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Vegan Pets :)

The moral and ethical concerns of feeding our pets processed, packaged and often meat diets are rather weighty. If we ourselves feel that it is wrong and unhealthy
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Natures Eve 2012

Seeing as though New Years is based around an inaccurate calender of control and manipulation, I would like to share something more aligned with Natural Time and Space.
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Keep the faith ….

All Light Bearers and Earth Keepers are feeling the ‘shifting of sands‘ and the changes in energy … sometimes if we are isolated in our faith and feel
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My Best Friend

Goodbye OccyDog! 18 or so years and finally my best friend and old faithful companion has gone back to the Stars… He held on for soo long, so
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Living Anastasia

I thought I’d share this link from an email I got today from George from Etherion NSW Tablelands Community, in relation to the upcoming Intentional Community Conference.. Bundagen Community 
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Enter Paradise

A poem by Kirsten: Enter Paradise  Enter paradise Enter a ‘space of love’ Enter a Kin Domain  A return to our pristine origins A world away from this
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