Noha’s Ark is a Virtual Sanctuary of inspiration, a central hub to share life digitally with news, pathways, products, services and visions to help you live your most abundant and beautiful life possible. I’ve done the hard yards for you, and shared a vast amount of information here for those on the path of inquiry..Dedicated to living as sustainably and as peacefully as possible, relinquishing most conventional ways of life that do not serve the greater good of the planet.. Regenerating … You have the opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge here that surpasses what most text book offer.

We are an Ark of Light, a Space of Love, a living example of the ancient magical life that once co-existed in peace, unity and uncompromising union with Universal Law and Divine Culture. If you have not read the Ringing Cedars of Russia Book series there are few books that compare, and they will thourally help you on the path of enlightenment, cosmic freedom and living in balance and harmony with nature.

We are Sovereign, We are Free, We are Divine

Much of the information and inspiration from the site came from living in the remote wilderness of Northern NSW Australia, sharing 6500 acres of wild Australian bush where 2 rivers, The Cataract and the Clarence pass through and meet. Since this time I’ve left the Farm to travel, connect and explore the multiverse. However my skills and experience have grown and flourished from living in a very sacred and peaceful way, growing our own food from seed to seed. Use the information here to help you do the same..

Our Space of Love is called OneSong, meaning UniVerse, a place of Diversity and Infinity, a sacred and powerful land that we are healing and loving back to good health from over 100  years of neglect and greed through timber clearing, pasturalisation, fire, drought and greed. Not the rosiest picture we know, however we are the change we have been waiting for, this land is sacred to local Aboriginal people past and present, and dearly deserves and needs love. We were off the grid, no mobile phones, Wifi, no TV, just a satellite internet connection keeps us in contact with the outside world..

We are Ecologically and Sustainably sensitive, constantly healing ourselves and the planet, cleaning up, composting and planting new life, dedicated to Harmony in Diversity, life unlimited and infinite, abundant and magical. Nohas Ark is here to inspire you to do the same.

The main and central core theme that we work towards is the creation of a Regenerative Food Forest and Ecosystem that is inclusive of us humans, not separate. Our dream is to develop a sustainable abundant Raw Paradise, a sanctuary that is abundant with life, food, shelter, activity and creativity, a Space of Love that cares, embraces compassion, beauty and family.

Like most people in this day and age our parents and ancestors did not leave us with a home, with land, gardens and sanctuary, they left us toil and struggle, a system that was political and economic, devoid of life, compassion and consciousness.. Yet we have risen above and beyond this, we have declared that we are the ones to heal these misadventures in living, so we work tirelessly each day to create life that is eternal, life that our children and great great great children will celebrate and appreciate.. Our home is nature, our cathedrals are the ancient trees, Aloha Nohathe flora and fauna our family, together our power is uniting in ways that the primitive mind of industrial society, short term gain and greed cannot fathom, nor harness…. We are returning the Garden of Eden that once was, we are coming home and we invite you to join us.. We are not Religious, although we are spiritual, honoring all life as sacred, all truth, honour, authenticity and freedom as one and the same for all.

I’m Noha, born in Papua New Guinea in the Volcano town of Rabaul. I have spent much of my time/life traveling the Earth surfing, discovering and living with indigenous pacific and Indian ocean tribes.

I ‘ve spent about 8 years in the Wilderness of Australia and learn’t so much, this site is a distillation of that experience. As we progress towards 2017 this blog will become more global and useful to the whole planet, not just Australians.. I’ve noticed many American’s visiting the blog so I hope to entertain you guys much more!

Would you like to know more? Are you interested in sustainable living, the natural life in and amongst nature? Drop me a line and share your story/interest using the contact form below.

If your interested in learning about Permaculture, Bio-Dynamics, Organic cosmic gardening, growing vegetables organically, Raw Vegan/Fruitarian lifestyle, Food Forests, or creating a Space of Love then have a look over the site, there is an enormous amount of info here that I’ve spent over 4 years sharing and uploading, its a virtual treasure trove, so take advantage!

Food Forest

The ever evolving way of life at Onesong Gardens revolved around Natural Living, restoring our sustainability and regenerating our longevity. Sustainability and Natural Living is a web, an interconnected unified way of life that is in harmony with all, a healthy and ecologically sensitive approach to life that is not reliant upon corporation, dogmas or systems, we live as closely as possible in the womb of Mother Nature. Life is precious and our simple approach is 5 fold:

  • We eat 80% of our food from the garden, whole, raw, fresh, ripe, organic produce
  • Sustainable Natural living cares for our animal friends, regenerates landscape and protects life. We do not kill or eat dead animals
  • Our supermarket, pharmacy, building materials, temple and sanctuary is our Food Forest
  • Health and Vitality come from living in nature, in the sunshine, rain, under the stars. Exercise and stretching is critical to daily life as natural beings
  • Love, Care, Compassion, Peace, Gratitude, Honesty and Respect are the Lores/Laws that hold our Ark of Life afloat

The abundance that we grew was shared with neighbors first and foremost, and any other quality excess food was exchanged or sold to help cover expenses. We are not an island and at times we need certain things from shops in town, trading our beautiful food is a wonderful way to exchange energy. The rest or the excess goes back into the Foodforest, recycling nature as nature does so well.

Hand Grown, naturally grown and cared for plants and Eco-Systems.

There is no better teacher or healer than our Mother Nature, our Earth above, below and in-between.. We have given our power away to systems, duality, perspectives, schools, teachers, institutions, corporations, media, healers, books, foods, travel, entertainment, drugs, stress, ill-us-ion etc etc.. It goes on and on doesn’t it, a never-ending quest to heal and be healed, to know, understand and ultimately to be happy, content and aligned with all that we encounter.. Yet why are we on this never ending treadmill? Is there something wrong with us? Well the short answer is no, there is everything right with us, but we have forgotten our truth, our essence….

Wellness and Wholeness, peace and inner sanctuary, abundance and diversity are US, we are unlimited and unfathomable, unique and beautiful in more ways than we can possibly imagine or comprehend.. Our comprehension and enlightenment are simply pathways home…

It’s time to come home..

You have all the answers within, you have read enough books and heard enough spiritual mysticism, experienced countless moments of divine love and magic, yet you forget, and go back to “reality”…

It’s time to BE, to be-in, and the perfect and only accompaniment you need is Nature.. You can find her many places, but it’s getting difficult to find her alone and in her pristine self. unencumbered, still wild, still free.

It is through the wilderness and being in natures classroom that life is revealed.. You decide your path, your moments and experiences that you need.. Nature is your teacher, you can tune into her station, the frequency of natural life to seek the answers to your enlightened self.. This is your base “reality”, your fundamental truth and way, the default program, carry it with you in all moments..

Read the The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book Series!!!

“Across Russia, “Garden Plot Acts” legislation is increasingly coming into effect, entitling each Russian citizen to a piece of land free from taxation and inheritable though the family line. I read this message of sovereign title to land for the purpose of spiritual fulfillment as a hopeful tiding of humanity’s future here on the planet. As I wander about visiting homesteads, farms, communities, and seeking the stories to inspire a natural and spiritual life, I have discovered Anastasia. It is one of those inspiring stories, and there are many blessings for us all on the path of Inspired Co-Creation.”

We are Sovereign, We are Free, We are Divine

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