Exposing the gems within and out ~ Extraordinary people living Ordinary lives

Life is a never ending spiral of expansion and contraction, growth and decline, abundance and lack, yin and yang, victory and loss, wisdom and stupidity, joy and sadness, wilderness and concrete, beauty and beast… So with this knowledge of inquiry I began a journey, a journey to leave the nest of what was, to see what’s out there, to explore the possibilities of the unknown, to push the boundaries and flow with what is and what can be… To be a better me, to be the best man I can be, to share the best I can be with others has been my mantra for the last 7 month cycle.

I left the sanctuary of wilderness I called home for 7 years 3hrs west of Byron Bay, affectionately known as “The Ark” in September 2017. It was a remote, wounded yet sacred land that taught me so much. Above all it molded me into the man I am today, a stronger more connected, resilient being who knows without a shadow of a doubt how fleeting life is and how integral life entwined with healthy ecology and community is.

I ended up finding home, community and garden here, in Byron Bay…

The time/space I now find myself in is nestled amidst the tranquility of nature on the edge of Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia. The most easterly point of Australia, a very powerful vortex of energies, healing vibes, loving, creative and amazing souls clothed in skin, feathers, fur, scales and everywhere in between, truly a cauldron of expansion, beauty, trust, freedom and divine grace..

Being immersed in this new life I’ve gone within and out, I’ve spent a great deal of time/space offline and have had the most auspicious now moment opportunities to heal soil, plant abundance, connect with like minds and hearts, share love and deep pondering sojourns into territory I’ve not yet had the liberty to feel and know.

Through this phase I have once again come to the realization how critical gardens that provide nourishing food rich in minerals and vitamins are to our collective survival and longevity. There are many roles we can play out there, many ways we can express the Yin and Yang of life, the bliss we call life. For me it all comes back to conscious co-creative community, loving hearts and minds, healthy bodies, spirits, emotions and entwining all this goodness with a purposeful connection to the great dance of life from soil to stars..

We are cosmic by nature, we are free and divine by nature and lore, but we forget so often that we are much more than a role, a job, a cog in a machine that must constantly produce, provide and persevere.

We are Human Beings who depend upon nature and cosmos for our very survival and health, we need clean oxygen rich air, water that’s living and pure, food that’s alive fresh nutrient and mineral rich, and we need eachother..

Exposing the Gems within ~ Extraordinary people with ordinary lives

In my never-ending realization to explore and share this message I hope it touches a place within that encourages you to seek out the life you dream, to give more than you take, to focus on what’s most important to you and leave that mark on our blessed planet ensuring we as a collective expand into more highly evolved conscious co-creators, capable of cosmic citizenship, stewards of life, love and freedom.

We are all endowed with greatness, we are all amazing and wonderful beings with so much to give and share ~ Never forget that, never forget how special you are and how precious and valuable you are to those around and share that part of you that shines so bright while appreciating the same in others!

The revival of a Planet that’s healthy begins with the revival of being that’s healthy. Our contribution towards being healthy, happy and joyful within ripples out to co-create a healthy, joyful world. We all have gifts, we all share untold abilities that shine light and love to those around us, to the ecology around us.

One of my most precious gifts is the ability to feel a direct connection to gardens and all the beings that call them home, to nourish them, love them and to share their bounties with others in the form of vibrant diverse food. Few ingredients beyond water and air are more critical than food that’s high in vibration and frequency, rich in life-force, love and vitality, so for me and many others this way of life is the key foundation for a healthy, wealthy, joyful life that’s free and infinite..

For most people, living with conscious loving family, community and ecology takes lower precedence than work and societal roles and obligations. We have placed our trust in corporations to grow our food, save our seed, protect our water, air and spirits, build our homes, we have given away our sacred connection to what sustains us, to powers who care about short-term monetary gain, control, greed, war, profit and popularity. We have essentially been fooled, corralled, coerced and denied the fountain of wellbeing, longevity, truth, love and freedom as a collective species. But that does not mean the door is bolted shut, that we have no hope, as the Legend Bob Marley sung “You can fool some people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time, so stand up for your right”.

It’s time to regain and express our unlimited, uninhibited essence that is unique and powerful, to realign and re-harmonize ourselves into radiant gifts that share expressions of truth, love, liberty, intelligence, compassion and grace.

So many of us have for too long suppressed the very nature of who we are to believe we are too poor, too insignificant, not intelligent enough to really make a difference in the world ~ But that’s not true, we all have extraordinary gifts, we all have exceptional qualities and admired gems within, we just need to realise it ourselves and to see it in others.

To see and be seen

It’s been on my radar for a while now to interview ordinary people living extraordinary lives, those people who have so much to give, but most often are never seen or really appreciated beyond those close by because they are not famous, egoic, extravagant or extrovert. These people are in-essence extraordinary, yet they live an ordinary life. These are usually the ones with their heads down and bums up, making Art where there was atrocity, sharing love where there was war, healing ecosystems that were raped, nurturing Animals that were mistreated, lifting up the weak to help them shine again, giving undivided attention to those close, gifting presence, appreciation, joy, positivity and abundance. These are the everyday souls who express their gifts and essence without accolade, without fame, adoration or six figure salaries, they do what they do because they love it and it’s their gift to humanity and ecology.

So within my journey ahead I see a merging and fusion of growing edible goodness, healing ecology, connecting with ordinary/extraordinary humans and sharing the experience. I am going to embark on a mission to interview people from all walks of life who I feel have a story and life that deserves a wider audience, and through this adventure we all benefit, we see and we are seen.

Inlakesh dear ones 🙂


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