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StarBeing Nov 2013

An elixir of the current energies…….. What is not happening on Planet Earth right now? Seems we have anything and everything happening all at once… What an immense
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Cosmic Sun Within

Happy Yellow Cosmic Enlightened Sun Day! Another turning point, a shift, where the larger cog turns and this 260 day cycle ends, allowing the birth of another. BIG
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Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails

Must See! Keep looking beyond the veils for the truth… Re-Programme, Re-Member, Re-Love, Unite.. Beyond mind control, chemtrails, chemfood, transhumanisim, vaccines, mass media, satanic control, slavery, mindlessness and
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Our Sacred Garden

A message to Act ~ Time to Be the Way.. Powerful times demand powerful actions ~ Attention & Awareness to the Sacred Path, to Peace and Paradise. The
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Dec 2012

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything so to get back into the river again I thought the doco below needed to be shared.. A beautiful
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