My body is a temple ~ Not a tomb

Being healthy within is entwined with living in a healthy world. When we are healthy within, when our minds, physicality, spirituality and emotions are healthy we generally co-create and yearn for a healthy world. And the opposite is true, neglect for our-self, our own micro environment creates a neglect for our local ecology and the world at large. It’s definitely easier to work on ourselves before we work on others and the external environment and local ecology, but both are entwined. Take for instance those who defend whales and dolphins from harm and death, but then chow down on a burger pilled with murdered cow and the milk stolen from mothers who’s babies were taken and most often killed. It’s clearly insane to love one and not another, to complain about the injustice we see around us, then participate in it in another way.

Love all beings great and small, compassion is in fashion

My body is a temple

“On the same stretch of road on my way to work there is a cow that passed away in the floods two months ago, still lying there, left to rot like nothing but a piece of trash, his poor brothers having to graze around his rotting body…this morning on the way to work, just past where this cow is I noticed a big beautiful cow lying just off the side of the road in a small clearing next to his paddock, obviously he had gotten out, I pulled over to ask if he was ok, he just casually looked at me chewing away on grass so I left knowing the farmer who lives just on the hill overlooking where he lay would see him and usher him back into his prison. On my way home from work tonight, dark, I noticed a shadow where the cow lay this morning, panicked I pulled over, grabbed my torch and ran over. There he was. Dead. Shot in the head. Only a short while before, as he was still bleeding and the bullet hole in his head was bubbling. Guess whatever was wrong with him it was probably cheaper to just put a bullet in his brain, after he had been left on the side of the road all day… dignity, no respect.

I pray for the day that every animal farmer on this planet fails miserably. I have no more tolerance for anyone who supports the very industry that keeps these revolting scum bags in business. No more.

May your soul fly free darling. Free from the evil embrace of humans.

We will never stop fighting for you 💔💜Nicole Tuhou

A temple is a sacred space, a place to go within, comprehend the bigger picture and share deep appreciation and gratitude for life, love and freedom. We don’t need to chop tree’s down and pour cement over our precious Earth to create a sacred space, we just need to go within. When we go within and comprehend our beautiful and broken self we heal, grow, expand and nourish what makes us Human, we naturally emanate this energy outwards to others around us and the greater macrocosm that is life. There is no point being loving and sacred in a man-made temple only to leave the temple and commit acts and omissions that are detrimental to ourselves and the living beings around us. This is what’s wrong with most Religions, separating the divine from nature, human, animal and cosmos, separating love and truth for control, dogma and lies.

The church within is the most sacred temple we have, it’s our vessel to traverse and interact with life as we know it, but most of us neglect our bodies, minds, hearts and emotions for quick fix remedies, false gods and addictions that mask the reality that we are indeed walking talking hypocrites, deceiving ourselves and contributing to untold horrors and harms. Most of it’s unconscious, it’s default ingrained programming and conditioning via society, deaducation, media etc that has much of the world walking blindly towards a cliff face like lemmings plugged into a false matrix that’s killing ourcells and our Planet, our home..

When we realise this we can take action, we can eradicate behaviors and patterns that destroy our cells, our minds and hearts and replace them with more congruent versions. One of the most blatant ways we destroy our connection with life is by enslaving, killing and eating sentient beings, beings who deserve and crave love, family, peace, joy. When we do that our bodies become tombs for the dead, we emanate this suffering and become oblivious to this energy, we shut-down to the subtle energies that make up our intuition and divinity, our sacred space is a slaughterhouse. It’s disgusting right, but we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated to beLIEve that’s normal and our conscious connection to life and love veiled with blood thirsty deeds that we Conveniently glaze over. Slaughter houses and farming living beings as slaves to be killed and eaten is pure evil, when we are infact built to eat fruit, herbs and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The Kind life is calling

My body is a temple, a sacred space

Wake up people.. theres nothing good about eating innocent dead animals. You think it’s acceptable because society has brought us up to believe that it is okay, that it is okay to exploit inncocent creatures and let them disintegrate in your insides. You really want something you eat rotting inside of you? There is an abundance of fresh, thriving and vibrant foods to eat that not only taste amazing, but are so much better for you, the environment & the animals get left alone 🥕🍊” Sophie Kate

In a temple we walk, talk, be gentle and reverent, we often take our shoes off, offer respect to all those there and enter a space within that is aligned with sacred space. Obviously this includes being cruelty free, so not only do we need to be conscious of what we ingest, we need to be conscious of what we wear, what scents, lotions and potions are cruelty free. We don’t even need to call it Vegan anymore, rather it’s simply being Kind, Healthy, and Conscious, the very essence of being Humane.

The kind life is a life and vision for ourselves and our planet that’s free from war, suffering, pain, lies, horror and injustice. To get there we need to be congruent, we want what we give, we share love and compassion and it comes back, we help those around us and they help us, it’s about abundance. Abundance is our natural healthy state of being and doing, there’s more than enough land to grow products and foods that are beyond Organic, to reforest our lands so all creatures great and small have homes just like us. We don’t need to hunt and kill to survive anymore, there’s more than enough to satisfy our wildest dreams through a healthy and kind lifestyle.

If your stuck wandering what to eat, take a look at this ~ 11 Delicious Vegan Recipes That Meat-Eaters Will Love

It’s near, if not impossible to not kill, we kill ants as we walk, we kill carrots as we eat them, insects hit our windscreens when we drive and we pollute the air, rivers and oceans with untold amounts of toxins. We are not perfect, but we can try our best to contribute as little harm as possible, we can choose to be Kind over Cruel, Calm over Rage, Love over Fear. We can choose to live as sacred as possible knowing we are not perfect, but walking that way, healing our imperfections as we grow and evolve towards a peaceful and beautiful life and world. There is no other way, we cannot continue living as a collective species the way we have been and that way exacerbated by technology is killing us and multitudes of species daily, moving faster and faster to global annihilation.

Dedicate your life to something bigger, to protecting the innocent, the voiceless who are used as pawns in a game of life and death, living beings converted into commodities, murdered for profit, greed and ritual sacrifice for entertainment and taste. It’s sickening to say the least, but apathy and disgust won’t get us to Planet love, being the way will, so start walking that way today, as best you can.

The film below is theatrical and easy to ingest, it’s a story we can all relate to presented in a way that may wake many people up from living the greatest lie ever told. We are not separate from nature or from each-other, we are One family, one diverse mix of beings who deserve and crave love, freedom, care and joy. If you don’t need to murder and enslave to live then don’t!



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