If your wanting to Co-Create your own Space of Love or find others who are doing it, below is what we once created. It is no longer available however you can get some great ideas for your own Space of Love

Onesong is singing, calling forth LightBeing Gardeners to join us.. For these times are a changin, are you a WaySeer?

For those that are avid gardeners, conscious co-creators that love to share, heal, grow and manifest abundance then you will resonate here. We have approximately 20 acres of fenced land, mostly paddocks, horses,  a couple dogs, native trees, fruit, vegi gardens, ponds etc. Our dream is to heal the land, it was once a lush rainforest, fertile and truly beautiful, yet she has suffered the hand of man for a hundred or so years, so she’s singing out for those that care, those that do not blame and fight, those who want to help and make beautiful.. Obviously by helping our Mother Earth, she returns her gratitude to us with many favours and flavours, sights, delights and most importantly a safe and peaceful sanctuary. The resonance and frequency here is rising, aligned with Planetary and Galactic evolution, it’s raining more, the Sun is more Golden, and rainbows are more than ever appearing with frequency, grounding and harmonizing the Cosmic Forces of heART and Love.. Truly a powerful and sacred time and place.

We are semi remote, in the Northern NSW Wilderness Australia, around 2hrs West of Nimbin/Lismore, 3hrs to Byron Bay. We usually head into Lismore once a week or fortnight to shop, share, create and play. Tabulam is roughly 40mins away, our closest small town, they have a really good Co-Op that sells some organic food and other key important necessities, there’s a post office, hardware/farm produce, and of course a pub.

Surrounding our property is Wilderness, Rivers, national parks and reserves. OneSong is part of a ‘company/community’ called Currawinya, that owns 6500 acres, mostly reserved for wilderness restoration and growth. There is just a half dozen permanent residents here, living in their own private homes on their 20 acre lots.

Ideally we are looking for Anastasia resonate and tuned gardeners preferably with permaculture experience, fit, healthy, a deep passion and care for the Earth, animals, and eachother. If you do not know Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars book series then I highly suggest grabbing Book 1 ASAP.

“This truly remarkable story will totally blow you away!   If you read just one more book in your life – this has to be it! And when you do – you’ll quickly realize why these books are selling in the millions across the globe. Rest assurred – you have NEVER read anything like this! Anastasia was born in 1969 in the remote Siberia wilderness to parents who both died in a forest accident shortly after her birth. This amazing young girl fended for herself, watched over only by her grandfather, great grandfather and a variety of “wild” animals.”

Highly developed natural powers…

“In this pristine, isolated natural environment the young Anastasia developed skills and knowledge that are unknown even by our “best educated” standards. She has stunned audiences with her highly developed and very unusual powers – including remote viewing, mind reading, direct access to “Universal Memory”, perfect physical health and the use of mental imagery to create future events – and she says these powers (and many more) are innate in all human beings and anyone can develop them if they wish. She reveals just how in the books.” http://www.ringingcedars.com/

Much of Anastasia’s message is to get our hands daily into the Earth, gardening, healing our Mother Earth as we heal and prepare ourselves for massive global change, living simple, lowering our footprints and dependance on systems that are destroying life and ecology. Russians have totally embraced this movement, not only due to economic and political constraints and demands, but also because Anastasia has seeded this revelation, energy and truth in their homeland. The statistics and success of the millions moving out of cities to live on free land, building simple homes, planting and sharing gardens is phenomenal. Replacing out-dated modern mechanical, industrial, chemical monocultures with abundant and diverse produce gardens, both in quality and quantity, using simple small scale Organic growing and gardening techniques. This movement is sustainability, community and conscious co-creation in action, ideally creating a Space of Love for you and your Kin.

The beautiful cabin above that Brent was living in, and masterfully painted, can be your homebase. Its private, cosy, with a woodfire heater, double bed and kitchen area, views over the garden and across out over the mountains. The Cataract River runs past the boundary at the bottom of the property, one of Australia’s cleanest rivers, a true blessing in many ways. I tend to sleep outdoors when the weather is suitable, and recommend anyone coming here to spend as much time as possible outside in the wilderness.

The vision for Onesong involves and revolves around the Garden, we work everyday towards creating ecosystems, habitats, food, colour, fragrance and sanctuary. From this place grows the 1000 year vision, a pathway that incorporates the 7 Sacred Directions and our 7 Sacred generations. If you are interested and feel resonate with this feeling and vision then please do get intouch with the form below, share your perspective, dreams and vision and maybe you will have found your very own Space of Love with us.

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There are so many opportunities here and we are totally open to new perspectives, visions and dreams. Harmony in Diversity is the key, we practice the Wizards Karma buster Apologize, Accept, Acknowledge, Forgive and factor this energy with Compassion.. From here we have sanctuary and space, truth and love, peace and light.. We look forward to hearing from like-minded Kin, if you like this vision and dream and feel that others may be interested then please pass the hat, share the vibe.. OneLove

Portal to Universal Consciousness and Infinity ~ Some simply call it Enlightenment, Being, IAM IAM, IZIZ, Wayseer, Wayfinder

This page is simply an overview of what the Ark is about. It’s a portal of consciousness that has many keys and doorways to living an abundant, moral, amazing, ethical, healthy, humane life.. In order to get there we need a way, a path, we need to unite and guide eachother, and together we can shine and make this world a more beautiful and magical place for all life.

For those new to the Wayseer philosophy then have a look at the video below

The Way is the path ahead, the journey we take beyond the the mundane programmed illness of society, we See the reality that is infinite. The Wayseer knows there is so much more than what commercial media, corporate propaganda, war and competition have brain washed much of the Human population with. We see a way, a path that is love and creativity, all-inclusive, for the highest good of all, and we use this knowledge and wisdom to break down the structures of tyranny and discord, sickness and separation.

Like the Polynesians, known as Wayfinders who would voyage the oceans in handmade sailing canoes, under bright Sun, navigating by the Stars at night across vast oceans with pin point accuracy to land on the shores of sacred pacific islands, we too are navigating the collapse of a civilization who’s time has come. The Polynesians understood the Way, using vision, understanding the forces of nature, the rhythms of tide, the celestial bodies and the secrets of manifesting images of the mind into reality. Wayseers too are voyaging territory that to many is unsettling and turbulent, when we remove the car and satellite navigation, the comfy home powered by fossil fuels and fancy electronics, corporate media and industrial agriculture, remove the internet and corrupt government and you will find the the majority of the worlds population lost and thourally disorientated. Yet Wayseers are already prepared for this, we are re-membering the ancient techniques of Universal navigation and connection, we are traversing crumbling economies and societies with ease and grace, creativity and genius towards a humanity that is peaceful and honest, kind and caring, unified and brilliant. See the documentary The Art of The Tautai: Polynesian Wayfinder for more information.

“Polynesians voyaged over vast expanses of open ocean, settling far-flung islands across the Pacific. They navigated without GPS systems, without maps, compasses, clocks, or sextants, relying on direct observation alone. They found clues all around them—in the rising and setting of the sun, moon, and stars, in the ocean swells, the winds, the currents, and the birds.

Over time, knowledge of these wayfinding techniques dwindled and nearly disappeared. But today, traditional Polynesian navigation is experiencing a revival across Polynesia, especially in Hawai’i.

Join us in an exploration of Polynesian navigation, and learn to see the world as the ancient Polynesians saw it. Once you learn to find your way, you can never be truly lost—no matter where you go.” http://www.exploratorium.edu/neverlost

It is time to learn, re-learn and live the Way, to See and Manifest the Vision of Paradise for all, to unify and collaborate, heal and mend, create and garden. The best way to achieve this is to immerse yourself in nature, to take off your shoes, throw your watch away and allow nature, the Stars and Sun to inlighten you with information that is multidimensional and truthful.

Inlakesh and Namaste’ Noha