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Galactic Horse Tribe

Happy Aquarius Age 😉 So the much anticipated Dec 21 2012 date has been and gone, the Solstice & Galactic alignment has passed and now we are apparently
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Children of the Rainbow

A beautiful message from the Children of the Sun, the Children of the Rainbow, the Indigo’s, Starbeings.. We are One, we are family.. As the Southern Hemisphere moves
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Medicine Horse

The liberation of humanity rests in the palm of our hands, in our deeds, our thoughts, cares, and creations. The liberation of caged bears, captive dolphins, slave cows,
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Sacred Activism

Winter is nearing it’s end here at OneSong, the mountain winds are roaring, the days heating up, and soon the rain will fall. It has been a beautiful
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Seeding the rainbow

Let’s get down and dirty, or shall I say down and Earthy to discover the macro within the micro, the universe within the seed, the seed within the
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Natures Eve 2012

Seeing as though New Years is based around an inaccurate calender of control and manipulation, I would like to share something more aligned with Natural Time and Space.
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