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Techo life has been put on the rails for a bit as I transition through a few changes and unexpected turns of events.. I’m learning a whole bunch of things in the process so I look forward to sharing V soon!

A news heads-up ~

Total Solar Eclipse ~ Be aware

ca. 1980-1996 — Illustration of Ancient Peruvians Worshipping the Eclipse — Image by © Leonard de Selva/Corbis

If your not up with the cosmic vibe atm and how the Planet and we Humans are being effected then let’s start with the total Solar Eclipse on the 21st Aug 2017 that seems to span the US with full force. A powerful event to witness and feel into if your in the area, no doubt being immersed in nature will be the best way to experience it. I’d definitely detox before it as much as possible, balance yourself and tune into your higher being, protected, whole and free 🙂

I’ve heard many things about this event and there are many festivities happening around it, but take a quick read of the info below from a FB post as to what it may herald. Certainly in the past these events were looked upon with great inquiry. Say for instance this “Despite the wonder and excitement surrounding this event, it’s interesting to note that historically, eclipses have been known to be a bit unsettling. “Suddenly the great source of energy is covered up—the sun appears to disappear. This can generate fear, confusion, and disorientation,” explains Stephanie Ludwig, director of spiritual wellness at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Thus, ancient eclipses were associated with dark mysticism or ominous prophecies—kings dying, whole cities burning, and the gods just generally punishing mankind for its moral failings.” A Spirit Guide for the Solar Eclipse By

Here’s the FB post!

Michael Kavanagh

Good Morning class from Vault 7. On August 21st., 2017, “The Great American Eclipse” will cut across the entire Nation as a “New Technological Paradigm” is activated regarding “5G Technology”. The Global Hive Mind will be wired into a “Digital System of Endless Data”. “Cloud Computing & Real Time Data”. And, on August 23rd, 2017, FEMA will exercise “Earth-EX 2017” regarding “Mega Earthquakes, Cyber Terrorism, and Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks”. The little Hobbits are “Electrical Beings” walking around wearing a “DNA Spacesuit” and their “Bio-Computer Brain” will receive a “Global Signal” coming from “Source” or “Motherboard of Data”. Nothing exists outside the circle, said the Blind Man. The Intelligence Services are getting ready for “The Main Event”. System failure then reboot. No big deal. We can do it in a blink of an eye so nobody suffers. Heaven comes to Earth. As above so below. The “Secret Teachings” help the student to open up their mind to receive more “Light” in their dark world of worry about making ends meet and raise their children in a safe loving environment. No more wars! Goodbye capitalism! Both are evil. The “Money Mind Control Virus” is not healthy feeding the “Ego Virus” that traps the mind in a pool of nonsense which has no real purpose or value in your life. The Beast 666 Matrix is going bye bye! 777 is activated! Global warming is the direct result of all this “New Science & Technology” coming to you from an “Inter-Dimensional Realm”. The surface of this Starship is organic and you’re the worker bees maintaining its proper working condition. Unfortunately, your waste is becoming bigger than a mountain posing a serious threat to all forms of organic life. Much like a spreading cancer cell. Gaia must be restored back to Her Original State known as the “Garden of Eden”. Native American Indians knew this day would come. When I was in Sedona, Arizona, about 18 months ago, the Hopi Indians allowed me to read their “Book of Life” which talked about the return of “The Star People”. Many people are experiencing a huge shift in consciousness enabling them to contact “Spirit” and reclaim “Lost Memories”. Many have lived and worked on “The Atlantis Project” which is a Top Secret Program regarding “Jump Rooms”. “Children of the Rainbow” or the “Star Seed Generation” represented thousands of years of learning how things were made and how they work. Hereto “Childhoods Journey” has come to its end. Now its time to get your collective butt in gear and knock off the bullshit! Say no to evil and go about your daily business with Love in your Heart and show some respect for yourself and others. Everything is indeed connected. A rock in the dirt is a friend too! To see a Universe in a grain of sand.”

Now there’s a rabbit hole to go down 🙂

Or better yet take a look at this short News flash from James Gilliland

Certainly there’s alot of talk, but TBH there’s a feeling about it too, there really is alot going on, both Light and Dark, it’s in the Astro and it’s happening on ground too. Be sure not to listen to or take seriously mainstream news, it’s paid for media, which makes it basically propaganda and lies to brainwash.. Choose instead conscious media, media shared by living breathing honest humans who have no vested interest other than to share and awaken..

Grow your own Supermarket and Farmacy

For me personally I’ve been grounding into the Earth, healing the dry land where my Garden was growing while I was away over Winter. The chickens and roosters had it to themselves, they ate most of my veggies and fruits, so I’ve had to remedy that and revamp the garden beds for spring/summer.. It’s been a challenge, however it’s reminded me how precious it is to have a Garden and how important it is also. Without a garden we are poor, without our own seed, water and food we are not sovereign, we are not free, we are slaves to a system, dependent and weak. So given the challenging times I’m finding it immensely satisfying to nurture the Earth around me, re-establish fertility, abundance, diversity and my own Supermarket, Healing Center & Farmacy. It’s here I feel safe, connected and whole, and it’s here I can honestly say we as a collective have the chance and choice to choose love over fear, a diet and lifestyle that’s Kind and Wise.

More to come ASAP 😉 BIG Love beautiful resonate Beings! Drop me a line if your keen to connect, I love meeting readers from all walks of life!!!


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