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The magic that we grow

Sometimes we don’t need words, we don’t need advice, we just need nature.. Sometimes we can’t access nature, we can’t feel it, we can’t grow it.. But we
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Babylon is falling ~ Are you ready?

The War on Consciousness carries on.. So does the resistance.. October 1, 2013, US Government Begins Shutdown!–320-million-day-20131001-2uq0y.html Today Chemtrails, yesterday 2 Military War Jets flew over and
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Unplug ~ Being KindHumans

A rather nice poem by Woody Harrelson that captures part of the global programme of oppression and selfish consumerism. When love and community rule, when nature’s forests are
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Sacred Activism

Winter is nearing it’s end here at OneSong, the mountain winds are roaring, the days heating up, and soon the rain will fall. It has been a beautiful
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