The Vegan Shaman ~ Pathways to living the beautiful life

Sailing through the veils of time/space, being, doing and questioning my Path, Purpose and Passion I discover the idea/concept of the ‘Vegan Shaman‘. So what is a Vegan Shaman? Basically it’s a concept entwined with ancient plant medicine/healer practices to help fast track those interested in living a more healthy, humane and cosmic way of life. We can use plants as medicine, food, and enlightenment, to enhance and stimulate our morals and ethics to align with a higher more brilliant, beautiful path, purpose and passion.There is no reason to eat Animals


Love and loving ~ A diet and lifestyle that’s Vegan

It all comes back to love, love for ourselves, our own inner cosmos and connecting with those beings who also yearn for and deserve love, connection, beauty and joy. I’m finding there is deep and unknown ocean between where we live, what we truly believe and feel and where we want to go. So we dip our feet in, we swim on the shores and do the best we can, but we dare not swim the deep and distant ocean that separates us from who we really are, who we really want to be and most importantly giving what we ourselves want given to us. Is that crazy or what, why has fear stopped us from living our true essence, living a magnificent and mysterious life and giving that gift to others?

The simple and most profound daily practice most of us have choice and freedom over is our diet, our consumption, yet how many people love animals and eat them, how many love being loved, love nurturing their children and pets but then cook up and eat other beautiful beings who desired just the same. It’s an elitist and fearful state, continually breaking our morals and ethics for taste, society and habit, lost in a desert of hunt or be hunted, survival of the fittest and most competitive wins. But this outmoded barbaric way of life and being is low vibe, contributing to Ecocide and Genocide, so why wait for the ship to sink before you begin swimming for a brighter future for all beings great and small, let alone your health and sanity.Choose the rainbow bridge of diet and lifestlye, live and let Animals live

What I’m finding is that there’s a severe disconnect from health, freedom, joy and love related to our food, lifestyle and consciousness. Most people eat a diet that’s based on murder, slavery and suffering, add toxic chemicals to the growing, storing, preserving of the food, the look, taste and smell to the mix and what do you get? Is this mix/program a clever way for beings more advanced than us to slowly kill us off, sterilize and rape and pillage Earths rich diversity and vibrant life forms? Are we being farmed and consumed?

Not only does this toxic relationship inhabit our food, many products are tested on Animals in the most cruel and selfish ways you can imagine. If you buy products that are not Vegan, ethical/moral then you can be safe to say those products are tested on Animals, the materials for your clothes, the drugs you buy from the chemist/Dr, the perfumes and cosmetics to name a few. Add hunting and indiscriminate killing for food or fun and we have a sickness that has created the extinction crisis we now face.

Although there are great recipe books on Vegan foods, vegan bloggers and sites exposing the insanity and pathways to a more beautiful and kind world, it’s really difficult to embody and embrace a Do No Harm lifestyle. Most of us transitioning need a coach, or a Shaman who can help us commit to our inner knowing, health and vitality, to embrace a way of life that is aligned with our higher beliefs and purpose beyond what the mortal materialistic world offers.Embrace your inner Shaman, your power, love and intelligence

In transition to a Vegan way of life

I have a friend atm wrestling with this, she loves Animals works closely with Horses in a Humane and beautiful way, teaching others how to connect and communicate with horses in a way that’s respectful and authentic. However one of her other roles is cooking for her work, and she is obliged to cook meals with Animals. But with her Horse connection and the constant reminder of her favorite nearby cow, she feels the conflict, the insanity of loving these beautiful animals and then cooking them up. She knows she could not harm the cow or horse, cut them up and eat them, but she does when she cooks them. It’s driving her crazy, one part feels like she needs certain things from the Animal products to feel healthy and satisfied, and the other part feels the pain, suffering and disconnect. One part of her recognizes her own need for health and income, while the other part recognizes the love for all beings great and small, to nurture and care for them. This is common, we have societies and institutions built on carnist ways, we have been brainwashed to love some and murder others, to eat food that is low vibe, unhealthy and bloodthirsty.

One of the most difficult things in talking with non-Vegans is their perception box, their thinking and beliefs that say we must eat Animals even if we do love them. So if we discuss this can of worms with them we often encounter adverse reactions, negative and passive aggressive behavior, projections etc. So even to get to the base level of believing we can live healthy and happy lives without eating Animals and their products is a difficult and wobbly arena. Once again the Shaman must come to the scene, to offer guidance, love and wisdom without ego, angst or fear, to know with the right tools and information presented in the right way for the person we can commune and engage, evolve and initiate actions towards a more enlightened life.

So it’s come to my attention that there is an uphill battle going on here for most of us. Most cannot simple stop eating Animals and their various products today even if they were to watch Earthlings, they need something else, something more engaging, more powerful than the brutality and lies of a diet and lifestyle that’s “Normal”. We are inundated with media and information from Dr’s, supposed health experts, branding and political/economic powers invested in murder and rape of Ecology for profit and power, so is it any wonder we find it difficult to embrace a more Humane way of life? Using the power of Plants to fully immerse and connect our brains with our habits and tastes, our spirit and divinity I hope to offer those ready to be Vegan a clear way to make it happen.

Enter the Vegan Shaman

I have an idea, it’s about fast tracking those waking up to a healthy and humane way of life. Using the way of the Shaman to empower and motivate those interested in going Vegan and sticking to it, I feel this is what’s needed to really help those in the transition process. We don’t have to vacillate between humane health and vitality and the SAD diet and lifestyle, we can step right into it today, to embrace the essence of life and love now and to walk that path without fear of wavering and falling off.

The Vegan Shaman is about entwining coaching with health, ethics and morals with practical options and solutions, to fast track your decision to live a more conscious and beautiful life with all those beings around you who also deserve the same. I’m working on a plan to help you achieve this on your own, and if you need help one on one then I will offer that also. I have years of traversing the Vegan way of life, I’m well versed in the intricacies of what’s involved and have the empathy to know how challenging it can be. I see so many amazing empowered people out there offering all sorts of gifts, but if they are not including a diet and lifestyle that’s compassionate and intelligent then they are missing the point, their power is diluted and muddy.

So to entwine a brilliant life for myself and those around me I’m going to work towards making this a reality. I’d like to create pathways for people to discover a life that’s Humane, Healthy and Happy, one that’s connected, intelligent, magical and beautiful, one that’s strong, powerful and nurturing. Some of us learn better from books, video’s, immersive’s or one on one’s, so I’ll endevour to include them all. The main reason why I’m including the word Shaman in the post is to acknowledge the power of plant medicine and our ancestral connection to the higher consciousness of Plants and Cosmos. Take a look at the film below and imagine how we can entwine the fast track passage of plant medicine with going Vegan and Healthy Humane. This is the dream I see and feel, one that embraces the power of plants to transform our consciousness virtually overnight, far superior to any self-help book, psychologist, or guru.

Sometimes we need the help of a Shaman, someone in-tune with the cosmos and the Planet, someone we can trust, keep us safe, aligned and aware that life is infinite and beautiful. It’s this energy that I’m aligning with, after experimenting with many psychoactive plants and ethnobotanicals I know how powerful plant medicine can be, I have a unique sense to know what another being needs in order to further their evolution. So with this energy I’ll put pen to paper, write a small E-book and get myself more organised to express this feeling and gift. Once it’s in the process I’ll update this page and share the options available.

With much love and in-light-in-bliss,

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