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Garden for all creatures great and small

It seems to be a real and common issue many of us face when we turn Vegan, especially when we turn Vegan for the Animals and environment rather than our own health. When we go Vegan we realise most of our friends and alot of our normal lifestyle choices involve the needless consumption of innocent beings and the destruction of ecology. It’s a light bulb moment for most of us that’s really difficult to comprehend and assimilate without being dragged down by the knowledge that life as we knew it is farked-up, people are farked-up, it’s a crazy web of slavery, murder and consumption of innocent beings.

Take for example the quote below from Laura, a member of a Vegan group on FB.
“I’m so sad today๐Ÿ˜ข Since going vegan, I don’t enjoy holidays anymore. They all involve needless consumption and most celebrate by gorging on dead animal flesh and poking fun at vegans, even when we don’t say anything. Even if they don’t poke fun, it’s still so hard to see and smell what’s on their plates. Family dinners are non existent now. Barbecues and dinners with friends are basically a thing of the past. Today, like most days, I am lonely and I just don’t wanna be around all of it. Going vegan is the best thing I’ve ever done but it has also isolated me to the point of severe depression. I have met vegan friends but no one I’m real close to or see or talk to often. I pray more people in my life will come around and that I will attract amazing and compassionate people into my life๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š Thanks for listening๐Ÿ’š โ€” ๏ฟผfeeling sad.” Laura

It’s a horrible feeling especially when we think we are doing good, we think our diet is more healthy and our morals and ethics are aligned with a beautiful path and way. So what can we do about it? How can we feel healthy, happy and vibrant in a world that appears to be so immersed in violence and suffering for taste and enjoyment, a world where it’s normal to participate in immoral deadly acts against the innocent.

How to be healthy, happy and well adjusted in a chaotic world

I’ve been going through this dilemma myself for many many years now, being a Male and having most of my friends who are seemingly great people to be around, but they love BBQ’s, they don’t have second thoughts about how their diet and lifestyle effects the environment and the lives of innocent beings. These guys don’t want to hear why I’m Vegan, they don’t want to change their ways, so unless they ask me I won’t say anything and I’ll try to look for the good in them despite the differences in our thoughts and deeds.

But it’s a conundrum to say the least, one part of us wants and needs love, close friendships and congruent uplifting vibes, and the other part knows many of our friends are participating in Ecocide and Genocide. If our friends are part of the slavery/murder cycle and we simply allow them to choose their path as is, are we not part of the problem, are we not watching innocent beings being killed and eaten infront of us while we do sweet bugger all just so we have a few friends to hang around with? Is our silence healthy for us, are we weak and pathetic because we allow those around us to commit acts of atrocity just so we don’t ostracize ourselves? What can we do when we know there is a much better much more healthy way to live and partake in the planetary dance of life and love?

Grow an ecosystem and be the way to a healthy, loving world

Be the Way ~

If Vegan’s only associated with Vegans we would be rather lonely and isolated, pretty much living in a bubble somewhere that’s remote, offgrid and sheltered. Sure that’s a possibility and can be healthy in a transition phase, but as Humans most of us need or crave interactions with a greater arena of possibilities. Most of us need jobs, we need families and culture, we love entertainment and learning and unfortunately most of these ingredients come from the modern world that’s not Vegan. So connect with other Vegans in your area, arrange picnics, potlucks and adventures in nature, then shine that energy outwards in your ordinary life with the knowledge and energy that your empowered with a force that’s divine and beautiful. It’s highly attractive and magnetic to shine bright with health and congruent morals/ethics, so Be The Way, and via that path we can help others change and evolve to a Plant Based diet and lifestyle much more effectively than hiding and arguing.

Join an advocacy group ~

There are many Vegan activist groups around who get together as a force to shine the light on the plight of Animals and the ecology. This can be a very empowering thing to do + you get to connect with like minds and hearts and potentially make new beautiful friends. You can also print out flyers and stickers and post them around town, this can wake lots of people up by guiding them to information that’s like a light bulb moment and revelation.

Look at the positive in others ~

It’s really easy to get bogged down in depression and feel disgust in those around us who participate in a carnist diet and lifestyle. However that’s not an empowering or healthy position to be in for all concerned parties. What is healthy and empowering is seeing the positive in those around us, the good side, the light and beautiful side that is Human and deserving of love. When we extend our connection to others as a living breathing loving healthy Humane we rise above our differences and unite as one, and that energy can extend to help those around us see our Vegan moral/ethical side without banging heads and creating arguments.

Volunteer at an Animal shelter ~

There are so many neglected Animals who need love and care and their not getting it. Volunteering can be very empowering and by giving to those most in need, we can potentially save many innocent Animals, find them homes, help them feel love and loved. It might seem like a difficult thing to do, but it’s definitely needed and can be very empowering + you make more new friends. If you prefer you can foster Animals who need a home, take on Animals who deserve a sanctuary and space to feel safe and loved.

Garden and Co-Create an ecosystem ~

No matter the area you live in, there is always room for more gardens, more seeds and plants planted. Rather than just planting veggies, plant fruit trees, natives and habitats that support birds, insects, reptiles, bees and elementals. This is for me the most empowering and productive way to express my care and love for sentient beings, it grounds me and I feel wonderful. So rather than complaining and craving what I can’t get, what’s missing, I just go out and garden, I see how many creatures now have a home as the months and years go by and this makes me feel great!!!

We are not environmentalist if we are not vegan

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