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The nectar of Life

Happy Equinox Family of Light! As we near the auspicious date of 21/12/12, the proposed exact date and “alignment of the Earth, the Sun, the star cluster Pleiades
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Spring to Life

Today is Yellow Electric Star a day of beauty, elegance, service, art and a deeper connection to our StarBeing essence.. So here is my offering to anyone that
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Light of Spring

Some images of Spring 2011 ~ Part 1! We’ve had a pretty Dry end to Winter so things are taking off a little slowly, but perfect just as
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Spring Planting

Spring, wonderful Spring! I have been patiently waiting to get my Spring seeds into the Earth, yesterday was the day, Moon in the water sign of Scorpio, with
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An early Spring?

They say the poles are shifting quite quickly. Airports have been forced to re-calibrate thier compasses, and in Greenland this year the Sun rose 2 days early. Are
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