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Beyond Biodynamic

As OneSong and the Ark of Light sail the Cosmos, it was only a matter of time until Biodynamic’s and Biodynamic Gardening came into focus… Organic/Natural gardening is
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StarBeing Nov 2013

An elixir of the current energies…….. What is not happening on Planet Earth right now? Seems we have anything and everything happening all at once… What an immense
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Beyond Permaculture

Abundance, Health & Freedom are simply elements of truth, care, peace, grace, appreciation & for-give-ness.. Another verse & expression of and for Love. Those in the know and
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Cosmic Sun Within

Happy Yellow Cosmic Enlightened Sun Day! Another turning point, a shift, where the larger cog turns and this 260 day cycle ends, allowing the birth of another. BIG
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Paradox 2012

Life this Spring 2012 has been full of paradox’s.. Much like the global situation mimicked on a micro scale the clear lines distinguishing life in harmony, love &
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Seeds of Awakening

Inspiration moves mountains, love unites and harmonizes, water flows, the Sun shines, and our Mother Earth nourishes us.. This is a shout out to all those who know
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