SolSurfing Paradise.. Want to get off the beaten track for some well earned R&R? Escape Captivity today! Not just for Surfers, we cater to Fishermen, Adventure and Dolphin enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to experience a remote jungle paradise.

Surfing’s last frontier, paradise in and our of the water…

Searching for paradise? SolSurfing is my other home, my Pacific Island life that now has a purpose built retreat and guest house.. Uncrowded surf, coconuts, loads of tropical fruits and vegetables, volcanoes, abundant marine life and reef systems, powerful, raw and majestic scenery.From the Camp

Besides that it’s the people that make the Solomons one of the most beautiful places on Earth, mostly tribal people living simply with and within nature, nurturing life, eachother and living in peace.. Known as the Happi Isles, the Solomon’s are just off the coast of Australia, our island neighbors.arial view retreat

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