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Biochar and disinformation

Here’s a wild and formidable claim with no references by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho “Turning bioenergy crops into buried charcoal to sequester carbon does not work, and could plunge
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The magic that we grow

Sometimes we don’t need words, we don’t need advice, we just need nature.. Sometimes we can’t access nature, we can’t feel it, we can’t grow it.. But we
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Beyond Biodynamic

As OneSong and the Ark of Light sail the Cosmos, it was only a matter of time until Biodynamic’s and Biodynamic Gardening came into focus… Organic/Natural gardening is
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Let there be Lightning!

After what seems like months of dry weather, with just a couple rainbow storms in-between, the Earth is finally soft again… We have finally had rain, summer storms,
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