witness’s, anomalies and wtf wake-up moments.  Many souls are remembering we are more than a cog in a machine, more than a number or job or role, we are cosmic, divine and amazing! We are all Starseeds essentially, most of us however are dormant, awaiting to germinate, while others have germinated at birth or sometime after and they are growing, some flowering and blooming. It’s the great awakening, the conscious realization that we are indeed beautiful and magical beyond what modern society mirrors back to us.


We are cosmic we are divine

The Starbeings who have woken up often find it very challenging to grow, flower, bloom and fruit. The matrix construct is opposed to this happening so unless Starseeds have a conscious social circle, a healthy cultural and natural home and lifestyle, they can stay dormant. This can be very frustrating for those who know there is something much deeper and cosmic than matrix robotic existence, so the struggle can seem endless and even futile, for to grow and bloom in a desert is a difficult and lonely task..

So how does a Starseed bloom, how do we rise above the challenges of a matrix that is based on lies, control, illusion, separation, control and trickery? How do we nourish ourselves in a world that’s plagued with hostility, poisoned water, air and food, how do we keep calm, serene and happy when we are swimming in a sea of EMF, VLF and ELF? Fertile ground for seeds to grow in is what’s needed, for seeds that germinate without the right conditions grow sickly, they even mutate and are stunted. It’s a conundrum, we awaken to the mysteries of life and we want to grow but conditions are often inhospitable. Do we relocate or do we say F-you I’m growing no matter the fuck and I’ll do the best I F-ing can.

The grow no matter the Fuck mentality is where I personally have been and many others I know. It’s the best we can do given the local and global situation, almost like an anarchist, the creativity and insight needs an outlet no matter the external drab and drudgery, and that energy needs to express itself or we get depressed. So if we choose to germinate and grow despite the arid and filthy conditions we need to make sure we nourish ourselves as best as possible.

5 Ways to nourish your Starbeing nature

We are divine, we are connected, we are love

  1. Connect with awake and aware conscious humans and their information ~ Either go to conferences, events, watch youtube video’s, visit websites that uplift and empower you with visions, ideas, images and positive uplifting vibrations and frequencies. Read books that remind you of who you really are, take notes, take action and live the dream you feel. Seek out those near you who are conscious, alive, happy, empowered, join them and make dates where you can share info, energy, love and unity consciousness.
  2. Spend time in nature ~ Nature that’s intact and provides clean air, water and even food. Re-connect to nature beings, the animals, insects and elementals, breathe in their purity, wisdom and love and release your impurities to be cleansed. We are nourished by light photons that are harmonic in frequency, not food, it’s the light that feeds us, the energy from the Sun and cosmos that’s within our food in the air. So choose foods that are high in light, juicy fruits grown with love are the best, along with sprouts and water that is activated and clean. Or go direct, lie in the Sun, sungaze early in the morning or evening, do it regularly if you can and you will definitely expand your blooming potential.
  3. Look-up day and night ~ See if you can notice anomalies in the sky, objects, lights, shapes, energies, feelings etc. If you have the opportunity to sleep under the stars in an environment with little to no light pollution this is the best way to re-connect to our starbeing nature and to nourish our cosmic essence. You will sleep like an Angel under the stars, your dreams will be more galactic and cosmic in nature, you will often travel to other dimensions, meet with powerful beings, be given information and wake up with greater clarity. When the moon is too bright I will usually sleep indoors, so the cusps of the New Moon are my favourite time/space’s to see and feel the cosmos and integrate these energies for the coming fullmoon.
  4. Meditate & go within ~ Stretch & rewire your neural pathways to fire as one vibrant organism. Re-member we are unity consciousness we are much more than the 3D separation of self, we are all connected to a higher power, weather we call it God source or cosmic source it’s within and without. Cultivate your faith, confidence and love knowing you are on the right path, connected to source despite the 3D challenges. Choose to bloom and attract the life you dream and deserve, your highest potential is your divine right and when we broadcast our divine frequency and needs we attract the positive empowered energy that will allow us to bloom and fruit.
  5. Go Vegan ~ To be healthy and Humane is key, we cannot bloom and connect in a healthy beneficial way with galactic consciousness as a Starbeing when we contribute to murder, separation, ecocide and genocide. This is about seeing our shadows, addictions and the negative malevolent beings and energies that create and siphon life-force and light energy. We need to create a safe and protective space around our physical beings, and that begins with what we ingest. Put your energies into foods, products and lifestyle choices that are beneficial for all life and release the rest, cleanse them and allow yourself to be nourished by higher positive sources.

One of my most trusted resonate sources of information is James Gilliland. James and his conscious co-creators live in a remote vortex in the US that’s highly activated with cosmic influences called the ECETI ranch, which means Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. James does regular interviews and updates relating to the great awakening within and out, so I highly suggest tuning in to his latest interview and going through some of his past ones.






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