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The World according to Seed

I recently posted a small blog “The Extinction of Monsanto Begins!” regarding the successful global “March against Monsanto” held on May 25 2013. There is a video in
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Sacred Earth

It would seem to most people that fruit, vegetables, herbs, plants, trees etc are all just a part of life, part of our diet, health and happiness, yet
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Rainbow News Flash!

News Flash! Something BIG is happening! “There are some difficult times ahead for everyone, I won’t lie about it, but after those times the rainbows will be shining
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Heartbeat of Shaman

We all have an inner Shaman that connects Electrically from the Earth to the Stars, and grounds Magnetically as we walk and sleep.. So during this powerful time
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Spring Vibes ~ Part 2

Continuing on with the Spring update and vibe I thought I’d share a few more pics that have captured some of the beautiful and magical moments during this
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Aloha and Welcome

Maeva and Namaste, thankyou for joining us…. This is the first blog post for the Virtual home of Noha’s Ark, the Ark dedicated to life, love, consciousness and
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