Love, Loving, Light, Life, Loved ~ My current Mantra

Choose Love in all Directions

For a couple weeks now I’ve been fortunate enough to find the time/space and motivation to create a wonderful and healthy morning routine. It’s becoming more and more refined as I do it, tweaking it as I go along to maximize the efficiency and efficacy. This was brought about after I realised I need to step up and raise my frequency and health, to see what negative influences and addictions I can have and replace them with more healthy ways and modes.

Be the change ~ Choose love over fear

So the morning routine goes a little something like this. ATM it’s the end of Winter so the mornings are cold, mostly around 0 degrees, and down to -5 at times. I’m waking up around twilight and I begin the process that sets me up for a great and rewarding day ahead.

The basics of my morning routine:

  • Gently wake up, contemplate my dreams, appreciate my breath and life

  • Drink a heap of water, at-least 1 litre.. Possibly a lemon drink also

  • Greet happy and excited Doggies & visit toilet

  • Re-stoke the fire so the home is warm

  • Kettle on stove and prepare a tea

  • Wash dishes, clean kitchen space, organise things ~ This is my sacred portal

  • Move to my sacred Yoga space, put on some inspiring media to listen to as I stretch and go within for around 1hr.

  • Drink tea

  • Go for a run through the mountains with Rongo the wonder Dog for about 20mins

  • Make a fresh juice and begin the day

This all takes me about 2hrs so not at all practical for everyone, however it’s what I need ATM to be a better me, and it’s what I can fit in atm most days. In time that will change as other responsibilities no doubt arise, but I hope to always come back to something similar or even more advanced..

One of the main things that’s been churning around my mind and helping me to erase negative actions, thought processes and interactions is the Mantra ~ Love, Loving, Light, Life, Loved.. It’s been percolating and evolving each day but today as I meditated with my head on the crystal rock I greet at the return point of my run, this was the pure essence of what I was feeling into, it encapsulates this process I’m going through and what I want to achieve in the world. The words came into my mind with fluid motion without thought, they were expressed from within quickly until I understood what my mind was saying and then wrote them down.

Tune into higher frequencies and be the way

Love, Loving, Light, Life, Loved

It’s simple right, follow the rainbow and keep rewiring our minds and hearts to this frequency, swirl it around and feel what comes up when you say these words. For me it helps me stay aligned in a world that is in serious pain and transformation, with so much greed and fear, neglect and abuse I can get lost and dragged into it and feel helpless. But that’s not my role or purpose, so I keep reminding myself to quit the pain-pong game and return to Love as my Wizard friend Dave all-ways suggests.. From the energy of Love I feel Loving rather than fearful and I can then focus on the Light and how I can be of service and what radiates higher more harmonic frequencies, which effects my Life and the lives of those around me, which in-turn spirals back to feeling Loved…

I thought I’d share as it’s been a rather big revelation and one that is really helping me rise about the dross both within and out.. Thankyou to you know who for inspiring me to be a better Man!


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